Pokemon X And Y - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 8 - Day Care (Nintendo 3DS)

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Nickson Koh: It's a shame that only female combees evolve into vespiqueen

eileen charles: haw do you make the vito look good

Donte Bovell: it's takes a day are two too make a egg

Dude Charley: It takes a day to get a egg


Sheqoure yandx: i have zat game pokemon x and y to

Silvia Sansores: you should STOP NAMING YOUR POKEMON DAWG!!!!!!!

Francesca Marin: You know you can leave them there as long as you want and they level up.

gaming boy: i caught a snorlax in the same place

Cephora Francios: he Zachary my name is elisee I love to watch you play pokemon Zachary I am watch and my sister and me elisee my sisters name is cephora I love you pokeMon Zack you and lv 7 Zachary I am 13 eyearyl old elisee Zachary is nice to meet you Zackhar I see you cook you pokeMon p-dag.

Gabriel Levine: The pokemon have to be of the same species for there to be an egg at the day care! biology man...

Pikachu Energy: IS A SHINY CATCH IT

Donohvan McDowell: You should not sale snorlax

Victoria Marler: I got smeargle card

Twinkle The Sylveon: Flabebe is bae

Michael: nooooooo l di

Rubywolffey Aj: Combee won't evolve........ Only girl Combees. 😒

Sujata Rai: hey man you didn't know pikachu was a girl look at it's tail if it is a boy pikachu's tip's part of his tail will be like a line but if pikachu's tail look like a heart it's a girl

Lucky 7'S: Can we trade pokemon?

indraneel jain: The catching rate of it is 1/1000 and u killed the shiny flabebe
Pokemon X and Y - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 8 - Day Care (Nintendo 3DS) 5 out of 5

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Pokemon X and Y - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 8 - Day Care (Nintendo 3DS)