Canon 1014XL-S - Fremont Street Experience - Super 8 - Kodak Vision3 500T

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Super 8mm - Canon 1014 XL-S & Gaf 128 XLS
Super 8mm - Canon 1014 XL-S & Gaf 128 XLS

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MezzMcGillicuddy1: Beautiful footage! Nice pairing with the song. Very enjoyable to watch!

Willy Duran: song?

Harry Cartwright: Beautiful

Dean Kubasek: beautiful.. 10 out of 10

rtleeson: Is transferring to digital an art within itself ? I want to get one of these over X-mas, but I would be shocked if I found out decent transfer is thousands. Can someone suggest a good website to learn from please. Kind regards, Roscoe x

EpicSceneProductions: how did you get the super 8 film on the computer?

JRTayl0r: I just got this camera would love to get results that look this good. How did you telecine this?

Kevin Slaney: errrr?

MrWhiteman TV: IMHO 500T looks so much better than 200T

BlackRaven156: absolutely beauitful!!! Anyone who knocks super 8 should watch this!

MREVANURY: Great looking stock as well as using one of the better super 8mm cameras made.

KojiRecords: @thouston314159 Wow, I had not indeed listened fully or completely to the audio track the first time: at the 2:00 mark, the Sassy vocal trademark is clearly and eloquently delivered, so I stand corrected----although I have Sarah's original 78 rpm of the song on EmArcy Records, I like this intimate and clear version much better. Perfect match with the wondeful film images, again my hat is off to the filmmaker(s).

thouston314159: Sarah Vaughan - Polka Dots and Moonbeams - Complete Mercury Vol 4 - Disk 1

KojiRecords: Sing it Nancy, your voice has gotten more intense and sweeter as the decades have flown by; is this audio a private recording, it sounds very hot with Nancy right up on the mic, love this---and of course, love the exquisite footage that only a Canon camera could deliver with the right film. Thanks for posting, feel like this was just for me and I am feeling very spoiled lol

Robert Ellsworth: lovely. so you just used auto setting? I put a roll in my 1014xls and at sunset it said not enough light to film at asa 500T, I thought that didn't sound right

FanMadMovies: thank ,good and utile video . Spectra film good télécine.

muziektelevisie: Wow wonderful

thouston314159: Thanks for your continued support! I upgraded my telecine unit to HD over the X-Mas break. Look for new HD captures soon!

thouston314159: Filter was out for this and the ASA was automatically set by the camera.

ahlads: great footage. did you have the filter in or out for this? what asa setting did you use?
Canon 1014XL-S - Fremont Street Experience - Super 8 - Kodak Vision3 500T 5 out of 5

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johnnyboy6000: Just bought mine yesterday, was on sale at Best Buy for $30(plus $2 dollars and something cents in tax, decent price for this device) and I am enjoying it.
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Canon 1014XL-S - Fremont Street Experience - Super 8 - Kodak Vision3 500T