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Kickapoo Joy Juice: Matt! So glad you like it our sparklin' beverage! You wanna try our new flavor? Hit us up!
JAPJAC: I remember reading the review for this game in The Games Machine magazine upon its release. A game based on Monkey Magic, for the PC Engine by Capcom!? It sounded too good to be true. But it wasn't. A master class in game design and the reason why I bought a PC Engine shortly afterward, not even for the R-Types. My favourite 2D plain, non-linear, non-Mario platformer ever. Rockman who? A joke of a franchise compared to this classic. Fantastic playmanship. Enjoyed every minute, cheers. 
Office Shoes: Big SUV 4x4 drivers...One question...WHY do you need to drive a car that big. It does not prove anything and you will still have a small pencil when you get out of your SUV. 
Abbasi07: These are good check put my vid /watch?v=so-71-fkyN8
Sean Schuffert: if you get a 1.5 inch PVC pipe and pit on the Handel so u can sit further forward that thing will plane out and probably go twice as fast. O and ya its not made to plane out but it will "sit level" and go faster. as it is now the boat is attacking the water with a flat ramp and causing a lot of water turbulence. If it levels out your coefficient of friction will be reduced in turn you will be able to go faster. Simple fluid mechanics. M.E.
Brnui: what language are they speaking?
erikpassat: Could be, I dont know. Im not into Opel, I just wrote the information on the keyfob.

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