Changing The Gear Oil On A Chinese 50cc Scooter

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Changing the Gear Oil on a Chinese 50cc Scooter
Changing the Gear Oil on a Chinese 50cc Scooter
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Mirek Bieniak: I may be right or wrong, but an oil container seems to be equipped with dispenser(the tip). I think just cutting off the very top of the tip and squeezing the bottle should work just fine. Well, maybe not,  while dealing with Chinese scooter lol!

Jesse Schmidt: Filmed with a brand new nokia flip phone

Daniel Robertson: Thank you! My scooter manual looks like it's been through the photocopies about 50 times and the picture is different from my scooter. The scooter in your video is just like min. This video saved me!

Mark Shepherd: Thanks v much i see now what to and where to fill the gear oil. And thanks to YouTube its the best thing invented since sliced bread lol

Stephen Knox: so how much do i put in dangit

TGCid20: Shot with a potato,and still clearer and more concise than the instructions...

the 13th (apostle): Thanks so much. I was wondering why it seemed as though my scooter wasn't changing gears properly . I didn't even know about tranny oil on a scooter much less how to change it. You just saved me money. Thanks you again. Feel free to put out any other tips.

RII ISLAND: Thank You So Much I finally know what to buy, how to change , and where to look! Thanks too im so soo happy now -- i have a peace sports scooter with Great Speed just like yours same size and shape :^)

John Speed: Love you and mean it. Thank you for your help. I have the same bike. I changed the oil, that went ok, but gear oil. Seamed to look easy but I was not sure how to fill the gear oil. You have been a big help. I love a girl who knows how to fix and use tools. You are awesome. Thank you again. I have one question to ask you, if I need more help fixing my bike, I would love to ask you again, if you dont mind. Thank you again. Your new friend.

Bulgdoom: Wow, I hadn't seen such a low resolution video before. I can actually count the pixels.

Christopher Spohr: I'll be doing this in a few days!!
Will fix my squeaking on take off..

Erskine Nesmith: Thanks for this video now i saved 75 bucks rather than getting it serviced.

Walter Chase: lol love your security sign.

DJ Nomad: Thanks for the info. I'm about to change mine and you made it easy to find everything. 

AlltooSerrious: looks like you did the recording with your toaster oven... but thanks for the vid man it helped

JitterBob: I just bought a 50cc 2 stroke Roketa and I can't figure out where the oil goes. I feel like an idiot. Is there 2 kinds of oil I need? I only bought 2 cylinder multi-purpose oil but I'm afraid to put it in because I don't know where it goes. lol

My scooter doesn't appear to have those nut sealers. It just has a plastic twist off cap with a warning next to it about "gear oil" I had no idea I needed "gear oil". So far I haven't been able to find a single person who can help me identify what goes where on my bike so it's just sitting there brand new and I can't use it yet.

A Chaivo: I like your video but just a tip, and a big one. Its not a good idea to start a bolt with socket and a ratchet. You want to start a bolt by hand. The reason being if you begin to cross the thread you'll feel it with your fingers. You have way too much torgue with a wrench, easy to mangle the threads...then you're SOL

Beau Jones: This video sucks balls

dfcronk: also my manual says 25oz of oil

dfcronk: thanks. (for those wondering my manual for my tomos notro 50 says to use 85W-140)
Changing the Gear Oil on a Chinese 50cc Scooter 5 out of 5

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John Schossow: Is there one of these video for the ball and ramp style, I just installed one with on instructions and I did something wrong,  I can not pull the clutch lever , it gets increasingly harder as rpm go up to the point where I cant move it. I cant shift less I just forgo using the clutch am just jam it. Just putting around it seem ok but the lever still feels ruff binds up chunk feeling.  could this be caused buy having a to big shim. wrong fluid ( buy the way I have the wet type clutch)
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Changing the Gear Oil on a Chinese 50cc Scooter