LG 840G Updates

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LG 840g Software Review (UPDATED)
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LG840G Tracfone - Great Tips on how to use the phone - The Lighthouse Lady
LG 840G Tracfone Review
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3Redbug: lets play skyrim!

zac mw3: i ended up at this video bec i was searching for firmware/software updates.   are there any? or will this phone just always be what it is from the time u buy it til you die?

7drakkar1: I agree. Great Phone besides the WiFi feature as noted.

Mr. GeforcerFX: to help the stock browser render webpages to git go to Google first then search the website from Google, Google will then render that page to fit the phone.

Peter C: Do you have two cell phone numbers ?

ShufflingNewb: I came here looking for how to update the phone :/

Meg Licata: great phone. I've had it for 2 months now. Thanks for the video. Very helpful

bcinnash: my tracfone LG 840G roams in fringe areas and every time it loses and regains the signal it uses minutes even WHEN NOT IN USE! and theres no way to turn off roaming. I found out the hard way and had to switch back to my double minute phone.

Archit N.: Shut up. Stop ragequitting

GoodBarius OfTheNorth: lul WIFI is perfect, I can watch YouTube vid's and just about any porno I want :/

Archit N.: lel

mattk7364: Racist much?


mattk7364: Glad I could help.

Robert D.: Thanks Matt for the great reviews on this phone, i feel comfortable ording this phone after your review..

TheLightHouseLady: Sounds like a nice phone!

frybry01: you cannot use a tracfone on net10, you cannot use a net10 phone on tracfone, you cannot use a straight talk phone on net10 or tracfone

frybry01: net10, tracfone, and straight talk are all sister companies, but they offer different phones. THERE ARE NO SMARTPHONES for Tracfone, Go to the website and browse all phones and you will see, NO SMARTPHONES.

frybry01: had it for a week, can't stand an onscreen qwerty so I got the 505c with slide out qwerty, much better phone than the 840g

coler154: 0:55 I knew there was a catch.
LG 840G Updates 5 out of 5

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LG 840G Updates