3800 Series 2 Modding Basics

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3800 Series 2 Modding Basics
3800 Series 2 Modding Basics
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3800 Series 2 Supercharged Modular Pulley System MPS Demo
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GM 3800 Series II tribute
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2005 Grand Prix GTP basic MODS ZZP
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GM Eaton M90 supercharger - How to install pulley (L67)3800 Series II engine. 2/3
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2004 Buick Regal GS - 3800 Series II - L67 Blower Whine Montage
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GM Eaton M90 supercharger - How to remove pulley (L67)3800 Series II engine. 1/3
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GM 3800 Series II Supercharged Intake Manifold Leaks
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BUICK REGAL 3800 Series II
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2001 Impala Turboed
Little Video of my Regal GS....  walk around low rev and drive by in a small parking lot
Little Video of my Regal GS.... walk around low rev and drive by in a small parking lot

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Shaun Preston: Hey man thanks for the info! I have a 97 GTP, it threw a rod........ It had some basic mods cold air intake, smaller supercharger pulley, 3 inch exhaust with high flow mufflers. I'm in the process of pulling the motor. When I rebuild I want to do some more mods.. but don't want to get too crazy! I'm looking for basic mods. Probably go with better coils plugs and injecters. Need to know what kind of good tuner pcms are out there aswell.

enginenut: Needs a ZZP "Power Log"/PLOG, nice mods. !

Eric Mietz: upgrade that mass air flow sensor.. these 3800 MAFs as opposed to their cousin motors 3400 and 3100 MAFs are very peticular and their threshold values are not what they should be with increased air mass. ( this may have changed with your tuner along the lines of ecm re-call and personalization) otherwise never hurts to throw some high electrical energy output ignition coils on there higher dwells, stronger spark, more complete combustion cycle, less carbon build up overall increased engine efficency. you may want to replace alternator with a higher output due to increased demand for voltage and possibly install a gel cell battery. isnt neccessary but, doesnt hurt. again related to the mass air flow, (i assume youve done this) remove that slighty co-efficent MAF screen on the throttle body. only maintenance from there is to clean your MAF more frequently (which you should be anyway given the performance filter and location in which its installed). other than that you can always invest in a 4t65e HD transaxle and some L67 fuel injectors (if not already equipped). sorry once agin with the MAF sensor installing a performance aftermarket can sometimes loop up the ho2s and furthermore catalyst efficency. just something to think about. 

90jaybig: I have a regal gse rebuilt 3800 series 2 msd coil packs & wires, ngk spark plugs k&n filter, what pully should I use or whats mods can I ad to my car to make faster. I was thinking of putting a tranny cooler on it!

evilcowboy: Got a L36 (yeah I know not a L67) but still liked it and the first mod I did to mine was the aluminum gasket upgrade with aluminum elbows and replace the UIM all together with a new one. The second was to dump and flush the radiator and replace with conventional green. The third was to upgrade with Heavy duty sway links (gm made plastic spacers on the stock ones) I painted the acoustic cover black and red (not really a mod but the grey cover bothered the crap out of me) New plugs and wires and new pcv and some other small stuff (coolant stepper motor for the dash springs to mind had to solder a new one in) The stupid pcv valve almost needs 3 o rings to properly seat and not whistle. I put a small one below the pcv valve where it goes normally, Then I had to put one under the spring to add extra push on the pcv valve into it's seat so it wouldn't work loose and cause the whistle and of course the big orange o ring. This has stopped the whistle that sounds like a belt squeal so far. If it is not done eventually you'll hear a nice squeal sound and it will cause the engine to stumble after starting sometimes. You'll also throw a small evap leak code. It's just a pretty stupid design for it to be honest. good vid with good tips though

Jack Chandler: Hey where did you get the pillars from?

jandro gonzo: could you drop this motor in a 94 buck century ??

LBigJake14: I wouldn't

John fromSpace: Stock

Mr09Scooby: *Shop

AutomotiveVlog: Boost and Aeroforce is simple. Oil pressure takes a little more work but not too hard

gargar75: @JohnFromSpace I checked out your vid of the Cobra. Sound great! I agree, The 6.0 GTO is very nice. My taste, i really want a mint 02 TA ram air loaded 6 spd. I never owned a 4x4 either. I have been thinking about it too in my old age!

John fromSpace: If you got the time and money it can be done. People put these motors in Fieros

Slinzoip: How expensive is it to have the engine and supercharger rebuilt for these cars?

Mr09Scooby: Great video man i can personally vouch for intense they are in ohio and i have been to the shope and spent a lot of money there ( LSJ mods and 3800 mods) met the owner and a couple of co-workers there those guys live and breathe 3800's they have some damn quick cars as well!! LOVE the Regal GS!!! good job on your car!

killerspeed101: it was designed by buick when all the different brands made their own motor. the roots of the 3800 date back to the fireball v6 made by buick in 1962. the 3800 was designed to be in buicks , but gm seen it wa s a great motor and put it in alot more cars. the 3800 is a buick v6.

