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Remembering 1992: 17 million views for a video completely void of significance and meaning. Billions invested annually to watch grown men behave like children on a football field. Meanwhile the mortality rate from most types of cancer is INDENTICAL to numbers from the 1930s. Why are things that cannot possibly help us so celebrated, while the exploration of science and pursuit of knowledge and progress considered so boring? Something is fundamentally wrong with our priorities. 
Rytinha C: Hello, this one's video was quite and clear to understand the difference of these two types of cards for PC. I need your help to know what kind of Express Card to connect a Firewire IEEE 1394 cable from a video camera to a PC brand toshiba satellite L300D-20Z? The manual says that it has a 1 × entry Express Card ™ but does not say what it is? Can you help me? Thank U
IVAN GEOVANY PINEDA ARIAS: bueno me gustariauno de estos cuanto cuesta.... estube en madrid trabajando en verticales....super bueno ahora no se como concegir en mi pais ecuador q algien me diga donde lo concigo en ecua ...gracias por el video sois unos monstros jejje 
BradleyNews11: My first senses are tingling.
Mark Gilson Lapuz: Ma sta nokia utilizza ancora quel modo di merda per caricare di batteria? Che si allarga dopo 1 giorno
EOD1loko: can you turn the dropshot thing off and on?
Richard Peck: "Finger hole in the rear end" lol

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