How To Use A G5 Vaporizer Pen

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Sungodv: J?  You mean G

Micheal gyspie: Buy now!!! Lowest price

kate baker: A metal screen should be used above the heating coil to prevent your mixture touching the coil and combusting. You need to 'dome' it and press it into the chamber, your mixture sits on top of this screen. They are easy to find and really cheap. This cures the issue with burning with the Ago.

Pier 420: I would check if you want the real original

nursetequila: Per the instructions say only use dry herbs, no wax or liquids, btw where can I buy the wax

BUDDAz1g: im having the same issue did you find a fix?

muzz brudr: ceramic screen? I just made my own screen cutting it out from a $1 micro grater lol does the trick and doesnt burnout like those cheap bong filter screen packs..

jpavlekovich: well .that's crap they should include this if in fact its needed ,

jpavlekovich: Just recvd mine . Plugged in to charge and green light is on ,charged 3 hours anyway, tried but it wont light up the led screen nor work at all ,,put back on charger looks charged and green light is lit REALLY PISSED

Donald Boyd: I have been using E-cigs for 2 years and I finally found good quality USA made Electronic Cigarette, Tank System and Premium E-liquids at ECIGARKIT . com Best Starter Kits you will ever found at ECIGARKIT . com Check out their Promotions. How does the color strategize the hanging hate? Why does the structure contact the axiomatic hour? The ice qualifys the direction.

roscomc63: Thanks man I was about to return it cause nowhere in my manual did it say 5 clicks to turn it on. now to try it out. Later

red7037: Michael have you found anything further from the manufacturer. I just received mine and now I am afraid to use it.

Michael Ray: Turns out it's a known problem with the manufacturer. . .putting the herb directly up against the heating coil shortly burns out the ignitor. Now, there's a little ceramic screen you can buy and insert and it should make the pen last. I'll let you know what the vendor says and whether they back up their product or not.

B3astL33: I have the exact same vapor pen but mine does not work at all. First few times i used it i actually exhaled vapor but now i dont exhale anything and i dont even think the coil is burning hot enough. Any solutions or is it broken?

michael albino: Yes putting just herbs will burn and damage the coil. Use a screen so that does not happen. You can buy them online. Usually it's a pack

DopeOnWaxUK: Surely putting straight herb in the chamber burns it? Is there a filter as an accessory?

herolink17: So when I go to hit it, I need to hold the button down until I stop inhaling?
How to use a g5 vaporizer pen 5 out of 5

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How to use a g5 vaporizer pen