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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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John Moura: Amazing machine - - Great demonstration!
CreepyMinerLance: Why I'm pissed of now: 1. My friends call me names because I can only play games T or under 2. I'm missing out on cool games like Watch_Dogs and GTA V 3. I feel left out 4. I can only own Nintendo systems until this Christmas because Nintendo only has limited M rated games (long story) 5. I'm a very mature kid and would never swear or discriminate LET ME HAVE M GAMES!!
Keegz: I watched this tutorial and now i have no friends
TheDemped: Jammer dat ik er niet bij was ;p
ch0raPcheTo: със сигурност Ел и Гоош са се зарадвали (: поздравчето е много хубаво .. и най-важното - танцувално (:
BaconDroid23: How can cherries kill you? 
Patrick Nguyen: She's so beautiful

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