How To Change Glow Plugs On A Chevy Duramax

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How to Change Glow Plugs on a Chevy Duramax
How to Change Glow Plugs on a Chevy Duramax
2001-2004 Duramax LB7 P0380 Code. Glow Plug Relay.  Detailed Troubleshooting and Repair
2001-2004 Duramax LB7 P0380 Code. Glow Plug Relay. Detailed Troubleshooting and Repair
Diagnose Glow Plug 6.6 Duramax-Angry Mechanic P0671.P0672.P0673.P0674.P0675 P0676.P0677.P0678
Diagnose Glow Plug 6.6 Duramax-Angry Mechanic P0671.P0672.P0673.P0674.P0675 P0676.P0677.P0678
Glow Plug Before & After. Cold Start GM 6.5 Turbo Diesel
Glow Plug Before & After. Cold Start GM 6.5 Turbo Diesel
Duramax glow plug change.mp4
Duramax glow plug change.mp4

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Tylor tylor: Never complimented someone's vid for looking up this stuff but please keep posting amazing vid man thanks helped a lot

Robert Smith: Wish they came out that easy up here in the Rust Belt! RHS Mobile Auto Repair, Ann Arbor, MI.
the way I do them here is warm engine, just loosen GP slightly and spray with squirt or two of 50/50 mix of Sea Foam/PB Blaster to dissolve carbon and rust then remove, works every time. Nothing worse then twisting one off in the head! Don't get me going on Triton Spark plugs ughhh.

Rachel Kaufman: Nice video, very descriptive! I changed all the plugs on my 2003 duramax, except for the one directly behind the steering column. I believe cylinder 4 or 6. Any advice?? Do I need to disconnect the shaft? Its hard to get to and there's not much clearance. Any tricks or tips to this? Appreciate it! Thanks.

Akhavir: Whoever designed the changing on the 4th, and 8th cylinders should be shot, buried, and shot again.

Scott Blosfield: Hi, I have an 02 Duramax LB7 and was wondering if you have any recommendations as far as how I should go about making sure the gp's don't break off. I assume some penetrating oil 24 hrs before a few times?

ShastaCountyLand: Great video. Helpful hint to those who only have the number 8 plug out. You can access from underneath the truck without taking off wheel well plastic (which is a pain). Only tricky part is getting the new one lined up. Look carefully where it is when it comes out. It is right next to a fairly big bolt. And you can see the machining in the block from the wheel well side that contours to the shape of the plug.

Note, it helps to have scrawny forearms like mine. Steve Garvey and Popeye type guys might have some trouble.

Ron Hagans: how do I reset the check engine light on my 3500 durmax

swade dungan: Is it that easy on a 2011 Chevy duramax?

Chris Grathen: How do you remove the steering column on the drivers side to get it out of the way???

Arlen Bryant: Very helpful. Thanx

David Nunemaker: Got the same code on mine P0676 , how tight should I retighten the glow plugs to after I change them?

Brendan B: 2006 2500 HD.  number 5 glow plug and no more check engine light!  I wouldn't even have bothered with it if not for up coming smog (CA bull s#!t)  thanks for the video bud!!!

Richard Chandler: i have a 6.6 duramax 2005 engine i need heads reinstalled the man had a heart attack and cannot put it back i live in rome ga my number is 7062663607 any suggestions

Mason Wicorek: very good video.. will be doing mine soon also.. # 8 fingers crossed!

Gregory Saenz: Thanks for the video. I'll be doing mine soon.

Charles Nooks: great video Brian very informative

Damian Frattasio: clearly not from the rust belt,try changing glow plugs on a duramax from new england, the wire never comes off,the glow plugs snap off in the head. its a real bummer.

Miguel Tovar: Does the check engine reset itself or you actually need to reset with the scanner

Rob Urban: Wow! Great DIY video. My 2003 Duramax won't start under 30F so I have to always keep it plugged in.  

Can I find out which plug is bad and just replace 1 or do I need to replace all 8?

Chris Gulack: This is a wonderful video very informative. I'm looking because I just got myself a dyramax and I like to do all of my own maintenance and I have only changed the glow plugs in a 94 detroit diesel. With that said I made the mistake of putting something on the threads when reinstalling them. DONT PUT ANY THING ON THE THREADS OF A GLOW PLUG!!! I had to immediately replace the ones on my 94 because if it. And it's harder to see in the duramax without a wait to start time. The glow plugs grown on the block .
How to Change Glow Plugs on a Chevy Duramax 5 out of 5

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How to Change Glow Plugs on a Chevy Duramax