Transition Xtractive Lens Review

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Transition Xtractive Lens Review
Transition Xtractive Lens Review
Introducing Transitions XTRActive lenses
Introducing Transitions XTRActive lenses
Transitions® VI vs Transitions® XTRActive. Compare These Lenses for Your New Eyeglass.
Transitions® VI vs Transitions® XTRActive. Compare These Lenses for Your New Eyeglass.
Transitions XTRActive
Transitions XTRActive
Costco Optical Review - Transitions Progressive Lenses in Wide Frame Glasses
Costco Optical Review - Transitions Progressive Lenses in Wide Frame Glasses
Transitions Lenses Glasses...  Transition being the inoperative word.
Transitions Lenses Glasses... Transition being the inoperative word.
Transition Lenses (Realtime Test) HD
Transition Lenses (Realtime Test) HD
Protecting Your Eyes with Transition Lenses
Protecting Your Eyes with Transition Lenses
transition lens transitioning
transition lens transitioning
Photochromic lenses: Adnuo® FluxLD vs. Transitions® VI. Sunglass Lenses For Your Eyewear.
Photochromic lenses: Adnuo® FluxLD vs. Transitions® VI. Sunglass Lenses For Your Eyewear.
How to Pick Sunglasses : Transition Lens Sunglasses
How to Pick Sunglasses : Transition Lens Sunglasses
Transitions Lenses - Are They Right For You?
Transitions Lenses - Are They Right For You?
DriveWear Lenses   Transitions Lenses for Driving
DriveWear Lenses Transitions Lenses for Driving
Rudy Project Photochromic Lens demo
Rudy Project Photochromic Lens demo

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Trevor Philips: Not to be mean, but I can't help but notice that the right lens (your left) is bent higher than the other.

Joshua Lewis: Any idea on a DIY method for removing cloud scratches from Transitions lenses?

Tester2244: Nice reviews thanks man!

denz dahari:

Dunc P: finally a frank and real life demonstrative review. It's good to see how clear they are in a room with decent light.

Iinspired Mantic: Great review, thank you :) 

Dorry Rice: Thanks, this was very helpful.

Ben Perez: hey man i need to get new lenses , i was wondering if health insurance covers a portion of the frame/ lenses. i know i cant get the eye exam covered but was wondering about the glass set up, i am also in so California and need a good pair of shades for my eyes.

Lucifer Wright: UGLY MOFO!!!

David Carter: Great review. With my eye insurance plan, my frames and lenses came up to $280 because my bad astigmatism. I like my Transitions lenses so far. I just wonder how they are going to be doing the summer. Without my insurance my glasses would cost about almost $800.

spectech73: Transitions absolutely comes in standard plastic and without anti glare. All lenses are scratch resistant, not scratch proof.

Vina Lewis: good louder please...very thorough thank you

Sebas R: 02:14, 03:32, 05:00

desire68: Your review definitely helped me to make an informed decision about the Xtractive lenses and i have now been enjoying them for the past 6wks. I love every aspect of the lenses but the selling point for me was the fact that they change"moderately" behind the windscreen not too dark so if i go into a tunnel on a bright day i can still see. I'm getting them in a pair of Oakley crosslinks in the new year and i cant wait. Cheers again. Mike 

Michelle Wardlow: Thank you for your great review on the transitions extra-active lenses. Last year I wanted to get them, but the gal selling the glasses wasn't really informed about them, so she talked me out of buying them. She told me they would be really tinted indoors, but after seeing your glasses indoors I can barely see a tint. My eye appointment is next month and I am going to go for them due to your input. I want my glasses to darken while in the car and the extra-active will do this for me.

Avirup Benjamin: whats the sound at 8:15 ??

xyzd: Great review - thx!!!

Carlos Melendez: This video is cool! Good and thorough review...I, myself own a pair of Xtraactive lenses. I can see you also have an AR coating on your lenses which, when combined with the Transitions lenses give the best visual acuity...I sell eye wear, i know.

Stronger2k9: Gbu buddy!!...gracias!!.

LuCcKySh0T: what color gray or brown?

Beatbyawhiteboy: Anyone else think they look clear indoors and no tint like it's suppose to have?

RedRoad1967: Your the man! Thanks! Will get.

