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HHSTT: Got mine X25 today! Amazing piece! A must to have!

TruthSeeker Ai: nice tools
Siekiery rozłupujące serii X Fiskars 5 out of 5

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Robert Millard: Check out this video on YouTube:
ASIC Man: Sound horrible, I am newbie but can recognize that.
infestedtassadar: Skyarrow only works on basics
kenbee01: いいですね!
Alex Faulhaber: Lasa jocurile, ai teza
Bayley Cooper: i would lose the plot if i saw her in real life :O
TheElenaFisher: I got an Xbox 360 with a Kinect and I bought that game with it

Siekiery rozłupujące serii X Fiskars