2013 Shany Nail Art Plates

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Testing/Review: 2013 Shany Nail Art Plates
Testing/Review: 2013 Shany Nail Art Plates
2013 Shany Nail Art Plates
2013 Shany Nail Art Plates
Shany Nail Art Image Plates Review!!
Shany Nail Art Image Plates Review!!
SHANY 2013 - Up Close. Review (and a fauxtorial too!)
SHANY 2013 - Up Close. Review (and a fauxtorial too!)

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Nicole Fritz-Lascola: I have the same plates. When I ordered mine and got them there was no Hello Kitty. Not a big deal for me since I would have never used Hello Kitty design in my nails. But people do need to be aware when buying these from Amazon.

Lizzy Gijzen: Waar koop je dat

lixsal: Hi, Glad you got your plates with 201 on it. My guess is it has to do with copy right laws or something of that kind. I haven't really researched why. Happy Stamping :)

PilarandGraysonSing: A lot of people have complained about not getting 201.. I received my Shany plates yesterday and got it.. I'm wondering why this is

lixsal: Hey that's a great idea. Thank you, I might try that next time. :)

Rayne Welch: I saw a few reviews that complained about getting the blue plastic off. It is super easy if you get one off, save that plastic and use the sticky side of the film like a cloth against the rest. Peels off in seconds

lixsal: Hi, I think it was 13 US Dollars. They still have it online for the same price on Amazon.

Beauty by Vibs: how much was this???I want thisss...

lixsal: Hi, Thanks for watching. Very Observant. I hadn't even noticed. They took out SH201, but I can't tell what they replaced it with. I did noticed that on plated SH210 there is supposed to be a hello kitty face in the middle, instead they replaced it with a butterfly. Same thing for SH216, I think the Apple logo was in the middle and it has also been replaced with a butterfly. I guess they changed it for legal reasons. Can't say if you purchase them they will be the same ones either. Best-o-luck :)

bvg83: in the pictures on amazon i couldn't find hello kitty plates :(

Freddie Loves Makeup: Thanks this was so helpful!!!

luce perez: I just ordered these plates !! so excited !!!

Hopee: I whont this !!!!!!!

jazmine2kool4u: So I just got my shany 2013 plates and I would have thought they would be bigger then this I'm excited to see how this comes out but sad because the plates and design look sooo small.. =)

lixsal: Thank you. :) The plate I used for Pukka was from Shany XXL Nail plate B and I purchased it on Amazon.com. If you search "Shany" "XXL" it should come up. You can see more on that plate in my other video.

yiyi brizy: I saw yuor pukka manicure , it s so cute , were can get that plate ?? please , thank you

lixsal: The link is now in the description box. Thanks for Watching and good luck.

Tanisha Morrison: Can u post the exact link please ? Or inbox it to me .

lixsal: @Lovepolish777. They are the same size as the konad and bundle monster plates.

Lovepolish777: Are these plates normal size or are they bigger than usual ?
2013 Shany Nail Art Plates 5 out of 5

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2013 Shany Nail Art Plates