Review Of The Rossi Trifecta Youth-sized Long Gun Set

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Mike Robinson: That would make an excellent survival weapon. You could take everything from a squirrel to a deer with it. I just won one in a raffle thats why im looking them up lol. It says truck gun all over it.

kyle Maloney: My dear friend, please tell me where you got your .308 barrel :) thanks

HillCountryHusker: That's a real constructive comment. Thanks for stopping by, and don't bother coming back.

HillCountryHusker: No doubt. Thanks for watching.

Ross Dominguez: my gun is the same and it come with the .308 also i bought it separetly though and the trifecta has horriable rear sights

HillCountryHusker: Yeah, I think they've offered a few different barrels. This set has interchangeable 7mm-08, .22 Long Rifle, and 20-gauge barrels. All single-shot.

samuel turner: it says on the add winchester 243

SCHalfAssPrepper: Buck stock son,lol looks like a fun gun.
Review of the Rossi Trifecta youth-sized long gun set 5 out of 5

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Review of the Rossi Trifecta youth-sized long gun set