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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Tango965: I just received my 200mW green laser module. Reviews said that the wires are easily broken off from the contacts. I received with wires broken off. However I managed to test it out with two AA batteries. Panasonic Evolta with 1.58V each(total 3.16V). Brand new batts. At first the laser is very bright and then it just dimmed out. Subsequent attempt was a failure. The dot was very dim. Like a 5mW green laser with weak batteries. How to repair/solve this issue? Thanks
th141108: what happens when you wake up with it on your neck! Help please!
AcrossingTwo: *one
jb55101: How freakin dumb . 
Jessie Estrada: I love your video
ajaaniajaa: It's a super snake if it has badges all over and the wires on the hood
BaronVonGamez: Looking forward to your guys feedback and suggestions on what to build/strategies/etc. Cheers and make sure to give the video a like! Thanks guys! 

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