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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Dante199006: Split screen sucks on RE6.
jaymez1994: Was that really worth $600 to you?´╗┐
glamorousgal09: I'm so excited. I'm asking for a mia from Santa Claus (: Yay!!!
Northernsharpshooter: @mangaas it is a bit tricky you push down and out by the camera pushing out towards the bottom of the phone but i find giving it as little pressure as possible helped
CushionOfWealth: 4:58 Whoever told you to do that to your eye brows, was not being nice. Leave your eyebrows alone.´╗┐
SmokingSuns: I'm horny for the i8
Justmyopinionlol: rock and hand=oldest missile´╗┐

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