Flip-in Hair Extensions / Halo - Tutorial & Review

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tanya tasha: halo hair extensions look incredibly thin id advise people to research other brands in the us as they look so much thicker and voluminous

Steve Martino: OMG I love your accent it is so pretty☺☺

Charlotte Day: What length are these hair extensions hun? 

Chris.S: I bought mine online & luckily I matched it perfect .. I was shocked.. But I had to buy online .. Live in a really small town .. & if I wanted them I had to.. But my hair is around the same length & I felt better after watching your video . 

Katelyn Dawn: HI!  I'm considering buying these.  I'm getting married in July and want some new hair extensions.  I have clip ins but need some new ones, and was debating getting clip ins or this flip and go thing.  I want to do my hair like this: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/539165386613341649/ with braids coming from either side and meeting in the back/middle of my head, sort of a half up do.  Do you think I could do this style with this flip and go hair system? THANKS!

Jaden Yelenich: Can you run with these in?? Or will they fall out?

Dianna Kaplan:
have u ever tied "secret extensions" often found in infomercials. Daisy Feuntes is the spokesperson? It is quite similar to these or halo though I don't believe they are as full as these flip in extensions or halo extensions? if so can u please give me your opinion. Tnx so much.

Hannah Bowness: I don't recommend halo flip in for people with thock hair. I bought the product for almost £100 and my hair is quite think and you could tell that I had some sort of extensions in. Plus I had it cut in and that didn't help it I wore it out, however it was a windy day and it didn't feel secure so don't waste your money if you have thick hair 😔

Sarah Maxwell: Hi,,, you were very sweet and helpful. Can I ask you if you have worn these to the gym, been at the beach, and what about sleeping in it. and say how is it on a date if someone tries to run their fingers through your hair, does it stay in? Thanks much!

Ana Luisa Casas: I love your videos.  Thank you!

Lady P: perhaps rehearse next time...

Danielle Dalimonte: when i leave my flip in extensions straight i feel like it looks fake. i need help to style it better and blend it in ! 

Danielle Dalimonte: please make a video on how to style flip in extensions, wavy-curly and straight 

Aphelionful: does it hurt at all and feel uncomfortable to have a wire around your head holding something on? also,in your opinion,  if someone has very very thin hair, verrrry thin, and they wanted volume as well as length could they use this? could I use 2 at the same time maybe for volume?

MarinoEyebrowExpert: *just darling! (Where's autocorrect when you need it??)

MarinoEyebrowExpert: You are jush

LaReyna Yolie Reyes: My hair is too thin. I can not hide the thread. I guess I have to just accept I can not do hair pieces. :'(

Kath Sara (Vpfashion): like your video very much, and it looks very interesting. hi, girls, vpfashion blog has the good items, too. welcome to have a look.

Not Tryin' To Hear You!: hey Amy..just wanted to say that I think you are really very pretty. I love your natural hair and you did an excellent job matching the piece. You shouldn't worry about the hair being straight because it is gorgeous and natural looking as well. I think you look great both with and without the extension piece. It's really just preference for you. Some women need a little something extra but in your case, you don't. 

EOI HAIR: Have you ever tried EOI's Clip in hair extensions?
Flip-in Hair Extensions / Halo - Tutorial & Review 5 out of 5

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Flip-in Hair Extensions / Halo - Tutorial & Review