Penny Skateboards: Original Vs. Organic

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Penny Board Review (HD)
PENNY vs. NICKEL Skateboard: Comparison + Test Ride
PENNY vs. NICKEL Skateboard: Comparison + Test Ride
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Fake Penny Board Review

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martinelli minimo: Just because it says that it doesn't have a weight limit doesn't mean that it can support a person of any weight. Gosh! ;)

Longswordx9 GT: the bearings of the original penny ok?? or i need to change it?.

Ahmad Danial: can you give me one? please i l really wanted a penny board in my country there is no penny board shop so please, can ypu give me one?:-(

Any Thing: I heard her why .???your penny had a gender.?

It's Maisie Here: They are just as flexible the organic is just weaker if you ask me

Haziq Akid Akid: where do you buy it

Haziq Akid Akid: can you gift me one

Haziq Akid Akid: how much you pay that

Tsar Yagin: Lola I have a fake one and it still have abec7 bearings

Daniele Pala: the music at the end sounds so sad

Nehan Khan: I have a organic I had for 1 year does that mean in a couple of years it wil dissolve

Shady: I have two pennys but i'm considering getting nickel. Should I or should i stick to the penny. Or will the new long board be better?

jon lipton: The deck is made of Plastic and plexiglass. The plexiglass makes it a small chance at shattering or breaking 

Nehan Khan: I have organic 

Middle Line Media: Once the organic's deck dissolves, do you get a new one? Haha 

Aneesa Vawda: I would choose the organic board

EJ Miyagawa: Had my penny for 2 years now thanks for encouraging me to get one oh yea i have the penny one cause im size 7 ☺️

Brayden Harsent: thnks for the vid it helped me choose

Autumnal Sunsets: Am I the only person who doesn't like the organic colours?????

nab ban: If you want to be green just make a recyclable penny board
Penny Skateboards: Original vs. Organic 5 out of 5

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Joegernaut: I love my 3Dtv !

Penny Skateboards: Original vs. Organic