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HHSTT: Got mine X25 today! Amazing piece! A must to have!

TruthSeeker Ai: nice tools
Siekiery rozłupujące serii X Fiskars 5 out of 5

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Here Again: IT's coming. Soon. My guess would be within half a year. I feel sorry for your delay :(. Mewishes that all countries could try it.
Tide Detergent: Those things are gonna climb up my toilet and take a pis on it.
celsius A.T: why not use this device for digitization of real world objects in GIS 
AppilyEver - All Things Wedding: brilliant work...keep up the good work..
P Cooke: I'm trying to find out how to activate the colorful emoji since you usually need the smiley face key to do this and mine is occupied with language input choices. Any ideas? Thanks!
deeyelipz: why would you carry an extra device, when there are bluetooth headsets?
Wojciech Kuczaj: Hi there i know its 3 years later but let me know its works fine mile/galon its more then was ? did you recommended this product ? i got Toyota Avensis 2.2d its relay economical car and strong but never enough :D 150bhp. let me know your results ?

Siekiery rozłupujące serii X Fiskars