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HHSTT: Got mine X25 today! Amazing piece! A must to have!

TruthSeeker Ai: nice tools
Siekiery rozłupujące serii X Fiskars 5 out of 5

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Akemi Homura: for the video show theres a second season with 1 or 2 episodes
Sidonia no Kishi: Daikyuu Wakusei Seneki

Alura Roy: I absolutely LOVE this series! x
Marion Knight: Screaming bomb squad like annoying little kids. Grow up.
Let the fighters do the talking in the ring. 

Erick Silvermoon: I am so interested in this product.  Is there a link to purchase this online?  BTW, I love your intro song, lol!!!  "Prrriiimaalll Derrrmaaa!" (Hand Gestures)
starsoldier1: I liked that game too.
flamingrubys11: my phoenix buikd its huge and it took me 2 days to make but sadly my world that had it got corrupted
Historie Meubelen Emmen: 'two twins in blue dresses" it would be SO cool if you could edited that in at that point you turned around for the 2nd time.

Siekiery rozłupujące serii X Fiskars