SpreadStone Countertop Finishing Kit - Instructional Video

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Daich Coatings - SpreadStone™ Countertop Finishing Kit
SpreadStone™ Countertop Finishing Kit - Instructional Video
SpreadStone™ Countertop Finishing Kit - Instructional Video
Day 7 Spreadstone Countertop Part 1
Day 7 Spreadstone Countertop Part 1
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SpreadStone™ Countertop Refinishing Kit - FIVE NEW COLORS!
SpreadStone™ Countertop Refinishing Kit - FIVE NEW COLORS!

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Ursula Smith: wow that looks very nice. i could not do that.

Sandy Damhoff: I will check into it. Thank you.

Sandy Damhoff: does this stone come in other colors

sleeksalmon: fill spots with bodyshop "bondo" it is stronger...... just do it...

GE McGee: Hi, i hope you can and will answer these questions since I see the video was made in 2012.  Is this product sold in Ontario, Canada?  I have a countertop which has a wood edging, can I just sand the varnish off the wood edge and then clean and still use your spreadstone product on it?  Thanks in advance for answering.

Jarik C-Bol: I know it would be an off-label application, but could this product be used to refinish a fiberglass shower stall? It seems like it should work fine, as long as the surface was prepped fully. (sanded and cleaned with muriatic acid, like when using normal shower paint).

borzak101: Hire a new narrarater please.

lekoos: was this video made in 1983?

Jj Ash: From a plumbers point of view, it's best to remove the sink and faucet. This will ensure uniformity where the coating passes under the fixtures. Also, if you decide to change the faucet to a different style in the future, you won't be left with any exposed, unfinished surfaces. Finally, this will also allow you to coat the edges of the cut-outs, adding waterproofing. 

Kyle Pinette: can this be used on ceramic tile countertops  ?

Mark H: Having done two kitchens with Rustoleum Transformations product, without even actually using this product I can tell this is a much simpler and almost idiot proof system. Not ever having seen the product first hand I can't say whether the look is better or worse, but I can tell you, you have many more color choices with this, unless Rustoleum has added more since I did those  kitchens. With Rustoleum your working time gives you little room for error, since your expected to get the rather thick base coat applied evenly in just that one coat. Before it's dry  ( like within a half hour )u have to thickly cover the entire surface with  fake plastic flakes ( this is what gives the granite look ) very heavily. They give you a spreader tool, like a small garden hand spreader and you liberally and somewhat messily have to cover all surfaces thoroughly including the vertical back splashes and edges. After 24 hours you will come back and vacuum a ton of unattached flakes since it is just the very bottom layer that adheres to the color adhering base coat. Then you will do a lot of grueling sanding to supposedly get a near smooth surface, which is virtually impossible given the nature of the material. By the way, the spreader they supplied in my second job seized up entirely shortly in to using it. Luckily I had kept the spreader from my first job. Rustoleum is way over generous in the amount of flakes they give you and you'll have so much wasted product when completed. Unfortunately, they make up for that by not giving enough finish coat. For a truly professional job two coats of finish are definitely needed. My first kitchen I used the black base coat and one coat was almost sufficient. The second one was like a dark sandy color. The one coat, even though I applied it liberally just didn't give a truly finished looking sheen which my customer and I both agreed on. At least Rustoleum was kind enough to send a free quart of the finish after we called and complained. The second coat did make all the difference, but this was not Rustoleum's playbook. I would of definitely have gone with SpreadStone if I had been aware of it at the time.


Anne LiConti: Can you use this on one of those cultured marble bathroom counters?

Meara Harrington: I ordered the Tuscany a little over a month ago. I had been a little wary of starting the project, but it's gone smoothly so far. I'm practicing on a small countertop in my kitchen before I move over to the L shaped countertop. I plan on removing my sink completely. I'm replacing it with a new sink, but I would most likely have removed the sink regardless.

Geri W: Will SpreadStone work over cement board, the kind used as a base for tile? I want a cold baker's counter (laminate isn't cold the way stone and cement are).

themrhelperguy: New vidoes on themrhelperguy

james trasion: I flip a couple of homes a year on the side. This product is a home flipper's and DIYelfer's dream come true. Amazing durable results at a very fair price. THAKS! If you guys can get your production up and sell this at Home Depote or Lowes, they won't be able to keep it in stock.

leialoha70: Just finished our kitchen countertops with the Jet Black. It looks very nice and a cost effective way to update some very ugly laminate! We took our time to make sure we did the best job and so it took us three days. The sanding part was probably the most difficult as we were not sure how aggressive to go or how smooth we could expect the finish to get. The amount of product sent did a great job covering our 63 square feet of counters with extra to spare. Can't wait to touch it tomorrow!
SpreadStone™ Countertop Finishing Kit - Instructional Video 5 out of 5

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SpreadStone™ Countertop Finishing Kit - Instructional Video