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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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metalvox89: Time*
sayitfast: Nice
KittnKAbooDle81: On camera touchable taupe reminds me of Mac's double shot,truffle tease & cinnamon remind me of Mac's kitty willow.
Rocksterrr: Nice jig. For a set of cabinets I like to make the jig long enough shoot all the holes without having to move it, saves time in the long run for multiple cabinets. Also, you really don't need to use a dowel for your depth stop, a short chunk of wood of the appropriate length and with the right size hole works just fine.
leonel rebolledo: por que me salen los jugadores desordenados lo instale una y otra vez y queda igual quien me puede ayudar porfa
freddy morales: chin piringuochin a chirichirichin a pole politechin a de yulime polinoiobupo
OoxX-PACMAN-XxoO: ...Brings me back to 2011, when i watched this video... and actually found out about minecraft...and i bought it...and played it...and now its one of my fav games...wouldve never found about about mc... if it werent 4 this vid.

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