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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Super Genius: The GTR sounds like Anakins pod=racer from Star wars.
Israel Esparragoza: muy mal video a los 8 segundos fue lo unico q vi
Kenneth Capps: Nice video, but the Snakeskins are for the hammock not the rain fly.
22fortox: Are the voices meant to sound like that or is it lag?
ssunkite1: Great info and nice Morris chair, need the plan though. 
Side Luminous Skate: this song is dope
pharohbender: where the freak is the aussie version for crying out loud. this was looking promising i was going to go test drive it but NO! australian always get ripped off! screw this im going to test drive a toyota then. 2013 ford c-max its 2014 now. DAMMIT!

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