LG 800G: How To Download Music

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randy richards: can someone PLEASE help me, when i put the SD card in the phone the sd card icon comes up in the top right hand corner but it has an X on it.

Bintshovel: When I carry my phone in my pocket, the browser comes on and eats my minutes up. How can I disable the browser or remove it ??? Also how can I lock my phone but still have it turned on ?

nugirl2010: I tried downloading pic from the sd card but it didn't work- supposedly only 2 gb cards work in the lg800g . Has anyone lese experienced this- the only way you can transfer pics is through the phone and it eats up your minutes. (by design) You get what you pay for. (5 bucks)

Venomspitta: what port does the sd adapter go in?

matt richards: i bought that same sd card and the adapter broke

WatDaMattaForYou: I have now gotten a USB cable for it.....it works just fine.

jethro tull: yes 2 min for every miute your on it

RideTheLighting93: No. Only uses minutes when calling, texting, internet, downloading.

Anon5K: What kind of video file does it use? Have this but it won't play any videos except the one I took with the camera, and its too large a file to email myself to review file type. my music is all over the micro sd memory............not in a folder and it appears to repeat.

david folloni: thanks for making it....spend a few hours trying to figure out how to do it...dave in connecticut

L.Dot. M.: Yes the internet usage does use up our minutes I think tracFone needs to make that feature free on all phones including this one.

SH649012: can u use the SD card to store other stuff like texts, and then upload them onto ur computer?

David B: Ok. Thx Dude

epic64ds: how many minutes does it use to text

Bintshovel: Please correct me; I thought if you turn bluetooth on, that you could download music and videos without any cables or hookups if using another bluetooth device ? If so, how ?

Ericthemachineman: if you put the music on by a micro sd then no.

skiboy1231: my micro sd is not working PLEASE HELP

kkgirls21: OMG ive been looking so long for a of these thx so much u helped alot !

Bintshovel: Thanks, I am all set now !


◣ NetterKinz ◢: its not working!

David B: Does it take away minutes when you listen to music or just fool around with the menus

RideTheLighting93: No i think it's every two or three minutes you get charged 1 min

David B: Does it take away minutes when you listen to music?

Roylestaah Can.: does it take minutes by the minute or every time u use the internet, PLEASE RESPOND !!!

jbasketballgirl16: please check out my lg 800g videos! more to come soon!

GoHeels: wow I guess somethings wrong with mine mini sd works

Lesberatti's Place: I added about 9 movies in 3gp format like Prometheus, the girl with the dragon tattoo hunger games etc

14abr14: Morpheus ...

shermel13: followed everthing but i dont any music in my LG phone

aj brown: Can you use a 8gb sd card

aboodshohatee: How to u buy it FROM DOWNLOAD STORE??????

stacy rent: thx

Dopex Weirdo: thank you for the help

Lesberatti's Place: Why are you making it so complicated? All you have to do is connect your phone to the computer via a micro usb, The the phone will display as a removable drive and you can access the micro SD directly.

jay waters: i have a question, me and my dad downloaded the songs first, before puting it in the my LG phone and it doesn't read it, should we have have put it in the phone first?

WatDaMattaForYou: If you get a USB data cable, you don't have to take the mini-SD card out. You can transfer files from the computer to phone.

Dan St. Fort: Can you use anything bigger then 4g?

Diana Kirch: omg i have that same phone!!

MsShellMel: Hi ... I just got the LG 840g phone and have been banging my head trying to figure how to make my own custom mp3 as a ringtone. Do you by any chance have any idea how to on this model phone?? Any help is appreciated as my head is starting to hurt pretty bad! :O Thanks.

8.bliss: This is crazy... songs on my LG800g only play/display in alphabetical order, not in track order. Is there anyway to play the songs in the correct track order for an album?

LeNnoN76oMAtt: is their any other way 2 download music. Like usb or anything. What im trien 2 say is do u really have to get thas small card to download it?

◣ NetterKinz ◢: ok thank u!

Lesberatti's Place: Do you mean the micro usb cable? I got that from Amazon and the micro usb cards I get from Get it at Best Buy or, that's were I also got my mini sd card.

GuerreroDeLaInfo: lmk if you find out how, thanks.

savygramma: Thanks for the video on how to put music on the Tracfone via the micro sd card. Couldn't have been easier! But I couldn't have done it without your video. Now I don't have to carry both my phone & my Ipod when I walk or work out, just need the phone. Great!

forkshifter: Oooooh I didn't know the cell phone had that. Okay.. Now for youtube.. Need to figure out how to get youtube ot work on it..

daniel buie: I did everything you showed, I even formated the scandisk, the phone shows No Items. I can put the scandisk back in the computer and it will play music from the scandisk..Help!

hootersvilledavid: Can you upload mp3's from a library (Itunes) to the memory disc via the USB/Mini plugged into the phone and a USB port on your computer? Seems that would be much easier than removing the battery and card every time.
LG 800G: How to Download Music 4.6 out of 5

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LG 800G: How to Download Music