John fromSpace: These things are easy to make power with. A few mods and your PA will exceed an STS =)

gargar75: @JohnFromSpace John, i just posted 2 videos on the riv i just bought. I would enjoy hearing any feedback you have for me. I am going to post maybe a few more vids on my Cobras today too. I hope you at least enjoy the Cobra vids!

Matt Herr: or dont turn it on so we can hear it. thanks

niko carter: hey i got a stock 3800 v6 no supercharger what all do i have to do to get one

John fromSpace: Sweet man! Yeah these Supercharged 3800s are Cobras on a smaller and Cheaper scale. Same Idea, easy to add power fast and it has that cool Super Charger whine once you get an intake on it. I would go intake,Intercooler,Modular Pulley system and a tuner just to see if you can run a 3.2. 3,3 should be no problem though. Riv and Cobra, cool combination!

John fromSpace: Yeah you can. You need to swap out the top end from a supercharged motor

TheChevytruckguy: the 3800 really is a truely fantastic engine they make good power in the naturally aspirated version and get pretty good mileage i always got a consistant 21-22 mpgs outta mine

Octane Anarchy Detroit Born and Built: Great video. Agree with the forum douches. Seems like every forum has a whole bunch. And kudos to supporting 3800 vendors. I do the same and support 3100 and 3400 as well. For my grand am

jon204: GM is the big brother to Buick,Pontiac,Chevrolet,Saturn,Oldsmobile, and since 2006 now partnered with Cadillac

samuel cano: where can I get a smaller pulley? for my supercharger

FFJNVT: Did you ever change out the supercharger oil, or replace the factory coupling inside the snout?

Eddie Rivas: Where did u get them parts at???

John fromSpace: I don't mind the FWD, but wish these cars came in manual

Alex Morie: peeps call my 2000 Buick Regal GS a old mans car... then I leave em in a cloud of dust :D

cummingsautocare: You are stupid, and have no idea what the freak you are talking about, but thats ok. The fault is you actually believing your own bullcrap since you bullcrap so much. Being a pickle does NOT require being a boner all the time. It is due to you stroking your ego all day. The side effects of being a boner all the time is pissing in your own face a few times every day. maybe I am wrong. Maybe you have avoided pissing in your face by being "needle-pickleed". This would also explain your crapty attitude.

Highninja13: I've got a 97 monte Carlo z34 and the engine is trash now I've pulled to big chunks of metal out of it. So the summer I'm going to get a 3800 series 2 and replace the engine. I just don't know what all I need when I do.

Vandy5000: would you recommend the performance packages from 3800performance?

Alex Morie: Hey man no matter what car you have you have be happy you have one!!! I didn't have a car till I was way out of highschool!

EitiKipok: Great video, tons of help, and thanks for the links to parks in your description, very helpful

1silver4: Yo question do you drive in rain ? How does your intake enjoy getting drenched and i like your regal i have one as well the gs with a supercharger 2000 full exhaust and intake short stage want a full intercooler and chip would you suggest a power chip mod ? One that reads through iphone hopefully like my friends honda trying to find one and people are rattled

John fromSpace: That would be sick!

John fromSpace: 3. It'll help when you up the boost

John fromSpace: Appreciate the advice

John fromSpace: Yeah check out the walkaround video

johnny blaze: did it really help any by wrapping the cross-over pipe? If it did i will wrap mine.

IronChefjoshfoss78: awesome small modds, where di d

Karl Bach: try driving a 2001 buick lesabre in highschool...

gargar75: @JohnFromSpace I picked up the riv yesterday. On the drive home i gunned it maybe 3 times, and now it is leaking coolant from the front drivers side area, and the later in the day the emergency brake light went on and won't stop beeping. I think i made a big mistake purchasing a car owned by a little old lady. I have a bad feeling about modding this car now. I am really bummed man.

jose5080007: I have a 1995 camaro with the 3800 series 2 motor and I was wondering could I swap the motor with the Buick motor

Robert Childers: looking at putting one in a 99 tracker and runing a 5 speed trans what you think

Satobatsu Kaiba: Great vid. Word of advise - when video recording, always have the light behind the camera shining on the target object. Too much light from outside coming (garage door being open) into the camera causing focusing problems.

Juan Mares: L36 is a Series 2 3.8, L26/L36 are popular for Supercharging swaps due to their higher compression ratio, matched with a top swap as many call it, which is basically swapping over Heads, Lim, Supercharger, Injectors, etc from a L67/L32, they can be a very good combination if done right. If your average Joe puts it together half assed and beats on it, expect him to be crying in forums about how his motor blew up.

IronChefjoshfoss78: where did you get the solid motor mounts??

icizzy2791: What's your hp and tq at?
3800 Series 2 Modding Basics 4.9 out of 5

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3800 Series 2 Modding Basics