In Tank Electric Fuel Pump Diagnosis And Replacement BMW 3 Series E46

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800lb Gorilla: I have an unusual issue on an e46 where the fuel gauge will read empty until the tank is around 7/8ths or 3/4ths, then it will read fine down to E. Fill up the tank and it'll remain at E until it burns back down to about 7/8ths. The pump in the car now was installed by a dealer, I haven't pulled it yet to see what happened but my best guess is there is something physically interfering with the level, or, the aftermarket pump isn't sending the right voltages for the gauge to display fuel level properly. Anybody encounter something like this before?

Darrell Wolfe: BTW: Thanks for the video! Helped a lot. 

Dustoff85: Question, I just paid $980 to replace pump and labor,I think I was just taken to the cleaners. What should this fix have cost me? I took it to Eurotech import car service thank u - Roulette Prediction .: The wire you ask whats it for may be for the diesel models

Alan Temling: My fuel pump works but when it gets to below 1/4 tank I run out of petrol so in my case it seems to be the sender unit not the pump. Any help on replacing or diagnosing this or do I have to replace the pump?

Muhammad Shaheer: Hey man. Nice video. Need alittle advice, Since i changed the fuel pump on my E36 318i. After cold start running 10 to 15 kms, it starts smelling like fuel overflow in the engine (Coming in more then required) and also unstable idles. What would be the problem? How can i get it fixed? Any help would be appreciated

Patrick Q: Bro, you just saved me about $1500 bucks at the dealer. I was having the same exact issue. Watched your video, did all the tests prior, no power to the pump. Checked fuse box, then pulled seat checked pump. Nothing. Called NAPA, $230 for new pump (here in Hawaii everything is a little more expensive). Followed video, straight running smooth again. Thanks bro!

Lee Thorley: Excellent video.. many thanks

platipus79: What was your meter set on, and what sockets in the connection did you plug it in to? Its a bit hard to tell from this vide, but its excellent none the less.

charles dukes: Thanks for the video man Ur truly a life saver 

Michael Dias: Thanks very much 

Rene G. Solis: I can't seem to get that pesky clamp off, how'd you guys get it off? I've been fighting it for an hour and it won't come off and I ended breaking the tip off. Thanks for all the help btw! 

Christopher M: When I did the electric test at the fuel pump mine registered below 5 volts. Is that a problem? Thanks!

XIITURKIISHIIX: Thank you very much I too have thé same problem on my 320d 2003

james penn: Life saver.... I had a mechanic diagnose mines an he quoted me $500 from his garage on xmas eve so ummm that's not gonna happen then I found ur video the local discount parts store had it in stock for $114 it took me about 30 mins an I'm on the road again lol thx u saved Xmas 

james duffy: Thank You!

Ulf Sivertsen: Gents….didexactly what EdzGarage showed in this video – pleasant and easy to do! Few things need attention: • DO NOT try to start or turn the ignition on to check or listen to the old pump when it is demounted – the left hand side overflow pump will pump fuel through the pipes and into the car! • Remember to buy a clamp for 1,2 to 1,6mm, (for the rubber hose) if it not comes along with the pump. • The large o-ring that, secure the pump to the right place in the thank, must be easy to install and tighten up as showed in the video be aware of dust, rust and wear/deterioration. IMPORTANT: The sealing ring should be seated on the inside edge of the gas tank with the flat lip portion of the seal resting on top of the tank and the rest of the seal protruding inside the tank. Once the seal is properly in place the pump assembly can be slid the last couple inches into position with the last half inch giving a satisfying "thump" as the pump squeezes into place in the seal and the pump flange hits the seal and gas tank. It is easy-peasy to screw down the locking ring with the seal properly in place whereas it was almost impossible to do so with the seal fully outside the tank and getting squished between the tank and the pump flange Case: 2002 e46 330i, 182.000km (appx 110ts/m) the car went suddenly “dead” (funny enough on the gas station). Original spare part/fuel pump from BMW cost DKK 2.200,. BMW Labor cost per hour DKK 1.500, 2,5 hour + pump total cost appx DKK.5.900,-/1.100$ Europe OE-quality spare part DKK 873,-and 2,5 hours’ work (next time it will only take me 1 hour). Savings appx DKK 5.000,-/900$. Gentlemen - great thanks to this video, great thanks to EdzGarage. Ulfsiv, Denmark, March 2014

EliasTheHunter: My 02 325i is in this same situation! 150,000 miles, original pump. The stealership wanted $1,240. I spent $164 for the fuel pump and gasket. I'll get a filter/regulator when it's running again. Thanks for the tutorial!

Abdullah Almatar: hello, I have x5 2007, I have this problem only with very cold weather, so If I put the car inside the garage then will start, but if I put the car outside just for 2 or 3 hours it will crank but no start. now in Arlington, Virginia the temperature is 27 degree, so the car will not start, even when the temperature 36 degree, will not start just cracking. I just change the battery. any suggestions please. 

Carol Lindberg: Wow - terrific video - thank you! My 2003 325i has right at 165K miles as well and I have owned it since 36K miles. The price for replacement is doable. Greatly appreciated !

Darrell Wolfe: You know you forgot to tighten the fourth nut right? 

