Daniel Defense RIS II

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ArmoredZimpa: would i be able to put the Omega X 12.0 on an mk18 and have a suppressor partial inside the front end hole

AR15alltheway: Back when I was thinking of this project I envisioned a streamlined version of a SCAR-l with an SRX except with parts commonality among ARs, a carbine with a full length rail system, carbine length gas system, adjustable gas block where the FSP area was and then a front BUIS on the rail system for a longer sight radius. definitely learned some things about it and now I'm getting a MR556 upper on a KAC E3 lower with a 10.4" nitrided barrel and proper gas block. kick ass SBR, I think yes! :)

TheSaxualHealer: The FSP rail is meant to use a front sight base, which is the gas block + integrated front sight. The Switchblock is a replacement gas block system, and really the only reason to own one if you have a suppressor and want to mitigate some of the accompanying issues. If you want a Switchblock, you don't want to buy a rail with a front sight base cutout, as you won't be using it and you'll just have an awkward hole on the top of your gun.

Tredoslop: Pardon my ignorance, but what is the purpose of having the FSP cut-out on the rail at the 12 o' clock position? I mean, why do some people put the iron sight on that position?

AR15alltheway: @ DanielDefense lets say I want to run a noveske switchblock with the M4A1 RIS II FSP will it fit? I know the other RIS II's are meant for the MK12 lopro gas block but I'm not wure if the FSP version is a different case. please answer, it would be a great help!

fijillian: Oh how I envy this guy and his job. Oh well I guess I can dream...

boxerleo: All of you fanboys that are saying that your LMT's or DPMS rifles are better, this commercial was for their Ris ii line of rails. The M4 Lav is shooting in this video is actually a Colt M4 with Ris ii FSP. I've got two complete DD rifles in addition to a MK18 factory built upper, I'd take DD quality and craftsmanship over a DPMS or an overpriced LMT any day.

MrRustytrombone: I can't afford it right now so im stucks with troys and arms and kac but as soon as I have the money I'm going to buy the best and give my money to you guys. absolutely fantastic.

MultiSr16: hey DD, wonderin if u check this but i have a question., i own a ris2 m4a1 version., i kno how the 203 attaches to the hangers in the front, but what secures it in the rear?? does it interface with the barrel nut?? whats holding it in the rear?? thx., love u guys workin with the LAV too., hes da MAN haha

Denis Catholicus Hungariae: I have steyr aug and i┬┤m satisfied

William Dunne: oh look another rail system but still no new service weapon thanks daniel def for at least making our guns less crapty

midnitegt: @superrhino100 You dont have to lie to kick it man.... thtas nice that you got you a DPMS... I remember when i was new with guns too. BTW, never seen any DPMS products in the USAF...

MultiSr16: @superrhino100 ALSO, you say DD has never been "issued", well niether has DPMS, i have no idea what ur even talkin about., ARE YOU sayin that DPMS slect fire rifles are being issued to soilders, thats BULLcrap, NO F_ING WAY< and to say that its the most popular in training cycles and crap is a lie, nobodys using crapty ass Panther even if they could., Mil Issue lowers and complete rifles are Colt or LMT, or FN, nothing else.PERIOD.,

MultiSr16: @superrhino100 bullcrap., since when do ANY military get to carry a privately owned rifle into combat., nobody's bringin along there DPMS with them i can guarantee that, im a OIF OEF vet as well., so i kno whats allowed, and that isnt., some contractors are allowed to bring there own rifle but thats it., and DPMS suck and are def not MIL-SPEC, theyre the low end of the AR market by far, this rail system and other products by DD are WAY more suitable for combat then any DPMS product,

xxthehuskycaboosexx: i know im going to sound like a little bitch, but i have the airsoft version of this rifle and its fantastic, when i hit 18 im going to pick my self up a RS DD RISII cant wait until i get my hands on this beast of a rifle only 2 more years.

101327: @superrhino100 Bullcrap. 2-3 dozen other brands do not manuafcture to a standard. Keep your BS civvie comment to yourself. Go shoot your DPMS.

enzo12ify1: @Vmole1 sweet, thanks.

loooodoooog: Blood is the new Black

enzo12ify1: how does a free-floating rail make a gun more accurate?

nxtgenairsofter: i have a 9.5 inch rail for my airsoft gun from socom gear its daniel defence licensed but wants i get a reall my im defently dropping one of these bad boys into it
Daniel Defense RIS II 5 out of 5

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Daniel Defense RIS II