3800 Series 2 Modding Basics

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3800 Series 2 Modding Basics
3800 Series 2 Modding Basics
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Flipping Dogbone Engine Mounts the Easy Way on GM 3800 Series II
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3800 series 2 engine problem
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2001 Buick Park Avenue Series 2 3800 Tips & Fixes
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Badjuju: it was ONLY 550 dollars.

Kyle Backhus: thank you jeans I got an 08 too with the 5.3 v8 but want to make this one faster

Darnell Gabriel: I was mainly trying to increase my cars performance in any way I can

Darnell Gabriel: Ok, thanks jeans 609, I will

jeans 609: what's brand is the fuel rail??

Some Guy: Remember everyone, more gauges mean more horsepower!

Charles Bryant: nitrous is instant HP and dirt cheap so yeah why doesn't everybody buy a 5,000$ plus supercharger vs 350$ nitrous kit

Charles Bryant: build a 632 big block v8 and a wet kit 250 shot and you will have all the horses you will need 1000+ HP you have to spent to much money you will get outrunned with that

Kyle Backhus: hey I got a 04 impala ss the first mod I went with was trans cooler and shift kit wondering should I go with complete zzp exhaust

sinusbradycardia: I want a 3800 Series 2 swap into my Grand National. Far better block than the 109 block found in the 86/87 turbo Regals

rowdy hansen: im thinking about putting one of these in my old jeep instead of my 3.8 grand national turbo 6..

i dont know much about these newer ones though, id need some help

Darnell Gabriel: I have the same car and I'm looking for people to talk with to get some ideas from about the buick.

Frank Torres: I want to modify my car too where can I find parts for it

D Clark: Nice video man. One of the first mod I did was to trash the front exhaust manifold with a Plog from ZZP. Excluding the Ubend the front exhaust manifold is the most restrictive part on the Regals. Went with the 72mm high flow TB from ZZP, 3in catless DP and Intense PCM, CAI, running a 3.5 pulley now just to fight KR along with AL 104 and 180 Tstat. I had to take out the solid dogbones just too much vibration for me at idle and the AC on. 10.3 mm ZZP wires and coil packs. Like you said its not the fastest regal on youtube but from 60-100 its fast enough for me...Happy modding

marco arteaga: I have a base model and I want to swap out the engine for a sc 3800

Early Pierce: wht an sc

Early Pierce: were u buy after market supercharger kit frm

Early Pierce: were can i get after stuff from supercharger kit from i have 3.8 engine chevy impala

Kevin Brown: im trying to mod a pre series 1, where can i find parts? everything for the 3800 is either series 2 and 3. they aren't much different, just wondering if any of the parts are interchangeable

Hasan Elezovich: Very nice mate I'm interested in the throttle body spacer. Does it do much to stop heat soak? Might try and make one myself and put it on my l67 
3800 Series 2 Modding Basics 5 out of 5

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3800 Series 2 Modding Basics