Trident Clone Vs. Trident RDA By Grand Vapor

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Trident Clone vs. Trident RDA by Grand Vapor
Trident Clone vs. Trident RDA by Grand Vapor
Trident RDA By Grand Vapor
Trident RDA By Grand Vapor
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Review: Trident RDA by Grand Vapor
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Trident Clone VS Grand Vapor Trident
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Phu Kew II: What am I missing? What's the purpose of producing all that vapor? It's certainly not to be inhaled, your lungs don't have the capacity. Sucking vapor like I see on these videos I would think would just make one dizzy. More and more these videos are nothing no more than big pickle comparisons. If you want clouds of vapor why not get fog machine. 

Kenneth Murphy: I have the Trident clone, paid $22 for it about two months ago. It fits my iTaste MVP2 and the damn thing works great! Would I buy the real one for $110? If I could afford it, yea...why not? However, I can't which is why I have the clone.

7247tank7247: Hay Ripp do you think that the clones are just the rejects from the same factory?

GoldSlidePark: Do an atomic RDA vs a really good atomic clone please?

Dillan Addington: I don't know how i ended up at this video, what the heck is that thing? Is it for smoking or some weird medical crap???

Steven Machado: Clone or real the slots on my posts are every which way and its driving me nuts

blow1906: Are you using Singlecoil or dualcoil in this Video?

necrom21221: Cant afford the real thing. Always buy clones cause it works just about the same or even better.

Sentimental Void: what happened to this version of rip? This was the notch that was good, and real. His new videos are so superficial and fake.

huhhman: I have a V1, V2 and a V2 clone and you can absolutely not tell the difference in the vape. I use the original more though just because.

tigerfanman: its funny how people act like its so hard to make clones of this.. its just simple metal work.. as if impossible to replicate the real ones

Xtal0: I would buy the real thing after I got a clone, but I'm kinda OCD about having the best thing possible when it comes to things I am passionate about. I honestly would buy the real thing even if it was worse than a clone, simply because there is a certain warm fuzzy feeling over having a high end product that goes beyond the way something performs. That said, I just bought an Atomic on Ebay for $85.00, made clear in the listing that it is authentic, and after having it for a few days, I have been searching desperately for some way to confirm if it is indeed real, as there are no serial numbers or things like that on the Atomic. So far I've seen nothing that tells me it is a clone, and it matches everything when I study photos/video of the real thing, but there is still that voice telling me to buy another one from a legit vendor, and then compare. So yea, I'm a bit OCD about name brand crap.

freifallspoiler: To anskwer your question: If I am happy with the clone, I'd be happy. I would not buy a mostly identical more expensive device after I have bought a good clone. Things change if the clone sucks in quality, usage or vape.

KayVintage: It has always astounded me that the vaping community is relatively supportive of using clone components. If this occurred in basically any other hobby (ie hookah since that's my other hobby), there would be a huge outrage, avoidance of fakes and even lawsuits. It's just strange that clones or FAKES are so accepted. But that doesnt change anything for me, i'll still be buying clone components lol.

Michael Mendez: Will it fit vamo v5?

badkungfu: Did the clone fit on the Kamry 100?

Brandon F: Have the clones started putting the logo the device?

Troy Riggins: Where i bought my trident (hutch vapor) they said it was a clone, but it has a grand vapor logo and a serial number???? whats up with that?

George McCormick: Will this particular clone fit onto my genuine ProVari Variable Voltage V2.5 (Satin Silver) ??

badkungfu: Sorry one more "fit" question... Did the clone fit on the "Magneto"?

Brett Mathe: The reason why clones are so inexpensive is because you aren't paying for the R&D. The problem with buying clones is that you aren't supporting the R&D that goes into producing these mods. The cost of the materials is far less than the cost of the research and development that goes into it. If you buy clones you are stifling the innovation of these companies that are making these great products. That being said I do believe that the original manufacturers should reduce the price of their products to make it a more reasonable purchase for a majority of us.

goldark3: I wouldnt buy the real one if i where impressed with the clone why ?I like to save and have quality vaping with minimal investement

Di Grey: Currently my salary is not very high. So I am buying clones. BUT. Im only at start of my carreer (also studying as student) and in future it is possible I will move on to originals only.

Kyle Elbaz: I bought a trident and wish I could return it! Getting the base off is a ridiculous process that usually involves a screwdriver. Whoever made these things sucks, they made the part you remove the most ridiculous. I was excited to start sub ohming but this just turns me off. 

