Transition Xtractive Lens Review

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Transition Xtractive Lens Review
Transition Xtractive Lens Review
Review of Frames Direct. Oakley Crosslinks. and Transitions XTRActive
Review of Frames Direct. Oakley Crosslinks. and Transitions XTRActive
XTRACTIVE® vs Transition 7 Behind the windscreen test
XTRACTIVE® vs Transition 7 Behind the windscreen test
Transitions XTRActive lenses
Transitions XTRActive lenses
Transitions XTRActive Lenses
Transitions XTRActive Lenses

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Abdalla Nayer: Thank you very much for the excellent review and your time, i have a question if u can help with this will be great, how does the xtractive lenses preform inside a car do they get dark or not ?

ghostshadow189: where can I buy this?

Firemedic70: awesome I think I might try the xtra active next time was also thinking of trying the brown

Firemedic70: Is that the brown tint

Alexis Mendoza: Hey, congrats. Great video!

I was wondering if the xtractive lenses get dark while your watching tv or on the theater? because it would be really annoying if they did. :(

Michael Baxes: thank you for this video. It was informative, however, I feel that you left a very important part out.....these are supposed to also darken when behind the wheel of a car. Although not as much, but I was hoping to see a demonstration of how dark they get when driving.

Mel I: Excellent review. Excited to receive mines.

Rajeev Sehrawat: Hey in a previous comment that you are now using Transitions vantage. Did you stop using the xtaactive or is vantage the same thing? Are there any better transitions available now with the 7th gen transitions supposedly being in the market?

Jose Gonzales: How are the lenses now after a few years? I hear they turn yellow after a few years

trevize romanov: thanks for post this

Chris Kulak: Anthony this is a great review. Great meaning well done. The explanation is clear and helpful. It is also Shaded and helpful. I will look at other reviews on line but I wanted to take the time to thank you for taking your time to help others.

Dave Hughes: Very well presented and informative review.

ippoboy88: Thank you! This review was very helpful, I'm gonna get mine next week. I usually ride my bicycle during the evening, this is the only thing that worries me about these lenses. Does the residual tint bother you when you are outdoors at night time?

Julieta Gonzalez: i justt got mine today and they dont turn that dark😭

rye blk: Do they work still after the years you had them?? Thanks

RYRY DALEKILL: Make more videos. Thx.

OPTYK - MODNE OKULARY: Bardzo dobry produkt o wstępnym zabarwieniu. Soczewki fotochromowe, które również reagują w samochodzie do około 50%. Natomiast na zewnątrz prawie do 90%.

ya noya: Thank you for complete really helpfull demonstration. Do some of you have an idea which type of Transitions lenses are more expensive? Xtractive or 'Signature'? I do not need dioptres, rather glasses against too much light (and this much changes), opticians I've consulted did not mention the differences, even if they knew I would not need the lenses fully clear inside - more likely, still functioning when behind window. They just focused on how quickly the lenses adjust.
It would be nice if polarisation is integrated. Otherwise, classic polarisation glasses seems too dark, often cat.2.would be enough for me (not always).

vloggerazzi: I just got my Xtractives. So far they are the best "all-in-one" Transitions lenses I have used to date. I have the Drivewear lenses but they are very limited because never go clear and I still had to carry my normal glasses with me if I go indoors.

It's important to note that the Xtractive lenses will not get totally clear indoors nor go as dark as regular sunglasses outdoors. If you are willing to accept these limitations that they are very useful for clear vision in different lighting environments.

I can now just wear these without carrying a second pair.
Transition Xtractive Lens Review 5 out of 5

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Transition Xtractive Lens Review