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SangeetSrota: Can somebody provide a link for the takedown and cleaning of this rifle? Thanks in advance!
Rohit Naik: For people who want to start with Android Development Share if you like it How To Setup Android Developer Tools(ADT Bundle), Eclipse, and Android SDK Environment
Banette: You're very fortunate. Many people move to Hawaii on a whim and then end up homeless because they can't find work. But I love your transparency, thank you for sharing your story! 
broderp: Based on the reviews on Amazon and even here on youtube, it appears this product is cheaply made and does not live up to the hype. The images and video's I've seen show a poorly formed cup (using various amounts of meat) as well as poor sealing when adding the lid. When cooked, the meat shrinks on the side that is cooking and pulls open the burger, spilling or exposing the contents. I've read a lot of people claiming the press broke or doesn't last very long either. By far the biggest and most concerning complaint is that of this companies marketing strategy. Many have ordered one only to be charged about $40 for 4. Customer support is all but useless and claim many tiumes that can't help, even on one occation that the customer would have to wait until the recieved the item before it can be fixed! Once they have your credit card, the high pressure sales begin. emails and calls to purchace other products. Can you please respond to these issues and claims? Thank you.
V1NT4G3YES: Ich glaub ich muss mal nach schweden ^^ :D
the430movie .: Too bad they discontinued this wonderful little tool.... I guess we are losing our creativity on what we can do with tools today.... Maybe we can make i phones...??? I'm just sayin this, to today's gen. On saying this, i have created several jigs for this tool.... I even made a Trio to Flexshaft attachment for woodcarving. I will post this soon enough.....
bigjohno10: CELTIC!!!

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