How To Open Nat On Comcast Xfinity Standard Modem

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How to open nat on comcast xfinity standard modem
How to open nat on comcast xfinity standard modem
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tawilk: whenever i type in my IP address of it says i need enter a valid IP address. so i can't get anywhere. xbox just don'ts want to connect to my internet anymore. this really sucks.

sodaspiker: all i got was set firewall gateway to low..everthing else was like whhaaaaat?

MrEnano19: Thanks bro 

Phillip chandy: THANK YOUU!

S04P94: Didnt help


Jacolby: can you open up the damn screen crap

Don Crawford: To use static IP you have to limit the DHCP to below 252

Henry Reusser: username Is Admin Password is Password

Luis Rodriguez: All I had to do was look up what ports had to be forwarded for my PS4 and my PS4's ip address. Other than that, I followed this video's instructions and it worked like a charm. Could not get off a NAT type: Strict and after this video's help, finally back on Open type. Thank you!

icefireflash1: ?????????DOES ANY KNOW HOW TO UNBLOCK A DEVICE????????????????? I ACCIDENTALLY DID IT 

shankdeezy: Thank you so much for this video, I did exactly what you said and my game is back working online.

Mostafa Alamidi: I cant login to my xfinity account so can you give me a list of passwords and usernames thank you Plz comment back

Phillip Obertubbesing: a weird of scheming your ip settings. know what a network address, gateways and broadcast addresses are.

Jshakoor22: on his settings for port forwarding are those multiple xboxs????

[JNAT]nascarfreak83: Cool crap here man. Helped out a ton. Thx again dude. Pce.

vitto0719: dude, dont jump from one screen to another, you didnt show how to do it you just jump around and make it even more unclear, if you know how to do it do step by step not jump around

SlaayerHD: Does this work for pc?

TheFatassItalian: I was confused this whole tutorial but whatever u said made my Internet better so u da man :D

Jsl617: What do you put for the public and private port??

Joe Moss: Hey everyone, I figured out how to get to that comcast website. 1. search for cmd in the computer start menu. 2. type "ipconfig" 3. grab ur IP address. (should be under default gateway) 4. Type it in the address bar of the internet. 5. Enter ur username/password and voila!

dirtdogg123: freak NAT and it's crappy UI

Peter Vu: Thanks man

trayemily: server ip what do u put For That???

Thesaylthecell: Thanks this seems to improve things.

angel fuentes: Does a modem need to be hooked up to a pc for this

Pierce West: it has to be 255

CantFearWontFear: thanks it helped!

Cardale Coleman: me2

Flash of Reality: thanks! this was pissing me off so bad!

David Castillo: Worked perfect thanks bro thumbs up

icrackaboy23: dam man thanks imma sub and favorite this video

itsMeTrell: Why do you put for the URL? With other routers its like 168 192 ....blah blah blah

iTrevonHD: i did everything exactly the same and got me a nat open!!! thanks bra!!!!

ashdragon1: What the freak is this? Nothing explained at all! just you clicking showing you already have it done, im guessing your parent set it up for you. Another wasted life posting on youtube

BoriquaD7: Bad tutorial, please explain better next time..

N64Redux: The static ip adress cant be between the dhcp values . 1-.252

BoriquaD7: This guy is just gonna freak up your modem

rrasher: thanks neckbeard, it worked! nat is open, didnt fix my problem with ps3 black ops, but nat is open.

Jacob Anawalt: Your static ip error is because 252 is in your DHCP range of 2-252. Unless you have 249 devices needing dynamic ip addresses, you could tighten up that range and give yourself more static IP addresses than 1, 253, and 254. It also seems a little wonky to gave your gateway address in the DHCP range.

lostlinus1: i really appreciate it, but still said incorrect login, Thank you though.

tutsamillion: Sorry havent been on this channel in a year lol. If you have any question feel free to message me or contact me on skype -Tutsamillion

lostlinus1: is there any other way to login? admin and password is not working.

Julio S: how would this work if im trying to open ports for irc client?

anto shungo: change the quality of the video to 720p

CantFearWontFear: at my dads i couldn't connect to anybody but i changed to static IP and enabled port forwarding and put the same ip like that and it worked thanks!

YTFxCatbug: From network settings, press configure network when you've chosen the internet connection.

YerGrandpappy: Do we have to put xbox 2. Too?

gosox4: Thanks! This is perfect

solf08: Can't see anything ???
How to open nat on comcast xfinity standard modem 4.2 out of 5

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How to open nat on comcast xfinity standard modem