Power Rangers Card Battle - Samurai Gameplay

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power Rangers card Battle Game play
power Rangers card Battle Game play
Power Rangers Card Battle - Samurai Gameplay
Power Rangers Card Battle - Samurai Gameplay
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Power rangers card battle 3 - MMPR
Power Rangers Card Battle Series 1: Winds
Power Rangers Card Battle Series 1: Winds
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Power Rangers Card Battle Series 1: Yellow Storm

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ygogxduelist02: キョウリュウジャー は 未だ

ブライアン リッチー: キョウリュウジャー357

Celine Paz: Dgfg

Wahid Ullah: Hhhhh

ygogxduelist02: i don't think the cards has been sold outside from getting it from the machine. if you do have an info, please inform me. since i also still missing some cards from series 1 XD

gtaman flamerz: where can i buy the series 1 cards in malaysia?

Webshooters1: Bring to America dammit!

ygogxduelist02: i don't know whether the machine could utilize the american ranger keys thought.... the game is just an Dice-o which has been dubbed and wrtitten in English and the sentai logo changed. other than it's the same as Dice-o

Chipperviews: why isent this in america?

lydia magdalene: nice games

Anthony Pauda: Is it in omocha

Zyuoh Erwin ToQ 40gou: This is the first edition of Dice-O before Goseiger came out. They did a good job with localization of the arcade game. Second edition of the game will include Megaforce and other seasons except for Super Samurai. Probably when this gets developed, I think the next few series will utilize the items used in that certain season (I.e. Super Megaforce Ranger Keys)

roslin rahimi awang chik: Just like data carddass

ygogxduelist02: The cards from the TCG and from this machines are different. that's why

ygogxduelist02: well it's still the first series. it only has mystic force, operation overdrive, jungle fury, RPM and Samurai (no super samurai)

ygogxduelist02: nope. it's in Amazon, (sun plaza, medan)

Matthew Patrick: Ini di xxi ya

Sailor Ranger: HUH! Interesting. Actually makes me wonder to test out various cards to see what they come out as, though I heard someone said that it's missing people like Lightspeed Rangers so maybe it needs to be updated so it knows all the other cards.

AtticusRh0des: This is an Indonesian machine, of you do find one it will take the American English cards, but some of them scane for different cards, like my Shark Attack Ranger card came up as Samurai Green, i think they shifted barcodes around when producing the cards.

Sailor Ranger: Wow, I didn't know it came out in English! Very cool, I may just have to bring my deck to random places then to see if they have it XD
Power Rangers Card Battle - Samurai Gameplay 5 out of 5

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Mohd Rozaidi: n pakcik yg bawa caldina tue kot....klau budak muda bawa kaki tekan x terkejar...huhuhu
Kiaria Davis: like really u should show step by step bcuz this isnt anyone at all ncuz i need know how to do it like asap sir
Thiago Santos Lopes: Esse modelo não tem o gerenciador de arquivos, tive q fazer o download 
tirando isso esta top ;)

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Steven Dominguez: I had no idea this even existed
Debra Chrystal: So lame lynch will kill that and that kicker boy
Julian Schlacher: Hallo ich hab das jetz probiert und der Traktor geht zu kaufen aber nicht mehr zu fahren und kann nicht spielen was habe ich vergessen

Power Rangers Card Battle - Samurai Gameplay