Xperia Z Cracked Screen Repair

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Xperia z cracked screen repair
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Sony Xperia Z Screen Replacement - Disassembly

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Scott Scot: The SONY Xeperia z1s is not a durable phone

I recently upgraded my older Samsung Galaxy phone for the new SONY xperia z1s phone.  I’ve had this SONY phone for about 3 months. It slipped from my hand a couple of days ago and seemed fine as it has a additional protective cover.  Then two days later the entire glass front shattered for no reason well after the time of the fall.  I went to the T-mobile store where I purchased it and was told that Sony was good about replacing the phone as this was a situation that they have known about and had a history of problems with that phone’s glass screen before  and would replace it.  I called the Sony technical call center and was told by the consultant that I could send it in to them and they would take 14 days to evaluate it and then give me an answer as to what they would be able to do.  I was contacted via email by SONY and I have asked for them to escalate the broken phone issue to a supervisor within SONY (an email every day to them) and not a word back.

Never ever purchase a SONY product...clearly their best years as a leading electronics company are long gone.  And please don't get me started on the so called xperia water proof claim!

  I’m going to chalk this up this to experience and purchase a new Samsung phone something that I should have done from the beginning as Samsung has both great customer service and a great product.
I’ve spoken with t mobile both online and at their local office and their customer service is as unhelpful as SONY is in making defective phones.  My next move is to Verizon.

jonnyz191: i broke 2 xperia z1s with in a month then i bought a galaxy s4... the xperia was way better IMO.

Diana Mota: dude...really?? i mean.... u crack the screen of your xperia device THAT way and you send it to the manufacturer?....thats physical damage, and doesn't look  like a manufacturer issue, looks like u freaking drop it...-.- something not cover under manufacturer's warranty *i guess?*, most of the people wants their ass covered like they're paying a full warranty c'mon if you want accidents to be freaking covered get a freaking protection plan and they will replace it ... if you're a cheap ass freaker that didn't wanted to buy a 50US warranty, not their problem if you freaking drop it...i been using my xperia device for a while and it works just fine... -.-

Vj: Same issue, Sony is just money grabbers 😡

Midiotwimp: same here,cracked screen accross the centre,never dropped it,just appeared and even with insurance i still have to pay a fee,which i'm not doing,going back to old reliable nokia from now on,sony stick to making play stations and get out of the phone business

Dani B. Goode: so I read way too many reviews of people saying that the phone just cracked without any reason, and it wouldn't work in that cracked area.. so I just found this one for 270 euros and was thinking to buy it, thought it's a bargain, but now I don't think so.. apart from the screen, did you have any other problems with it?

Gary Adams: Had my phone two months small crack at bottom O2 quoted £247 to repair as an out of warranty repair ... Ridiculous so many people are having issues with these "tough screens " watchdog seems to be the way forward . Sony needs to sort this out as we will all defect to Samsung and Apple else .

Connor Chalmers: i might join you on writing to watchdog. I sent it back to sony for a screen repair and they wanted £240 all in. It's obsurd. instead i've gone on ebay and picked up a nexus 4 for £130 until the pricing gets sorted.

beekiebiddyboo: here, hear! on my second screen in 6 months! Even with an aluminium rigidity case. As you said great phone but made like egg shells!! Wrote to watchdog as it seems a common complaint.

Leigh J: I got my from the Three phone shop and they have told me that I have to pay for the repair and it's over £100 which is insane.

Ben Dhir: Yes, phone working fine, a email Asian mobile shop fixed it for me, been fine since!

Steven Stewart: This happened to me aswell mate, I send it of to 3 and they said it was beyond repair, the freakers still charged me £30. Just to confirm your phone is fixed now? I was just about to send my phone away to muzuma.

Steven Stewart: So

John Doe: What shop was that?

Verity May: should still be under warranty Leigh where did u get it from? ask them to send it away for repair

Dennis Archer: I to have an Experia Z where the glass has broken in exactly the same place. I had a screen protector on it and a gel case around it and it was in my pocket. Went in ok, noi impact or dropping and the phone came out with a broken screen. Set it to SBE ,Sony,s appointed repairer and low and behold I get a repair bill for £242:60. I phoned Sony who say it,s not a design fault. Where is OFTEL now? They should get the handset analysed and make Sony man up to the problem.Repaired phones stay ok!

Leigh J: I have a problem with my Xperia Z. It has a very fine crack going across the top of the screen which isn't that clear to see but now the top half of the screen if useless, only the bottom half of the screen works. I've only had it since March. I'm baffled to how it happened as it's not been dropped or anything. Of course they wouldn't replace it so I'm stuck with a faulty phone just a few months into my contract. Poor quality phone for the price.

thefake89: Sony products sucks,their repair service too. The Z's screen is ridicolous weak,i'm sure that my next phone will be a Samsung

Nikos V: My English is not perfect but by the title "...cracked screen repair" I expexted to see you repairing it. Lost my time.

Kaan Erdem: where do you live? mine is also broken and here they ask 280 euros! for it please share the name of the "local shop" and where u living at
Xperia z cracked screen repair 5 out of 5

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Xperia z cracked screen repair