Nikk Adams: Dealer quoted me $767..ill be using this video for sho

Chris Villarreal: Is it the same procedure on a 2004 bmw 325ci? 

Jack Tompkins: Thanks for the video! made it really easy...

Igor Parkman: Great video! Really helped me diagnose my fuel pump.

Allyson Myers: I have a '01 325i. When I try to fill the gas tank, after a few seconds gas comes pouring out from under the car. I can't find anything on the web about it. Can anyone help please? And the fuel gauge doesn't read full and the gas isn't overflowing out of the tank opening where you put the hose. Help?!

Dustin Tate: That other wire the older model have wire the fuel pump side and the return I think its the fuel gauge. Great video thanks for showing me the access too the fuel tank

andygondorf: Thanks for your time to make and edit this video mate, I had to replace the fuel pump in my 2002 e46 316 touring, and you made my problem a lot clearer. I'd add that in the touring there are two wiring looms going into the fuel tank, the one on the right hand side (viewed from behind) is the pump, as in your case. Thanks again.

Toade21: My car died in the middle of a busy road at rush hour. As I was stranded on the side, watching cars almost clip me, I watched this video waiting on the tow truck. With just that little info, I got home and diagnosed the problem within 30 minutes. Then after calling every auto parts store in the area, one had a fuel pump in stock. It took me about 1 hour total to take the old one out and put the new one in. Thank you for this video!

William Atkinson: Great instructional video. I was able to change the fuel pump on my 2003 325xi and save a few hundred bucks, thanks to your video. 

tcphoto: I wish that mine went in as easily as yours. It's important to install the gasket first and then the fuel pump.

briank9051: Huge help. I had same issue (bad fuel pump) and this was the fix for it. -2001 BMW 325ci Problem occurred at 100k miles

Jeff Adkinson: A few things that I found that made it easier, the rubber sound barrier was already cut, on the back side of the pump (towards the trunk) there is a slot to put a flat head screwdriver in to help release the pump and I found it easier to install the rubber seal in the tank first and then put the pump in. I had trouble getting the pump in with the seal on it. 

Ali Terro: hello can u put a video about the fuel sensor how to test it and replace it

Jacob S.: I can't believe how easy this was to do! Exactly as you said 145 bucks and an hour of my time.

Laur Iordache: Thank You from the bottom of my heart. This video really helped me a lot.

Patrick Galvao: Very helpful video, I was having the same exact problem and fixed it myself for $70 thanks to your video 

roon demahom: Excellent presentation. Explanation very short, sharp & straight to the point. Easy to follow up without a plan or a rough sketch drawing or a blueprint. Very easy to understood theory & practical. I really enjoyed all your video clips & I never feel bored watching several times. I liked your way of tutorial concept, slow & calm. Double thumbs up to you for your efforts & once again a big thank you for your very useful info & tips. That was truly impressive for me. A man with brillion ideas & tricks. You are one of Professor Genius Sir David Einstein of modern and advanced mechanical engineering. (:-) (:-) (:-) (:-) (:-) (:-) (:-)

EdzGarage: I hope it helped. Thanks for watching!

EdzGarage: Sorry, I wish I knew. Try going to the e46Fanatics forum and see if someone over there has posted the same question. There's a lot of great people over there, and they love to help out fellow e46 drivers.

EdzGarage: Thanks for the info!

fred Arno: Hi Ed, Today a have put a new fuel pump in my BMW E46 320I from 1999 but my car crank but wil not start. the same symptom as you I have.. The car cranks but wil not start. What you think is the problem. I hope that you can help me.

EdzGarage: Thanks for watching!

enrique1ponce: Thanks for the video my pump just went out 325ci

Gardner Roe: Man, you just saved me some cash. The locals wanted upwards of $600 for this job. I had to get a more expensive part since I couldn't wait for it to be shipped to me, but still came out way on top. My only hitch was the original band for the fuel line fought me to no end trying to get it back on so I just bought a new one. Easy with your help... Thanks!!!

nydag: hey! I successfully replaced the fuel pump in my 2003 BMW 325i, thanks to your excellent instructional video. Now, I'm hearing some strange chewbacca esque noises unfortunately.. mostly when accelerating or turning. Do you think there is any association between that installment and these sounds? I've read a few things online re: fuel leak. Maybe I've not tightened the hose clamp enough? I'd appreciate anyone's feedback. Thanks everyone!

fred Arno: Hi Ed, My BMW E46 stil wont start today I check the cause again. How I can see if I get fuel to the injectors. Do you have a good trick for me. And how I can checking for spark help me please because my BMW stands still for 2 week.

EdzGarage: Make sure you are checking the right wires. The fuel sender signal is there too.

beerz4us: great video thank you. A little tip Id like to add for those that get stranded.if you have someone crawl under the car and bang on the gas tank hard while you crank the engine you can usuaully get the car to start and get you home or to the shop.

EdzGarage: Make sure the connectors are tight.
In Tank Electric Fuel Pump Diagnosis and Replacement BMW 3 Series e46 4.8 out of 5

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In Tank Electric Fuel Pump Diagnosis and Replacement BMW 3 Series e46