3800 Series 2 Modding Basics

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3800 Series 2 Modding Basics
3800 Series 2 Modding Basics
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GM 3800 Series II tribute
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Kevin Brown: im trying to mod a pre series 1, where can i find parts? everything for the 3800 is either series 2 and 3. they aren't much different, just wondering if any of the parts are interchangeable

Hasan Elezovich: Very nice mate I'm interested in the throttle body spacer. Does it do much to stop heat soak? Might try and make one myself and put it on my l67 

Michael Decker: Can i bolt series 2 parts on a 92 bonneville ssei? I have not found anything that says series one. 

mrromantimothy: This motor is a boss 302 that Buick chopped two cylinders off,and the legend was born,I've worked on 65 buicks and they were also used in jeeps the Buick Reatta had a pretty cool series two I currently have a 99 Bonneville. SLE. These motors are bullet proof.

Derrick Tanner: Hey if I run a 3.5 pulley what supporting mods do I need?

Kyle Petty: On intense racings pcm, what is the core charge?? 

DL390: This engine looks so weird mounted the wrong way.

Karl Schouster: I have a 92 Buick Regal custom coupe.3.8 , I want to make it a little quicker not a beast ,not yet would like to put a super charger on it so what can i do ??

GTByron: I just bought a 2000 gtp. What mods do I need to run a 3.6-3.5 inch pulley on it? Or can I use that pulley without any mods? Also what are the recommended plugs for a stock gtp. I looked online and people say to use colder plugs but I don't know which ones to get. Thanks

Rhino Barnes: Can I get headers for a 95 buick LeSabre

heman thecuntdestroyer: there is to major problems here the obvious one is the cars fwd an the engines facing the wrong way an second why the freak is the steering wheel on the passengers side of the car haha merica burgers diabetes meh whatever ya say its all the same nice car tho 

Pontiac65Cat: I ran mobile one in mine, burned oil like crazy. You need high tension piston rings to run mobile one. Run some good synthetic, not that cheap mobile one crap if you really want good protection. 

youregatorbait: BS.. Where do you get $1,100? "Half size intercooler was 550" and a 3" DP and a smaller pulley, plus the upper intake... You sound like a queer also. Just sayin 

ChiefGunny: whats the smallest pulley I can use without doing anything else

greg bell: We're can you get the solid motor mounts like the Grand pre and regal has? I want to put a set on my Buick lesabre.

thirtytwokid: I got stainless steel 3.5 exhaust and it kills 

thirtytwokid: I found for mine to keep engine cooler is to add washers to the hood to lift up alil and noticed better gas and temps 

Paul O'Neal: I might get a header set for mine.

MrGuitarguyadam: These motors take 4.6 qts of oil. (I know bc I'm an auto technician and I change oil in these every day) from personal experience... iv found that the best way to wake these up is to run 4qts of Mobil 1 full synthetic (5-30 is what this takes) with the other 0.6 qts Lucas additive. Along with that, run 93 octane premium, always premium. If you are able to, use Shell V-Power premium gas. Shell VPower premium gasoline is the next thing to formula one car fuel. And it costs a just as much as every other premium gas out there. Nice job on the home made intake. This should help out a lot. 

Shaun Preston: Hey man thanks for the info! I have a 97 GTP, it threw a rod........ It had some basic mods cold air intake, smaller supercharger pulley, 3 inch exhaust with high flow mufflers. I'm in the process of pulling the motor. When I rebuild I want to do some more mods.. but don't want to get too crazy! I'm looking for basic mods. Probably go with better coils plugs and injecters. Need to know what kind of good tuner pcms are out there aswell.
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3800 Series 2 Modding Basics