Micromax Canvas Juice A77 Review

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Micromax Canvas Juice A77 Review
Micromax Canvas Juice A77 Review
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Micromax Canvas Juice A77 Gaming Review
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Micromax Canvas Juice A177 Unboxing Review ft. Micromax Canvas Juice A77
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Micromax Canvas Juice A77 Camera Review
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Micromax Canvas Juice A77 (A177) Benchmarks

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Steve Hey: explain about the sensors plz when does sensor glows?

icac pta: First day wifi complaint , exchanged it got another new one  again speaker complaint , now its ma 3 rd Micromax Canvas Juice A177 with in 3 days :P

sunil sharma: after purchasing this device, with in 5 day  start touch problem and after rectification this problem again facing sensor problem .

Mayur Tiwari: please give suggestion for mobile purchases under 10000

kick & snares: abhinav bhai can i use canvas juice a77 battery in my canvas a120 colors ??
does the size of battery of mmx canvas a120 and canvas juice is same or diffrent ?
please reply i don't want to buy powerbank please please please reply ?

Anubhav Ghosh (Cricket Man): I first decided to buy this phone but by seeing its external card moving apps problem i stepped back can u plz tell me which phone should i buy with in the range of 8000..please any brand micromax or samsung with the same features as micromax a77 this phone or better.. Thank you!!

akilan vetrivel: hi phone bunch tell about the camara  quality of the micromax juice & quality of phone

Manoj Rajbanshi: Great..I swapped my 16 gb sd with phone storage..now I can install and play larger games. Ofcourse i had to root my phone...and now my phone reads 14.9 gb as phone storage ... :)

Darshak Bajaria: Thank you very much sir fr ur reply.i m really very thankful

Darshak Bajaria: Plz recommend me best smatphone 2 buy in a price bracket of arnd 8,000

Darshak Bajaria: Which one is better micromax canvas juice or xolo q800.plzz reply gt 2 buy one among dem

Ishwar Alandkar: hey please suggest me which mobile is good to buy xolo A600 OR CANVAS JUCE

dhruv taneja: should i buy xolo q1010 or canvas juice rply plz :) thankz 

Muthu Au: Hi for four long days i am using  Micromax A177  ..will it also give the same battery performance as a77 ..because i have some doubt that is u r saying it last for 3 days with you played games, watched movie ...today i was playing temple run game the battery was coming down fast like 2 percent in 5 min ..will there be any battery problem but in stand by it last 3 days ...give me guidence i brought this mobile for its battery backup

Muthu Au: hi,
I own Micromax A177 whether i can use the flip cover r back of A77 for A177 will it fit can u guide me

rjsingh10092: Hi guys .... so i bought this phone and i decided to make a custom rom for it...(pre rooted) and i hav solved the
problem of the gallery by porting the stock gallery of nexus 5 and the "cannot move to external sd " is solved by tweaking a little bit in ADB and obviously link2sd can be used so i have installed some kernels making the rom super fast and not laggy even while scrolling ... just had to ask you guys that should i upload and yes i also installed cwm recovery... so please let me know your thoughts ..

Muthu Au: Hi, i am new android user and i too brought canvas A77 and i see the my mobile Stand by using 51% of my battery is it normal else is there any way to reduce that usage

chirag bansal: does it supports ful HD video??

Bhimavarapu Sambireddy: Nice review... Similarly can you do for Juice A177... with gaming, weight, SAR values, so on...

TUTON DAS: which is the best phone ? Xolo A600, Xolo Q1000 Opus or canvas juice a77 ? plzzz sir rply me..........
Micromax Canvas Juice A77 Review 5 out of 5

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Micromax Canvas Juice A77 Review