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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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jamesb7777a: sir, there is no such thing as a 25 watt RMS amp generating 700 watts "music power" or 700 watts anything!. 25 watts RMS is 50 watts peak at the top of the sine wave.. for a amp to put our 700 watts "music power" or "peak power" it MUST put out 350 watts RMS. 
Jose Mora Perez: I should wait for quantum super mega camara 10,000 D
Sharonda Williams: This video is so long I had to stop watching it. I really wanted to know all the products you use but it was just too long. 
WillMePHD: What's with that last one? How is that your number one for 2013-14?
0oo00oo000ooo: This makes me miss the easy peasy AoE trash rep fest of WoTLK. I miss my old non-combo-point-useing-pally.
TheM13 Clan: I have an idea breath through your mouth 
av8rgrip: As I read some of the comments I would like to remind folks that there have been many people shot with "unloaded" weapons. All it takes is one moment on inattention. You can't be too safe. 

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