Apollo EGo Review - Apollo Superior CE4 Vapor Ecig Kit

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John Wayne: Die

Chris Cook: get a better tank, those tanks suck I now got a vape only ce5-s its amazing and you get a lot more smoke

jaydee045: I love this kit! Replaced the CE4 with the T3s bottom coil, even better. You can save 15% on all orders from Apollo with coupon code apollo1806.

Expert world wide: I'm underage and I get des possibles how would I get these

birdyyyful: cont... do yours have an odor? I was a menthol smoker but there was never an odor with any e cigg.. maybe a slight one with a diff brand i tried, but let me know your thoughts as i am new to this and the package doesnt say much. thanks!

birdyyyful: for the past year i was buying the disposables (I dont even want to think of how much i spent on them) and i recently got the Vapor 1-2-3 which looks identical to yours.. even the 'tap 5 times to start' etc.. my question is, mine came with a small little thing of menthol 1.6% nicotine liquid. There was such a potent smell my bf had to walk out of the room! I cant find any info on this other than calling the shop that sells more liquid (i bought the kit on ebay cheaper than store- same kit).

Christia Chamberland: I found a good review on apollo and they even gave me a 15% off coupon making it about $10 cheaper. The site was CigLion ,com

wasabipacket: These are good intro kits. Not something I would buy. I prefer the adjustable wattage & voltage mods, but the Apollo is a decent beginner battery

atourdeforce: Hi how many smokes/puffs do you get from each refill of the ego? (not the whole refill container)

Syburiz G.: Love my Apollo EGO! I was 1 to 2 cigars a day and you guessed it I was an inhaler. Since I bought my Apollo EGO I don't feel a need for tobacco products anymore.

alix1493: What does CE4 mean?

Tony Pony: Apollo has some new e-juices out now, go to there site and look for the eliquid sample pack.

Beth: How do u put the juice in it without getting it in that inner tube you talked about in the begining of this vidio? u said theres speacial devices u can buy. what would they be called?

PoliceCarFreak609: I use an Apollo CE4 in my reviews its great. Im gonna be using that for a while until i get an EVic from Joyetech.

Brandon Raffaele: You don't even know what your talking about.

JCWisterman: Get wickless next time, the flavor comes in much better. RY4 was more than enough to get me off cigarettes!

RepoVSK: Nice review brother i'm not sure but i just got another Ecig it looks like yours but the button is clear and it say's Vapor 123 on it instead of Apollo. I think i got the copy of it i spent 40 bucks but i'm pleased with it so yeh. Anyhow great review!

Anthony gonsalves: how long do you charge it for

will leonard: Damn dude. You are jittery as freak Hahahaha. Maybe chill on the nicotine haha

Trevor Patton: No vanilla. Just marshmellows :D
Apollo eGo Review - Apollo Superior CE4 Vapor Ecig Kit 5 out of 5

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John Wayne: Die
PrinceNeverland: achmed my fav
Sumod Madhavan: I still refer this review as reference point.
YEZA PREDRUXZEN: I don’t get this it’s weird af
jekyl lynch: did diabese ever have the belt? he was such a good heel
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Apollo eGo Review - Apollo Superior CE4 Vapor Ecig Kit