ECCR Xtra: Halo G6 Mini-Tank Review + Halo Triton Compatible

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m1k3y~ミクト: the g6 is 808? not 510?

wetfrombirth84: does the triton tank work on a g6?

fmf1854: Will the G6 mini tanks work with a V2 battery?

Sam Piazza: do the triton tanks work on the g6 battery too, wasn't sure if he said that?

Sam Piazza: 2:24 his stoner side shows

Kelvin Chan: I ran into the same problem, I emailed them and they told me the tanks die after about 2 weeks (1 week for me), and will begin to leak and get hot. So you'll have to replace it after. The vapor also gets really harsh at that point too. I didn't know this when I bought it.

Chris Artifex: I actually prefer the triton battery because it gives a warmer vape. Also about 2 days of battery life and you can stand it up on a table.

Dr_Toe: just got my mini tanks. Cleaned them and let them dry for 24 when I draw on them I seem to get juice in my mouth...any suggestions?

Selina Grissom: I agree! I'm using the auto battery and actually prefer it now that I've used both!

Selina Grissom: Thank you! I've been really happy with the one I got! :)

eCig Consumer Reviews: Hi Selina, the Halo G6 batteries last between 175-200 puffs! and very consistently too :-)

Selina Grissom: How long do the batteries last?

darth_insidious: great informational reviews! keep it up!

Sirhc92: Thanks so much for your expert advice! Will do buddy!

eCig Consumer Reviews: Hi Sirhc92! I think the auto battery would give you a more similar experience to an analog cigarette, sounds like you are looking for that experience. You shouldn't have any problems with the G6 mini tank leaking. Just make sure when you fill it, to avoid putting the liquid into the center hole :-) Good Luck To You!!!

Sirhc92: I am having difficulty choosing between the manual battery (which I hear produces more vapor and is less maintenance - don't have to worry about leakage) and the automatic (which is closer to ACTUALLY smoking - I'm a recent ex-smoker). Does the mini-tank make it leak-proof unlike the cartomizers? Or is it still a risk of E-Juice leaking from the mini-tank into the battery if it's an automatic? Please respond quickly, as I am getting ready to purchase all the equipment! Thanks! :D

eCig Consumer Reviews: There's a link for our Mini Tank & Triton Tank Cleaning video in the video's description box ;) -Ray

vizi0123: What is the best way to clean the mini tanks so you can refill it with a new flavor?

eCig Consumer Reviews: No, it doesn't. -Ray

Jose Ramirez: Does the cone that's in the triton halo g6 kit fit over the mini tank?
ECCR Xtra: Halo G6 Mini-Tank Review + Halo Triton Compatible 5 out of 5

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ECCR Xtra: Halo G6 Mini-Tank Review + Halo Triton Compatible