DIY Gravity Feed Rocket Stove - Burning Wood Pellets (sawdust Granules)

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DIY gravity feed rocket stove - burning wood pellets (sawdust granules)
DIY gravity feed rocket stove - burning wood pellets (sawdust granules)
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DIY biomass burning rocket stove - gravity feed
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joash480: does it last and burn better than ordinary wood sticks?

peterinbrat: You need a secondary air intake or it's not really a rocket stove.  The idea is that you are getting better pyrolysis with the higher heat AND a secondary combustion.  That's why with the L burner, you are suppose to have a plate below the fuel feed so air is sucked into the burn chamber.   Lot's of designs out there for rocket stoves that are not really understanding the concept.  If you overload it, it should be flaring out through your fuel input.

Try feeding a two inch high temp hose in through your fuel feed.

K. DeMartel: I own a pellet wood stove, black smoke is not enough air flow, opening the damper a wee bit solves the problem.  I also noticed on mild days that there is less air flow coming in even if the damper is untouched, cold days no black smoke build up on the window of the stove. 

Murray Milburn: more air yes, longer chimney

TrueBlogge777: This works very well the burn is at the base of the chamber, not wasting fuel, and burning wood pellets efficiently, in a controlled way, the air looks about right if you
added more it would burn to hot and you could not cook on it very easy, wood pellets do smoke a little anyway.

Joseph Busch: if there is too much smoke you need more air

glenn connell: I would have thought the fuel needs to burn before the vertical stack so that the fire can mix with the fumes when it hits the combustion chamber before rising vertically, hence the need for a horizontal filler tube

Marc-antoine Droguet: Bravo

Joseph Nixon: I believe a longer flue would create conditions for fuller combustion, eliminating touch of the smoke. I am playing with this myself. Full combustion is important for me because I plan to be using pellets already used once in the cat's litter box!

Avery Milieu: I have lived with pellet stoves as primary heat source.  To increase the burn and heat from smaller pellet loads, you need to increase the air flow to the burn chamber.  I shall watch the subsequent vids to see how you handle the problem.

D eez: Try wood chips. Is cheaper fuel. Also secondary burner air holes near top would reduce smoke to almost no smoke. Thanks 4 posting vid. I like the square feed tube look over easy to source round pipe.

exclamation3mark: need this with 50 litre water heating capacity for bath added manually by buckets

exclamation3mark: great piece of kit

lebammabel: Air enters space between both chimneys at the level of burning chamber and while travels up to holes gets some preheat.

Bristol Rocket Co.: This means the air is not heated up before is injected into the chimney?

lebammabel: If you mean side holes which appeared in stove update - I inserted tubes which connects outer stove body with chimney. And some air goes through additional air intake beneath fuel feed tube (square one).

Bristol Rocket Co.: So the air is passing through the insulation in order to reach the holes you made into the chimney? Is this true?

lebammabel: Yes I used something similar to vermiculite which translates as slag or dross. I mixed it with heat resistant or stove clay. I must say that it is not best choice for portable stove but at that time I did not find anything better. It appeared to be too heavy and stays hot long time after burning. Good choice for heater. Next time will try something like stone wool.
DIY gravity feed rocket stove - burning wood pellets (sawdust granules) 5 out of 5

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Seth Goetz: I have been shooting the two blade swhacker...have had great success with it. no deer lost at all. the only thing I could see being a downfall of the three blade is too much friction with three blades instead of two causing less penetration...also the blades look smaller and in this case more frail than anything compared to the stiff durable two blades. but I would definately like to take a look at the three blade and give it a try sometime. swhackers are absolutely great!
saurabh agarwal: thank you sir
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ben brick king: Great kit!
rob Gavin: Why did you have to keep pulling the line?
MonWeed: Thanks for review was helpful
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DIY gravity feed rocket stove - burning wood pellets (sawdust granules)