LG 800G: How To Download Music

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Chris Farrell: i have a flip phone so it will not work

john doe: FYI the max. capacity of microSD card this phone takes is 4 GB.  Also, once the card is in there, a micro USB cable can be used to transfer songs/pics/vids back and forth.

nugirl2010: I tried downloading pic from the sd card but it didn't work- supposedly only 2 gb cards work in the lg800g .  Has anyone lese experienced this- the only way you can transfer pics is through the phone and it eats up your minutes.  (by design)  You get what you pay for.  (5 bucks)

Bintshovel: When I carry my phone in my pocket, the browser comes on and eats my minutes up. How can I disable the browser or remove it ???   Also how can I lock my phone but still have it turned on ?

daniel buie: I did everything you showed, I even formated the scandisk, the phone shows No Items. I can put the scandisk back in the computer and it will play music from the scandisk..Help!

Steve Cheng: what kind of sd card is that ?

WolfGoHard: Can you use a 8gb sd card

Anon5K: What kind of video file does it use? Have this but it won't play any videos except the one I took with the camera, and its too large a file to email myself to review file type. my music is all over the micro sd memory............not in a folder and it appears to repeat.

matt richards: i bought that same sd card and the adapter broke

MsShellMel: Hi ... I just got the LG 840g phone and have been banging my head trying to figure how to make my own custom mp3 as a ringtone. Do you by any chance have any idea how to on this model phone?? Any help is appreciated as my head is starting to hurt pretty bad! :O Thanks.

stacy rent: thx

Bintshovel: Thanks, I am all set now !

Diana Kirch: omg i have that same phone!!

jethro tull: yes 2 min for every miute your on it

Bintshovel: Please correct me; I thought if you turn bluetooth on, that you could download music and videos without any cables or hookups if using another bluetooth device ? If so, how ?

14abr14: Morpheus ...

LeNnoN76oMAtt: my flip fone uses 3o sec's per txt if that helps

LeNnoN76oMAtt: is their any other way 2 download music. Like usb or anything. What im trien 2 say is do u really have to get thas small card to download it?

Dan St. Fort: Can you use anything bigger then 4g?

THK: where can i download ringtones/music for free?
LG 800G: How to Download Music 5 out of 5

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Chris Farrell: i have a flip phone so it will not work
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LG 800G: How to Download Music