Google Nexus 7 Mod: Rear-facing Camera

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TlingitWarrior69: 1:07 "Jigabyte"?!?! What the hell is a Jigabyte!!??

Rice Cake: I Died When He Said "Jiggabytes" OMG

Ray OfMinneapolis: What do you think about Nexus 8?

muhammed safan: I thing getting a nexus 7 2013 is better 

Blake Nelson: or get the nexus 7 2013 edition.

BANG: Internal memory may not be expandable, but I currently have a 1TB hard drive velcroed to it, Also if you are relying on the camera on your tablet for daily pictures something may be wrong.

btarwood: Where are the pictures you promised

serkia: Jigabytes???

TheLkvoice: Good God Guy, Grabbing a Great Glossary of soft G words has thrown down the Grammar Gauntlet. We should all be Grateful you Gratuitously Gave us such a Great Gathering. Good job. Now I'm off to practice my Glockenspiel. Goodbye.

TheLkvoice: The Greek word Giga meaning giant. In English, the initial g of giga can be pronounced /ɡ/ (a hard g as in giggle), or /dʒ/ (a soft g as in giant, like a j sound, which shares its Greek root).[3] This latter pronunciation was formalized within the United States in the 1960s and 1980s with the issue by the US National Bureau of Standards of pronunciation guides for the metric prefixes.[4] A prominent example is found in the pronunciation of gigawatts in the 1985 movie Back to the Future.

TheLkvoice: Don't you have anything to do than to champion strangers on Youtube that are trying to make money from the hundreds of videos they have up?, leaves us alone wtf!!! He used the word gigabyte and pronounced it jigabyte. In the real world the jury is out on which is the correct pronunciation. Years ago we had gigahertz which was a hard G so that's what most people use now. My comment was that his line sounded like a quote from Doc Brown's 1.21 Jigawatts from BTTF. Hardly a 'punch' really was it?

PATTY PERRY: its the right original way to say it,bet you didnt know that lolz lolz lolz lolz lolz duhhhh

PATTY PERRY: thank you,out of all the comments about him saying it wrong,finally ,something positive,you rock :)

PATTY PERRY: wtf?? big deal,get out of your mommies basement and get a life

PATTY PERRY: wow you guys dont have anything better to do,then to throw punches at a man that is just trying to help us,leave the guy alone,wtf!!!

PATTY PERRY: the guy makes 1 mistake and says the word wrong,and all im seeing is ha ha you said it wrong,bfd,he is trying to help whoever needs help,thank you for this video,great job,how can i get one of these that you made? subbed and liked :)

Weiner Face: If some sort of hinge was used it could be permanant

Tristan Gauci: 32 jigabytes? Anyway great video!

Joe Crook: Tip for you, if you type in on YouTube: Google Nexus 7 720p camera, you can mod the camera, very simply, so it records in 720p HD, this may help with your resolution problem. Reply if this helped anyone ;)

Joe Crook: 32 jig-a bites, where u do a jig
Google Nexus 7 Mod: Rear-facing camera 5 out of 5

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Google Nexus 7 Mod: Rear-facing camera