Review, Crosman 2240 22 Cal Co2 Target Pistol, Shooting & Chrony Test

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Toth Arnold: tetszenek ezek a videók!

Toth Arnold: tetszenek ezek a videók!

Toth Arnold: crosman 2240 nekem bevált nagyon! 5,5 kaliberű erös fegyver! teli konzrv dobozokat 10 méterröl simán átüti!az elsö 25 , 30 lövés nagyon erös! utána kezd lassan gyengülni a lövés ereje! csak ajánlani tudom! Nekem ez a fegyver egy élmény annak ellenére hogy sokat löttem éles löfegyverekkel is!!!

Ratdog 305: Another good no nonsense review. Crosman and a bunch of others do not recommend you tighten the CO2 cap with a screwdriver or coin. Hand tighten only. I have a Powerline in 177 that is a tack driver. When I get one of these it will be interesting to see what it can do.

Alejo Cuchia: i love this gun, the quality is good for the price, i hope to get the custom one which looks like high quality, i have a question, how do i know when my when the co2 seal is worn, do you have a picture? thank you...

enri sinojmeri: Y not can it or not thanks

Rascal77s: Great informative and comprehensive review Kenny. I'm looking for a co2 pistol and decided to buy this one based on your review. Always nice to see someone as interested in shooting as I am. I'm happy to subscribe to your channel. I shoot mostly rimfire and centerfire, but I purchased a crosman 1377 6 months ago and have really enjoyed it. I'll tell you a short story about that 1377 if you care to read it.

I signed up for an air gun silhouette match league at my local range. When I got there I noticed a bunch of people with both large and small scuba tanks. I wondered if I somehow got the date of the match wrong. Then I noticed people filling up their guns with the tanks. I questioned one guy about the gear and discovered PCP airguns (and the prices lol). So everyone had these awesome pcp guns and I had a $50 pump gun. No problem. I soon realize that I was going to need 10 pumps to consistently knock down the metal critters. Then the math occurred to me; I have to pump it 100 times, load pellets and take 10 shots in 150 seconds and I need to repeat this 4 times. No problem lol. I ended up getting 28/40. I think I could have done better if not for the facts that my left arm was about to fall off and the web of my right hand was bleeding from the abrasion of the backstrap. The experience was well worth a little bit of suffering, but it is not an experience I will be repeating. And that in a nutshell is why I'm buying a 2240. Sure it's not a pcp gun, but close enough.

enri sinojmeri: Can this gun kill a hawk

Hamradios: You ONLY need the CO2 cap finger tight!! There is no reason to tighten it down like you did. All that is going to do is distort the seal!

Jenniffer smeds: Does silicone oil work as pellgun oil?

Mike Knight: thx brother for review

AirGunWarriors: I got to shoot a 2300Kt from the Crosman Custom Shop this past weekend and it was just amazing! It has the standard length Crosman barrel and the accuracy blew me away! When holding the 2300Kt, it felt of excellent quality! For under $100.00, you can't go wrong! I would like to have the 2300Kt with the 14+-inch barrel and carbine butt-stock option! Thanks for the awesome review!:)

Barney Fief: Great review. To the point without the usual.blah, blah, blah. Ordered one today from Crosman, ;looking forrward to it. Thanks again. Bob.

HughJawang: Will this thing kill a skunk at 5 yards? Serious question.

Tony Pena: Great stuff. Explains the pellet gun as easy as possible so you will not miss anything. You will definitely know if you getting what you pay for.

Breaking Braddd: Is there a rifle similar to this? Bolt action co2?

Frederick Dunn: Interesting... nice comprehensive review here... I really appreciate the refresher... thank you for taking the time to share your expertise and experience...

Bautista Prea: will this kill a pigeon?small hunt

myairgunreviews: 443fps with 14.3 g Crosman Premier

liomatt1: How many FPS?
Review, Crosman 2240 22 Cal Co2 Target Pistol, Shooting & Chrony Test 5 out of 5

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Review, Crosman 2240  22 Cal Co2 Target Pistol, Shooting & Chrony Test