Apollo EGo Review - Apollo Superior CE4 Vapor Ecig Kit

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In-Depth Apollo Ego E-Cigarette Review - Unbiased Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews
In-Depth Apollo Ego E-Cigarette Review - Unbiased Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews
Apollo eGo Review - Apollo Superior CE4 Vapor Ecig Kit
Apollo eGo Review - Apollo Superior CE4 Vapor Ecig Kit
In-Depth Apollo E-Cigarette Review - Unbiased Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews
In-Depth Apollo E-Cigarette Review - Unbiased Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews
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Chris Cook: get a better tank, those tanks suck I now got a vape only ce5-s its amazing and you get a lot more smoke

Expert world wide: I'm underage and I get des possibles how would I get these

jaydee045: I love this kit! Replaced the CE4 with the T3s bottom coil, even better. You can save 15% on all orders from Apollo with coupon code apollo1806.

RepoVSK: Nice review brother i'm not sure but i just got another Ecig it looks like yours but the button is clear and it say's Vapor 123 on it instead of Apollo. I think i got the copy of it i spent 40 bucks but i'm pleased with it so yeh. Anyhow great review!

byoungquist82: Nice review. Those look badass. It nice you can use different company juices. Thanks for the vid

Snark deShark: No vanilla. Just marshmellows :D

Andrew Gower: I have the elips from Apollo

Nu Vapor: I've been ordering and trying a lot of juices from a few companies. I will be making a video of that soon.

GoodVapeReview: I use an Apollo CE4 in my reviews its great. Im gonna be using that for a while until i get an EVic from Joyetech.

Robert Park: how is the throat hit???

Anthony gonsalves: how long do you charge it for

Robert Park: which juices do you recommend?

birdyyyful: for the past year i was buying the disposables (I dont even want to think of how much i spent on them) and i recently got the Vapor 1-2-3 which looks identical to yours.. even the 'tap 5 times to start' etc.. my question is, mine came with a small little thing of menthol 1.6% nicotine liquid. There was such a potent smell my bf had to walk out of the room! I cant find any info on this other than calling the shop that sells more liquid (i bought the kit on ebay cheaper than store- same kit).

micheals1992: I'm about to order Razzle and Rockey road eJuice from apollo, are they nice? also which is easier to clean? like you mention using the light liquids don't seem to require as much cleaning. Any recommendations?

jeff14223: this guy has no idea what he is talking about

Muffin Girl: How much does it go for ?

atourdeforce: Hi how many smokes/puffs do you get from each refill of the ego? (not the whole refill container)

Snark deShark: I just bought this exact model. So I decided to look for videos on about it because I found that the vapor from mine was really harsh = I could barely inhale from it. But thanks to your tip about keeping the wicks saturated (DUH), it's so much smoother! I knew I was doing something wrong. My brother tells me you can put hash oil in them. But I don't know about that.

Shaylee Johansen: The Razzle is actually one of my favorites by Apollo. All of their flavors are fairly decent. I haven't tried Rocky Road, or any that deals with chocolate..so I can't help you out there. The Cherry is strong, Mango Peach and Green Apple are great. I agree with the guy in this video, the lighter flavors are much better.

Beth: How do u put the juice in it without getting it in that inner tube you talked about in the begining of this vidio? u said theres speacial devices u can buy. what would they be called?

ElementalDearth: Just ordered one, only other ecig I've used is blu and those are crap. Hoping these are better!

micheals1992: Rockey Road is based on chocolate? I'm from the Uk so maybe I don't know the brand. hehe

Mizan Ali: Aint this an shisha pen , sorry if im wrong its just that i cant tell the difference

Selector: Apollo has some new e-juices out now, go to there site and look for the eliquid sample pack.

Anthony Kasha: i have a kit from tsunami and has the same battery and the same cartomizer

birdyyyful: cont... do yours have an odor? I was a menthol smoker but there was never an odor with any e cigg.. maybe a slight one with a diff brand i tried, but let me know your thoughts as i am new to this and the package doesnt say much. thanks!

Nu Vapor: I haven't tried that one yet. I'd love to see a review if you ever do a video, or if you do an article I'd post it on my site.

Christia Chamberland: I found a good review on apollo and they even gave me a 15% off coupon making it about $10 cheaper. The site was CigLion ,com

Shaylee Johansen: Rocky Road is an Ice Cream, and it has like chocolate, nuts and caramel in it, vanilla and chocolate based. Haha possibly. :) Now you do know!

Corey Adkins: Robert check out ecblends. Great prices great American made juice and you can even create your own special blend. Enjoy.

Shaylee Johansen: I have my eGO CE4 on the way. So stoked, thank you for this review. Instead of just using the 1.6ml Clearomizer, I order a 6ml Tank..I like liquid on board. Anyways, great video:) I appreciate it.

wasabipacket: These are good intro kits. Not something I would buy. I prefer the adjustable wattage & voltage mods, but the Apollo is a decent beginner battery

firelight0899: First great vid btw

Lovell D'Angelo: Love my Apollo EGO! I was 1 to 2 cigars a day and you guessed it I was an inhaler. Since I bought my Apollo EGO I don't feel a need for tobacco products anymore.

will leonard: Damn dude. You are jittery as freak Hahahaha. Maybe chill on the nicotine haha

alix1493: What does CE4 mean?

JCWisterman: Get wickless next time, the flavor comes in much better. RY4 was more than enough to get me off cigarettes!

Brandon Raffaele: You don't even know what your talking about.

Nu Vapor: Thank you. I always feel dumb about making the videos, but I just try to treat it as if I were just telling a friend about them.

Nu Vapor: You get bigger hits with the eGo model than other smaller ecigs and these Apollo juices give you a nice throat hit. The throat hit depends on the juice you use, you can get some with zero throat hit, or all VG blends.
Apollo eGo Review - Apollo Superior CE4 Vapor Ecig Kit 4.6 out of 5

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Apollo eGo Review - Apollo Superior CE4 Vapor Ecig Kit