CDJ-200 Disassembly

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DJ Samuel Oliveira: Disassemble was easy, now I want to see it all put together again

Sanjay Fernandes: My CDJ 200 reads till track 4/5 immediately... Track 6 it gives E-8301 / 8302 - Same disks work on the other unit... Note the unit was not used for 6 months packed and kept..  Advice please... Lens cleaner...???

Joshua Crowley: My CDJ 200 Wont even power on do you have any idea what the issue is?

EnderPlays: When i turn my CDJ on, nothing happens. Not even a light or a sound comes. On the display are red stripes. This is all. Can you help me please. (Sorry for my bad english, im from Austria)

Lahautz: Karabilli, A little bit of plastic broke in my jogwheel. I tried to glue it but now my jogwheel is stuck. I think a little bit of glue slipped into my jogwheel. How can I get my jogwheel out the best and fastest way? Thanks for helping.

karabilli: You must have a multimeter to check each one (without power-checking continuity). They never look different when blown...

Squall1811: Hi, thank you for your answer, you see, I'm having this exact problem with my unit, and i checked the board you mentioned, how do I know if a fuse is dead? They look like resistors but they dont look burned or something.

Sye Gowans: Thats great news,will investigate that...Many Thanks....Sye

karabilli: There are about a dozen fuses for all supply voltages in the player. Check at 1:50 in my video; the only board left in the chassis is the one with almost all the fuses.

Sye Gowans: Impressive Disassembly..but i have a simple one..the unit i have has a working power supply (240V) but no life.Do you have a simple answer? Thanx

Joseph Tsiri: hey karabilli, i have a problem with my cdj, when its on cue mode, i insert a disc it automatically fast forwards itself......... and all the buttons they dont work, only next and previous.... do u know whats the problem???

MGDragonfree: IF I press my Cue Button, I can hear a sound and it works like it should. But my Play-Button does not react if I hit it, the light is blinking but it does not play a sound :(

Darthcrouch996: Thank you-I changed the motor and the Pitch potentiometer just to be safe and problem solved

karabilli: There's probably nothing wrong with the disk motor drive. You need to clean or replace the sliding PITCH potentiometer. Watch the video at 4:53. If by spinning you mean the JOG bend up/down feature then you need to clean or replace the JOG switch (5:24). When the JOG dial is not working fine you also have problems when doing JOG search to find your CUE.

Darthcrouch996: How can i tell if the disk drive motor is going out? Sometimes when i am spinning the bpm will change dramatically at various points going down at first then going up-i then try to recreate the problem on the other deck and it plays perfectly?

lucadepu: right most screw on the black part the separates the actual cd reading unit from the transformer

gir489: Wow such awful quality. I took one apart, but now I can't remember where the green grounding wire went, and I can't see it in the video.

testa2testa2: Hi I have one cdj 200. all buttons does not work, Only play and cue. Do you know what is wrong? I can see others who have the same problem but they got it fixed on garanty. Mine has no longere garanty. :) Hope you can help me.

karabilli: @lalochavez333 The cdj200 is much less $800 !

lepapgr: wow!!! you can do magic!!! G! great job!! keep going!! oh! and nice music!!
CDJ-200 Disassembly 5 out of 5

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CDJ-200 Disassembly