Penny Skateboards: Original Vs. Organic

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AzN 4546: vegan board -_-

Edvin C: I bought a used one organic on a market for 4 bucks :D

Christopher Lopez: What color would you call that deck? Maroon? Burgundy? Brown?

patrick destine: I like your penny board that original and oiganic

ViPii GT: i dont have a real penny but i will stay have my ''fake'' so long its working its pretty heavy anyways bye!

Fostic: put the auto generated captions and go to 2 30 lol

The Skating Raptor: My nickel is coming in 4 days I'm really excited! Will do an Unboxing for sure! I already have a penny board but it's becoming a bit small.

Martinelli Minimo: Just because it says that it doesn't have a weight limit doesn't mean that it can support a person of any weight. Gosh! ;)

Longswordx9 GT: the bearings of the original penny ok?? or i need to change it?.

Silent Ace: can you give me one? please i l really wanted a penny board in my country there is no penny board shop so please, can ypu give me one?:-(

Any Thing: I heard her why .???your penny had a gender.?

Bob The builder: They are just as flexible the organic is just weaker if you ask me

Haziq Akid Akid: where do you buy it

Haziq Akid Akid: can you gift me one

Haziq Akid Akid: how much you pay that

Tsar Yagin: Lola I have a fake one and it still have abec7 bearings

Daniele Pala: the music at the end sounds so sad

Nehan Khan: I have a organic I had for 1 year does that mean in a couple of years it wil dissolve

Sexual Tyrannosaurus: I have two pennys but i'm considering getting nickel. Should I or should i stick to the penny. Or will the new long board be better?

jon lipton: The deck is made of Plastic and plexiglass. The plexiglass makes it a small chance at shattering or breaking
Penny Skateboards: Original vs. Organic 5 out of 5

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AzN 4546: vegan board -_-
VJMV HVJ: "Did You Know.... You can ALSO UNCLOG Your TOILET (ex. toilet paper stuck in pipes close to toilet) using SHOT VAC Vacuum."
Gregs Mowing: Good video Martin. It astonishes me how car companies plan all this detail. Bolting an engine on ok but all the little clips and the amount of small stuff they need to plan and make is incredible
Yura Chormor: Good day! I'm Andrew.I did -25 lbs past one month.More here\#tGjq
Krystal: Best video with clear and audible instructions and slow demonstration. Perfect instructional video.
Jennifer Sonnevil: recommend!! I have a a few of these and I love them. genius!!
Luke Mason: I couldn't watch you put a sharp 2 book on a sharp 1 sword and you put prot 2 on vhain armor although you had iron!!!

Penny Skateboards: Original vs. Organic