How To Open Nat On Comcast Xfinity Standard Modem

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How to open nat on comcast xfinity standard modem
How to open nat on comcast xfinity standard modem
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XeX Loaded: Can someone teach me how to change my ip I am told by Comcast that the router I use is a dynamic up but turning off and on the router doesn't work

C.J. Burgess: This helped! Thanks so much!

Vauun: Listening to people try to talk about networking is the most frustrating crap when they don't understand networking.

Mr Rude An Belligerent: I did all this and it still acts up.

Thatoneguyihate: You very CLEARLY dont understand what youve done or didn't do it yourself. Youre all over the place, confused, and wrong about so much...... thanks for the waste of time.

Louis Williams: YOUR'RE A LIFE SAVER!

DeadlyDragon: is a reserved address it is the broadcast address no device can hold this ip address

Corey Norman: Thank u so much only had to do DMZ for xb1

Mike Stayduhar: You're my hero, worked no problem. Didn't have to restart the modem/router, just had to restart my Xbox One once I finished the set up. Just to make sure, on the Xbox I hit the Xbox button, then went to: Settings-> Network-> Network Settings-> Test Multiplayer Settings-> Hit RB, LB, RT, LT at the same time once it said my connection was good and there it is. NAT Type: Open / Detailed NAT information: Your network is behind a cone NAT. So I'll copy and paste this explanation here...

There are four types of NAT as follows:

Full Cone NAT (Static NAT)

A full cone NAT (also known as a one to one NAT) is the only type of NAT where the port is permanently open and allows inbound connections from any external host. A full cone NAT maps a public IP address and port to a LAN IP and port. Any external host can send data to the LAN IP through the mapped NAT IP and port. If it tries to send data through a different port it will fail. This type of NAT is also known as port forwarding. This is the least restrictive type of NAT; the only requirement is that the connection comes in on a specific port (the one you opened).

Example – My PC has a website running on port 80. I create a one-to-one rule that maps the router WAN IP of to with port 80 to port 80. Any external host that sends data to on port 80 is NATed (and sent) to port 80.
Note: the port numbers do not have to be the same; I could run my website on port 56456 but create the NAT mapping to forward port 80 to port 56456. This gives the appearance to the public Internet that my website is on port 80. A connection attempt on any other port is dropped.

Restricted Cone NAT (Dynamic NAT)

A restricted cone NAT works in the same way as a full cone NAT but applies additional restrictions based on an IP address. The internal client must first have sent packets to IP address (X) before it can receive packets from X. In terms of restrictions the only requirement is that packets come in on the mapped port and from an IP address that the internal client has sent packets to.

Example – My PC makes an outbound connection to a website ( with my source IP and source port 56723. The NAT creates a (dynamic) mapping to my PC using source port 56723. Packets that arrive with a source IP of (the website IP) using a destination port of 56723 (which was the outbound NATed source port) will be accepted and sent to my PC. Connection attempts from any other IP using the correct port of 56723 will be dropped. Connection attempts from the correct IP with a destination port other than 56723 will also be dropped.

Port Restricted Cone NAT (Dynamic NAT)

A port restricted cone NAT acts in exactly the same way as a restricted cone NAT but applies restrictions to ports also. Where a restricted cone NAT will accept connections from any source port a port restricted cone NAT restricts this further by only accepting connections from the IP address and port it sent the outbound request to.

Example – My PC makes an outbound connection to website IP on port 80 (destination port). The NAT maps my source IP to the WAN IP of and source port 56723. When the website sends packets back it must have it’s source IP as, destination port as 56723 (like a restricted cone NAT) but in addition the source port must be 80. If any of these three are different a port restricted cone NAT drops the connection.

Symmetric NAT (Dynamic NAT)

A symmetric NAT applies restrictions exactly the same way as a port restricted cone NAT but handles the NAT translation differently. Symmetric NAT is more complicated and has it’s own unique problem so I have wrote a separate article dedicated to Symmetric NAT and It’s Problems.

Valhallic Group: Wanted to post to say this does work for Xbox One.
All those trying to find out what the IPV6 IP for the DMZ step. Just go to connected devices, click on your Xbox One in the connected devices menu, it should pop up with a menu that shows a description that shows the IPv4 and the IPv6. Just copy it from there. I literally followed this guide after trying so many and it worked so well. I loaded up a GTA 5 online session in less than a minute with other people. My usually story for the past year has been to close my game app and restart over and over till I'm able to join a session. I am glad to say I have restarted my Xbox now about 10 times and it has stayed Open Nat type and I have no issues joining games, parties or online matches. Thanks @tutsamillion !

TheSonicdude97: Too bad my Arris router is a piece of crap. It doesn't even have any place to edit port forwarding in the settings. Tried to fix it so I could join people in my Wii U games, but it can't really be altered.

Static Volt: Thanks this work for me.

Kenneth: it wont let me login with default username and password. i just got this router so i didn't change it. someone please help

Elizabeth J: Can Comcast users adjust the power setting on the wirless, too?

The Best: eveytime I delete a connected device it doesn't go away. can anyone help me?

jose de la rosa: worked thanks !

Greg Dale: i tried the to log in, but it didn't work. Is it default for everyone?

Boba Fett: I have the same setup but I have a DMZ v4 host and a DMZ v6 host. What do I put in the v6?

Leticia Gonzalez: wow thanks alot man. it really worked. my connection is way faster and notice it rite away. finally got my advance warfare to open nat. thx again.

Devin Narrows: I did this for Xbox 360 (Black Ops 2 Specifically) Comcast/Xfinity Only.
if anyone needs help or a step by step process here: (I don't 100% guarantee this will work but it worked for me)
1. First go on your Xbox 360 and test your xbox live connection.
2. There should be something that says "IP Address" Copy that down.
3. Log into your router or admin page.
4. Make sure your firewall is on custom (I don't know if this is necessary but i did it anyways)
5. Click on Port Forwarding and enable it and click "Add Service"
6. Add on everything this video says but when it asks for the ip, just type the ip you got from your xbox.
8. Once you have added everything, Click Port triggering, enable it and click "Add Service."
9. Add everything he has on his last in the video
10. When it asks for 4 trigger and target ports, just type the same number 4 times or however many times.
11. When finished go onto "DMZ"
12. Enable it and put the Ip address you got from your xbox.
13. Then go onto "Device Discovery" Enable "UPnP"
14. Then Enable "Zero Config" and change "Advertisement Period" to 30 and "Time to live" to 5.
15. Now i suggest to click save on everything and logout so everything should be set. Now turn on your Xbox and Enjoy. :D
How to open nat on comcast xfinity standard modem 5 out of 5

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How to open nat on comcast xfinity standard modem