Trident Clone Vs. Trident RDA By Grand Vapor

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jonnyfly69: I like your clone videos as it tell what clone to buy and what to look for in label .you say you were a manufacture, what products?

djconeXO: Love yur vids but all have terrible camera angles, from that close any device will look like its chuckn clouds, your to close, and itll be easier to judge if u atleast scoot to the corner or somethinginstead of blowing smoke at a small lens from cose range.

Chris Mason: To be honest if I owned the clone and was more than happy with its performance I'd be very hesitant to spent 4 times as much to purchase the real deal when I could spend the money on possibly trying 4 more clones for the price of one real deal. That being said I don't own nor have I ever owned a clone, I'm interested in buying one am trying one out.
On the opposite side I think if I owned the real deal and broke it or lost it or even just to compare if I owned the real one I'd be interested in trying the clone because if you loved the real deal what do you have to lose in buying a clone at 1/4 of the price or less. Other than not liking it but at least your only out 24$ instead of 110$ for example.

purpl3 kiwi: nigga

Sub-Zero: I'm literally fed up with this vaping. Especially with RDAs. a Trident clone in particular. I've lost 2 of these screws and I'm basically freaked! Trident is a freaking piece of crap. it's inconvenient as freak. I'm going to the hardware store to find replacements. and if I can't find any. I'm going back to smoking pipe tobacco.

Nuno Tavares: Hi Rip, does this Beast fits on iStick 30 watts?
I want to order one!

Sub-Zero: I heard you can put tobacco and gel in this RDA. Is it true. and how?

Mr Sky: I was at the VapeShop a week ago and i had a choice of getting the authentic Trident or a clone. I grabbed my phone and watched this video (Thank you sooo much for making it) i ended up walking out of the shop with Trident clone a Plume Veil one Caravela Mech mod clone 2x VTC4 Sony batteries 10m of kanthal a bag of organic cotton and 4x 15ml premium e-Juice for the same amount of money that the authentic Trident costs. and next time i will be there who knows what you can buy for 100+ $. I think you got the point. I do think that companie should get their recognition for making Trident but ffs 100$ for an RDA is too much.

TheBay'sFinest: I'm new to this, can the trident clone be used with a cherry bomber box mod?

Shawn Hoefer: I own mostly clones. I am not happy about that.

With clones I can purchase more and more frequently. With authentics, I have to scrimp and save.

With clones, if it gets damaged, I'm out a couple bucks. With authentics, I'm out hundreds.

So with all that why am I not happy about owning clones?

For some of these mods, it takes A LOT of skill and time to design and implement a device. I'm sure that most of these have several iterations before they're sold and that is time and materials that the designer / artist (yeah, it's art) will never see again. Clone makers hook up a duplicating lathe and walk away (yeah, I know it's more than that, but the hard, time consuming part - the design and testing - is already done).

drew beisly: I use a mutation x v2 clone I bought for $19 and I love it. The only complaint I have is that the o-rings aren't as snug as the authentic. Other than that it's amazing and the only way I would buy the real thing is if the clone starts to rust

Benjamin Kosto: You seem to be one of the most experienced Vapers out there so if you say they are nearly identical in vapor production, flavor, & setup then why wouldn't one buy the clone instead of the ridiculously expensive real thing? I'm trying to figure out why the f*** that thing is so expensive! There's about maybe $1 of metal there(depending on what type) + labor. I'd pay no more than $25 for something like that which is why I would never ever buy the real thing if the clone is 1/5th the price and works just as good! I love my simple $15 dollar RDAs that work incredibly well. And you are right, if it's a clone then it SHOULDN'T have the real brands name on it. 

Jacob Jones: @minor0confusion someone is salty...1 question, what put it in your mind that this video was a review? he was helping someone buy a product

JacksonColeRivers: To be honest Rip, I bought the clone 6 months ago before seeing your video. I must say that I am extremely impressed with this product for the price.Unfortunately, the ground post on one side split and I was reduced to a single coil builds. It still performed very well until the positive post split down the middle. I enjoyed the clone device to the extent of buying a replacement. Thank you for your comparison.

minor0confusion: "looks like 303, looks like 304" or maybe one was polished a lil better and there both just cheapo ss.... guessing isnt a review.. its an opinion.

Reza Kantosa: as long as the clone safe,why would i have to buy the real one

Scott Hanson: I enjoy these reviews a lot more then the obnoxious RIP that you now see in the newer videos and uploads. You talk slower and explain things better. No of the "Hits harder then a whole on a corners on a blah blah blah" crap. Sorry to say, but if the newer reviews have better entertainment for more viewers, but these reviews are what got me watching your videos in the first place. Weather you still read these comments or not, just my 2 cents. 

Also, you should bring back more videos of the Clones vs Authentics. It really gives a lot of great into to the vape community to those who cannot afford a 100+ RDA

darran fallas: I own both the genuine and clone of this and i have got to say performance with they both hit hard and have great flavour.
However it comes down to build quality and the clone just doesent cut it for me.
The pillar screws on the deck of the clone are not good, been a flat head screwdriver tightening you need good screws and the clone screws are not.
They have worn down so much it has gone to rda heaven unfortunately but it as after 3 odd months and a good few coil and set up changes.
I got the clone first and loved it so much i bought the real deal.
Clones are a good way to save money and let you make up your mind whats best for you personally.
Whats right with you may not be for somone else.
My take is find a combination of a mod and rda that you like anf suits your vaping experience.
Vape on and enjoy ;)

Michael Akermann: I bought the Trident V2 clone from Vape Royalty a few months back - just came across this video (looking over quite a few of your vids...the best there is on RDA) and thank goodness I did not purchase the authentic one because the answer is definitely "no"...if a person does their research, watch videos like this, clones are for the most part just as good as the real deal (I do own an authentic Vulcan (from Vapor Kings), but I usually just purchase clones) and clones are usually one quarter the price...........that being said, thanks much for the information, for it reinforced my belief that the Trident clone (HCigar V2) was an awesome RDA especially for flavor if built right (on this RDA I always go with a dual build)

Cameron Scott: No I wouldn't waste my money on the real deal if the clone did just as good of a job. More money for juices and batteries! Haha
Trident Clone vs. Trident RDA by Grand Vapor 5 out of 5

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That Random Kid: man i love your channel, especially the harry potter and home alone reviews. Keep up the good work bro
jonnyfly69: I like your clone videos as it tell what clone to buy and what to look for in label .you say you were a manufacture, what products?
1965nterp: the battery on my indicator died, what i do now is use the calendar event reminder on my cell phone its set to go off in 2 months so if it goes off and im near i store i will purchase one
ImSoPeeved: It's fun laughing at Faux isn't it? I often watch just for comedic relief.
vinygee: This is a nice cab I'm getting at the tail end of mine, need to knoy your thoughts on those LED buttons do they seem durable?
Lauryn Mills: Love this! So helpful and beautifully filmed!
fnaf gaming: sml:FreddyFazbear

Trident Clone vs. Trident RDA by Grand Vapor