Transition Xtractive Lens Review

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Transition Xtractive Lens Review
Transition Xtractive Lens Review
Essilor Transitions XTRActive Photochromic Lenses
Essilor Transitions XTRActive Photochromic Lenses
Transition XTRActive Test
Transition XTRActive Test
Transitions® VI vs Transitions® XTRActive. Compare These Lenses for Your New Eyeglass.
Transitions® VI vs Transitions® XTRActive. Compare These Lenses for Your New Eyeglass.
Costco Optical Review - Transitions Progressive Lenses in Wide Frame Glasses
Costco Optical Review - Transitions Progressive Lenses in Wide Frame Glasses

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RYRY DALEKILL: Make more videos. Thx.

OPTYK - MODNE OKULARY: Bardzo dobry produkt o wstępnym zabarwieniu. Soczewki fotochromowe, które również reagują w samochodzie do około 50%. Natomiast na zewnątrz prawie do 90%.

vloggerazzi: I just got my Xtractives. So far they are the best "all-in-one" Transitions lenses I have used to date. I have the Drivewear lenses but they are very limited because never go clear and I still had to carry my normal glasses with me if I go indoors.

It's important to note that the Xtractive lenses will not get totally clear indoors nor go as dark as regular sunglasses outdoors. If you are willing to accept these limitations that they are very useful for clear vision in different lighting environments.

I can now just wear these without carrying a second pair.

Raul Bertto: These are the lens recommended for driving right? the most dark lens available?
if they are what can you tell me about using it for an example, in front a monitor at night. They stay clear or dark?

erika quiroz: Your review was so helpful to me. I haven't had new glasses for many years and I am agonizing over choices because I know I won't have new glasses for many more. Thank you so much for this thorough review!! I know now what to do!!

Sherry Williams: Thanks for this video. I was wondering how long it took to activate/deactivate so this really helped.

ronnie pennell: Thanks so much for your video, it was extremely helpfull to me. I just purchased the Xtractive Tansistions today, my eyes are actually still dialated. LOL. I cant wait to get the glasses to see how they are. I pick them up in a week. The store tried talking me into Crizal but i shot them right down and went for the Xtractive Transistions. I got a good break. The Xtractive i purchaed today was only $125. And $49 for the frames, and only $40 for the lenses, so i think i did good. And the frames are Michael Jorden brand . LOL...

Shoji Takashima: Im thinking of getting some transitions, but im not 100% sure if I want to. MistaBoombastic said it costs 100$ per lens? as in both left and right for 200$ right? Is there anyway to test it to see if you like it or not? My eyes are pretty sensitive, but i can just get a pair of sunglasses. Lastly where should I buy them? I have frames and my prescription already.

Kir Jo: While deactivating, I noticed that one was darker than the other. Why did one lens deactivate faster than the other?

StarofNite06: I just left the eye place today. I have reg transitions now and they were never dark enough to me till it snowed. I suffer migraines. So daylight kills me some days. I wear clipons over mine. Today I ordered the new glasses with crizal still with the xtra active. Im hoping it works much better. Hoping it fixes my poor night vison too. Does the transitions xtra actuve affect that? im in the budget relm with u. My jobs ins brought $600 down to like 380 with ins bc last yr i had a deep mysterious scratch. Couldn't get it replaced or fixed. My taxes r shot but id rather see vs try n pimp my ride. Gotta adult sometimes :/

Rodger Peters: great review. thank u. i'm getting ready to invest in some new glasses and your review helped a lot. thumbs up.

tony dee: Grt

JUSTJEWETT: you cant get polarization with xactive

KaiserjiM23: I like transitions xtractive aswell.. I have chosen my dream glasses which can be found in Rx-safety.. Is the website Rx-safety legit?.

david northrop: I'm a truck driver and needed a pair sunglasses. anyway I bought a a pair of drive wear glasses that are designed for driving. I also have a pair of xtractive transition glasses. I tend to use my transitions more often when I'm driving then I do my drive wear glasses. I would highly recommend xtractive transitions .

Blackdragon79: I had mine for almost 2 weeks. Freaking awesome. I paid 140.00 for exam frames and lenses with a Groupon discount. They great when you're driving with a slight activation.

Pokonoinoi: Thank you.

Catch the Wave: Thanks man!
I didnt know about this, I wish my optometrist would have given me this option.

Thanks for the review.

copperhound1: Good review, answered all the questions I had about these lenses the website "" just glossed over, including what I would expect to pay. I can't afford a new pair every year, but I will Get these just because they will activate behind a windshield & under bright/overcast days. Thanks for a no B.S. perspective.

Keadil: This is a pretty good review.  I just ordered these lenses.  I really can't handle bright light well.  These will work out very well for me.  As for the tint indoors, it isn't even noticeable.  I can't imagine it will be a problem for me.
Transition Xtractive Lens Review 5 out of 5

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Transition Xtractive Lens Review