How To Repair Damaged Hair With Split Ends

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Sarah Nicole: Quit pulling her hair. Stretchy hair isn't good either...

Alejandra Alvarez: Does this work with really damadged hair!!?? Please answer

Roving Streets: This made my hair worse. I tried it twice, and each time it split my hair more. I followed the directions, rezz a rect under plastic for 20 minutes, rinse, add a dime amount, then add stimulant. Very sad it didn't work.

firefly: It's true that heat allows you to repair damaged hair. You just need the right products.

carli hopfe: you need to wear gloves and and a shirt that covers your armpits.

Hezbollah Longlive: You can not repair split ends once its damage that's it .These shampoo that claim to fix it all it does is stick it together for a short time.

RealDestinyDeshay: I really would like to know if this will really work on my hair my hair is completely damaged and I want to grow my hair out and not cut it I'm tired of having short hair and I do not want to go back to doing that

Cassandra Carley: repair damaged hair with heat? ahaha

Cassandra Carley: you do a sloppy job

sarah duperron: I was just wondering if this will fade the color in my hair? and will this help fried hair? Also where can I buy this and how much? :)

Angel Williams: Im going to do another rezz-a-rect video today

1elpolloloco5: What is rezz a rect? Deep conditioner, mask, just another product? You did not show us the bottle, so i don't really know what i'm looking for. What company has it, and is it sold in stores or just online? Thanks

Taylor Friesen: Here's an idea stop pulling on the poor girls hair :(

Jeannie Blankenship: This is good advise but unfortuately most clients I do are young and want to constantly change their hair. They want to look like Madonna one day and Kardasian the next. That is why I have been in business 43 be of service and make their dreams and wishes come true. When they overprocess it is too late to say you should not have done all these things to your hair. I am happy NOW to say"whatever", I can make it look great again and NOTHING else can. Thanks for watching & commenting

Jeannie Blankenship: Thanks for asking. This model Brogan had bleached her hair every 2-3 months for the past 3 years. Her is baby fine and she had been using a flat iron every time she shampooed. She did not use a conditioner each time she shampoed to protect it because it made her hair look thin and dirty. Suddenly her hair started breaking and she came in and thought she needed 3-5 inches cut. We decided to experiment and see how if the treatent would make a differece. We were all amazed at how just 1 app.worked

Ilga Walsh: how many times did she die her hair?

mzpinkywinky88: Goshhhhh i need to buy this! I try to do everything so my hair can grow and this year i was happy my hair was getting longer but i had to cut about 2 or 3 inches off cuz it was so damaged from coloring ughhhh im still mad lol i hope to get this product soon! Wish i wouldve seen it sooner

MeggieANesbitt: which product is this? is this the Reconstructing Deep Healing Conditioner

Amz Dowers: where get this stuff from i live wales see do think get superdrug?

ishlily: jesus christ you are SO annoying.
How to Repair Damaged Hair with Split Ends 5 out of 5

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How to Repair Damaged Hair with Split Ends