MistaMistaBoombastic: Not clear on what you mean by standard but for the regular Transitions it was around $45 per lens. Then the Xtractive were $100 per lens. Based on what some of the other viewers have commented it seems to vary from place to place.

MistaMistaBoombastic: Thanks for watching and commenting, I really appreciate the feedback.

apollonas: Is that for normal Transitions or all of them? I live in a colder climate (NE Ohio) and I was debating getting Transitions.

MistaMistaBoombastic: Glad I could help.

Max Hook: This was great man. I am actually getting my photochromic lenses and new pair of glasses tomorrow. I wanted to make sure I had not made a mistake cause i spent like 500 bucks cause i got ray bans + these lenses. I feel like you made my day for not being a waste of money. Even though I know it only takes 30 bucks to make ray bans. LMAO

sgarduno: Thank you for your comments!

InsaneBassNinja: sure they can just get the Chip ons. least that is what I did. I use them when I drive in the car those.

MistaMistaBoombastic: Oh nice, I didn't know about the Vantage series when I made this. Thanks for the heads up.

Krodino POOPS: AVOID THEM! It seems like you are always wearing sunglasses, even in cloudy days! You won't enjoy the colours around you anymore using them. I had to change my glasses after trying these lenses. Just 2 days later. Bad experience.

jhfdrdx: Your review helped me to choose these lenses. Thank you, I am loving them so far.

MistaMistaBoombastic: I feel that is over priced. Mine were 100 for each lens and while that is justifiable $300 is too much. Call around to different stores next time to find the best deal.

KKL63: Thanks for the great review and demonstration!

Voivod 1966: No idea. I ended up getting these at no cost due to some errors during my first visit.

Stephen Rauscher: Looks like you got up saled. Transitions can be made in just regular plastic. Also, with polycarbonate material, they are made with a scratch coat. You should not have to pay for a "scratch coat" in a material its included in (Im an Optician)

MistaMistaBoombastic: Thanks for the comment, and you should be satisfied 100% with your new glasses.

Walter Wilkins: Bitter cold activates my Transitions, which makes some outdoor night activities problematic.

MistaMistaBoombastic: At night they reduce the glare from all lights almost 100%. I would also maybe check with another glasses store to see about the polarization. They were trying to sell it pretty hard to me when I was there. I would recommend getting the Xtractive if you are outside a lot. Plus they activate and deactivate much faster then the regular transitions lenses, and it is much more noticeable. Even if I lived somewhere else I would get the Xtractive because they seem better overall then the regular ones.

Ellen Meherin: I'm surprised the Xtra's look so clear indoors.

Markus Ritter: Thank you so much for your help! I am trying to decide between the regular transitions and the extra transitions. I will be spending 6 weeks in Florida this winter, but live in Wisconsin the rest of the year, so your review was a great help because it was so thorough. Thanks again.

Ryan Kimber: good info. Thank you. funny point of fact that I found after buying polarized lenses; There are a surprising number of screens that you wont be able to see while wearing polarized lenses (some watches, tablets, computer screens, and instrument gauges) .... just kinda a pain to work around it....

MistaMistaBoombastic: There are comfortable and dark. It's just as if you were wearing regular sunglasses. Even with the glaring sun of summer I haven't had any issues at all.

Ewan Burns: brilliant ...thanks very much ...its been really hard to get an idea what they look like inside.

MistaMistaBoombastic: My pleasure! Really glad I could help you out.

ka7la2: the shop that I got them from charged me 300 just for the lenses :(

InsaneBassNinja: no worrys about it now I have Etractive but they don't do real well in the car those. If your outside working like what I do yea they do the job really well.

Nightbird: you have the regular Transition or the Xtractive? And were you warned about this before you purchased? If you were not warned about this in paper you should legally be able to get a refund. Please let me know. =)

robert oberfield: excellent review. I have worn Transitions for a number of years. Just got a pair of XTRActive. They seem to get darker faster and a little tint inside..

MistaMistaBoombastic: Hi, thanks for watching. What I had been told online and at the Optometrist was that they would activate to about 50% in the car. Mine barely activate though. Most all windows in vehicles block UV light, and if your windows are tinted they block it even more. Even when I have been in cars with no tint the most they activate is MAYBE 25%. Howerver, it is not uncomfertable to ride with them. Since I have had mine i do not have any problems with glare.
Transition Xtractive Lens Review 4.8 out of 5

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Transition Xtractive Lens Review