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Gianor SK: Wait a minute... This is the third skit you've done...and it contains seven points...your first had nine, and your second had eight... It's been backwards the entire time, seven didn't eat nine, nine eights seven! We've been sabotaged the whole time! Paul leaked it out! ilLuM1N@T1 c0nF!rMd
zeroplanet9: Come to Australia where the hardwoods are actually hard. Then you'll notice the difference. (Not a flame, just a comment)
kheng neur:
EMAX: I still have roku 1
Dan Dambra: this is stupid its just a movie seires, no hidden messages only teasers for new movies. illuminati is fake. This is only batman
O.B.1 Slam: Say what you want about Suarez, but no-one can deny that he's a great player. I wish he was still playing for Liverpool FC.
gelfling6: To Owais Bin Asad, Incase it never got explained, GUI, is an acronym (shortening several words down to single word made of the first letters), is short for Graphical User Interface. A windows or UNIX/Linux graphical control panel. (Ironic, Linux itself is a acronym for "Linux Is Not UX", (not UniX) ) Most GUI's are either a set graphical interface to the operating system used, or HTML (Hyper-Text Mark-up Language) which can be viewed with a browser. Hope this clears things up.

Morton's Neuroma: Patient Testimony