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LucasetaK J: I think this film is overrated. Man of Steel even beats it when compared to how it fits to its own comic book characters than this. I don't like how the Joker doesn't smile much and Batman's voice and the Joker's are nothing compared to the highly exhilerating voices of Kevin Conroy and Mark Hammil. This movie is okay, but isn't better than Man of Steel.
Exzo Silva: continua
ninjalinkninja: You can pick up some silver solder at most hardware stores. That will kill werewolves up to 275 lbs at up to 300 years old. It won't kill ancients, but they say it stings like a sonofabitch. Placement is important with silver solder. If you don't hit the heart or the brain, the silver won't be able to spread effectively enough to stifle the beast's regeneration with your first couple shots and you'll have to shoot it until you hit them or enough of the major arteries to carry the silver to heart.
Waterlily716: @k3llzz1 also that cone is very light and does not build up on most people's hair. (when they don't use shampoo.)
Cameron Smith: This design is better
MrCrazyMinecraftify: kannst du graffiti?
payback: u beautyful legs and feetotes ankles all of urs please show me in prv ur legs 2 and feeet 2 

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