WhiteBoyVideos100: I lost one of the nuts for the post on mine does anyone know where I get a replacement I've been looking everywhere can't find them anywhere I have an authentic trident just like the one in the video

Noah Yolles: For the Trident V2 clone, which brand is better, EhPro or Tobeco?

Nicholas Ang: Is the 2mm hole in the clone a single or dual airhole option?

Mike Rauch: Hey Rip. Figured out the problem with the trident not fitting on the sentinel. I was having the same problem until I used a screwdriver to push the pin down on the sentinel clone. Now it fits like a charm.

Khai Bui: lol what kinda question is that ? cheaper with the same performance hek why not ?

Mark Ruslinzski: Hi Rip, if I got the clone and it worked good for me, I would just probably get another back up clone and not the original, but that's just me, I have the fatty original Atty and I have the Igor s and to be honest I like the Igor s better and they are both about the same in size, I also have the ato-miser but u love that one, I just had to modify the air hole, clones are good when you don't have much money

koehler45: FUGAZY haha hell yea

edmundo oliver: yes for my collection

TD Vapes: I got the clone from a local vape shop and man does it suck. It worked great for the first week and the negative post started to spin. Causing crapty connection. Well long story short you not saving yourself by getting a clone. your just wasting you money trust me I know. I'll be saving up my money for the real thing. Stay away from the clones. 

The Triim: First was the clone ??

tim morris: great video, what really fascinates is your coils and use of cotton, I'll look for that in your other videos. I'm in the phils now can you believe I can't find vapor product. this should be the land of vap. 

Christian Clark: first seemed better.

Sawier: got my clone for 12 bucks, works an looks awesome, and mine looks more like your original in this video, even has logo

Lane Horne: If I'm happy with a clone, I believe I'd buy the real deal if anything happened to the clone. I say that because it's seems like sometimes the clones aren't as sturdy as the original and are more prone to wear and tear. So yes, I'd buy the real thing if I was satisfied with the clone, but I'd wait until the clone was worn out first.

MrSayef: The only time I buy the real thing is when I think something is worth collecting

Frank Hansen: Hay Rip I would definitely buy the real thing I prefer having the original, nothing against clons it's just a quark with me.

Mike Holmes: I have the clone. No need for me to buy the real thing. Sorry grand vapor.

Solid Vape Reviews: Im all about the real thing. My Noble 1 is the real one and my friend got the hybrid elite which is nearly identical...both hit the same, both work great, both are easy to build on but the craftsmanship of my real Noble 1 and his clone is the real difference. Lately though I have be buying clones for the shear fact that they dont cost $250-$300 bucks but with that said you also get what you pay for as far as construct/build quality. Great vids man, awesome tutorials and thanks for giving time into the community. 

David Nemeth: well my question here is knowing the market we live in. PPL want quality and a good price. now with all the clones and some are EXCELLENT remakes why the hell cant the originators put there products at a more competitive price. china seems to do it very well and they are taking the market share from the creators. walmart showed us volume sales at lower prices still brings HUGE profits. thank you tripper for showing us both sides clone and originals love em or hate em they are both here. and i still love the debate over my russian 91%

Vance Bergersen: No if I was happy with the $23 clone I would not spend $110 for the same exact vape. Thanks for the videos rip. Absolutely love your channel.

xandermac: Watching someone vape for 5 minutes is like watching paint dry, thankfully it got better. 

mboomer88: I just got my trident yesterday. I put the same build in it and in my igo w. Both dual coil builds 8 wraps 28 g and honestly they hit the same (I drilled out 5/64th size holes in the igo w). The trident does not hit harder. 

MisterBallzley: loll, 8:50

Sour Shin: I can't bring myself to buy the real thing when the clones work just as well at a fraction of the cost. Especially when I want to try so many rbas, rdas, tanks, and mods. Just can't do it. It's not like they keep their value and be sold like cars or something 

GLIveeDUB: I am willing to pay more money for the real thing. Its going to last longer and grand vapor has probably changed the 510 connection to be compatible with more devices. I'm actually going to purchase the real Trident soon, and Im interested in how long it will last. I imagine it will last for years with no problems.

Vamire6666: screws isn't ss but brass..any solution?
Trident Clone vs. Trident RDA by Grand Vapor 4.8 out of 5

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Trident Clone vs. Trident RDA by Grand Vapor