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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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bon vivant: RS coming to Detroit? Fail
paladain55: yeah 4.1 with those plug in dadsh scanner things. 0-60 is all we did. it also measured 1/4 but thats seriously wreckless driving. our is 3.33 gears and an automatic. i say cold air kit, tune, udp's, cmcv delete plates, axle backs and 3.73s would be amazing and not too much. jlt is the best air intake, you can also find cmcv plates for 150 just look hard. we have an extra set of jba 304 stainless axlebacks for sell if you want
KingoRazor7: mad
Elsa CG: Love this one diva you look beautiful!
herby0518: Awful ,not even high shcool stuff.
Volatile: I am your 100th subscriber! Please send me my free 1/6 walter white baby blu kit set!
iGotTheMage: @mohammed786adnan lol

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