How To Change Out Delta Tub And Shower Cartridge

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Narrator007: Thanks for the very helpful video.  I'm sure it will work wonders for me as soon as I can get my shower handle's screw to turn.  For some reason it completely locked in place.

I have heard others recommend either heat, vinegar or WD/40 to loosen the screw, but I don't own a hair dryer or have either of those two substances on hand.  Before I go out to buy some, is there any other method you would recommend, or additional advice?

dreambigbeats: i did everything and put it back the same way but when i turn the water back on, the water is still runing like its not off and when i try to turn it, it turns it on more.

scaronscar: So I replaced my cartridge and it still is dripping do I need to replace the valve...?? Iv tried cleaning it and running the water we also have a new water heater so I shouldn't be getting a lot of debris

David Garbrick: Thanks Pluminator for taking the time to do these videos sharing your knowledge.  It has helped me and I'm sure many others.  God Bless.

maryaq3: I'm a 57 yr. old woman, and I'm canceling my plumbers appt., this was a great video, easy to follow.  Thanks!!

James McClure: Hi Plumbinator, after replacing the cartridge, I am getting no flow from the shower head.
I removed the cartridge and verified that water is coming through the pipes when there is no cartridge.
However when I have the cartridge installed I get no flow.
When I turn the water off and attempt to remove the nut again, there is a large amount of air/water pressure ... to the point that the cartridge shoots out once I get the nut loose enough.
The cartridge actually split into two... the blue part and the gray part, so now I have no idea which variant is the correct way to put them back together.  I've tried all 4 combinations... and still nothing's working.  Any ideas?  Wish it was as simple as your video and the other's make it look.
I called Delta, and they are shipping a new cartridge to me; however I'm wondering if something else is now the issue.  Any ideas?  
Thank you in advance.

mardz84: We replaced cartridge but the faucet runs like if we have it on. We thought it was because we needed to get the handle so we went out and bought one. Still the water won't turn off if when we turn the handle up or down. My brother said we have the wrong cartridge. According to him we got the cartridge that only regulates the temperature not the one that does both (shuts the bath faucet off and regulates temperature) but the guy at the plumbing store sold us this part. Our Delta is 1400 series and it was installed in 2005 or before so we had to go to a plumbing store to get it. Any ideas why we can't turn off the faucet. It's so frustrating

Alex Figueroa: Looks easy enough but lets see if its that easy for me. Thanks for your video!! :-)

Delstar: Do i have to close main water valve or i can change cartridge when main is on ? I know its gonna be pressure and wet but i don't care if its possible. The thing is i don't have easy access to main shot off valve and easier is change it without close valve. 

John Darrell: Thank You , Your video was real informative for me.

Mars Bars: My Father hired some bum jack of all trades. (Hes a know it all douche) He installed the cartridge reversed. He was going to charge for an error he did. I shut the water off, removed the handle, removed the cartridge, reassemble and increased hot water temperature. Confronted the douche and hes in denial. THANK YOU @trueplumbinator for making this useful video. I know nothing of the plumbing trade. All it takes is common sense and a positive attitude to fix something this simple. Much Props to you sir. CHEERS

sarah mceleney: do you have to shut off the water to do this

Josue Breton: Thanks. Spent 30 minutes at Lowes and another 35 at Home Depot waiting on someone to explain this to me. I left when I saw this video. 

John White: Working on my honey-do list. This video from the "Truepluminator" on YouTube was pretty helpful for replacing a shower value cartridge. 

trueplumbinator: Thanks Paul allen,I'm glad my video helped you to get your cartridge changed out. Let me know if I Could help you with anything else.

Paul Allen: Thanks for sharing. My home is nearly 50 years old and I wasn't sure how old the faucet was but a healthy dose of WD-40 finally got the cartridge nut to come loose. After a trip to two different stores I found out that mine was a 1500 series and needed a 1700 series with an adapter.

Mike Carroll: Thanks for sharing.  Seeing how everything came apart made the repair very more dripping faucet

trueplumbinator: Thanks zahid I appreciate your comment. I appreciate you watching my video,let me know if I can be of help in any other way

Tamara Widrick: Very helpful!  Thanks !!!

Zahid Khan: great video!  ill give it a try once the part comes in from Delta this week.
How to change out delta tub and shower cartridge 5 out of 5

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How to change out delta tub and shower cartridge