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brbrhej: Can someone explain me the part about dead colours at 15.32 min? How do you get green from mixing white, yellow and balck or purple by mixing black, red and white? Isn't black in the video confused with blue? They also mention cold black. To be honest I have studied art for over 12 yeras, and I have never heard of cold black. Is this video full of mistakes or is this simplly something I do not know? Further more pigments have names, a there is a reasons for that...not all yellow, red, blue, white are the same. Also not pronouncing the names of great masters like Bruegel, Titian, etc. is absolutely unacceptable in an educational material aimed to earn money on educating people. 
Nathan Clukey: http://youtu.be/C2GmD5eQ2mE
pelailia: paljonko laturi toho maksais?
Cal's Car Corner: I love putting these things together.
Jamie Treno: Looks very bad. The shine back from the markers makes it look cheap. Oh and the love song playing during the video does it no justice. Have a great day.
ADFSurvNetwork: I have an evinrude 250 Etec.... 1) How do you know its your starter which is the problem? Is there a certain sound or action? 2) Is a starter on the 250 Etec as straight forward as this one?
ikosimi simo: +MrScott52 Hello Scott, you made a wonderful video thank you so much. I have 2 questions for you: -Can I do the same thing on my c220 from 2011(facelift)?? -Is the cars already pre-cabled ??? All we need is a camera and do the same things on the video??

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