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ItsOnlyWarPaint: I think Extreme is fab, but so many nail tech's believe that this way isn't professional/skilled enough. What would you say to those that think this way is only good for a set of party nails ???
AdrieaNichkole: If anyone understood the kid you would know its because of the sound it makes when he gets hit
Hasso Sigbjoernson: Das Gerät wirkt wie ein billiger Versucht, von anderen, momentan erhältlichen Modelle, gewisse Features zu übernehmen und zu kopieren. (Front Speaker und Ultrapixel-Cam - HTC, Taste auf Rückseite - LG G2, Flipcover - erinnert an Samsung) Welche Innovation kommt da von Acer selbst? Der günstige Preis?
movielover19f: Seems like forever i've had hair trouble. I got the NoNo on a free trial from 'gratismakeupsamples' - does the job really well. It works wonders, im more than happy :)
mrifuckinhateyou: obrigado. Muito didatico!
Casey Byers: Genetic fingerprinting seems like a pretty ineffective and roundabout way to solve this problem to me. Identical genetics can come out very different depending on the grower, and I think the role of genetics is very exagerrated in determining what these plants will do. What we need is a simplified cannabinoid profile for every cut. Consumers should be able to look at the bag and go "wow, 18%∆THC9 to 10%CBD...do you have something higher in the cbd and lemony terpenes?". Standardised testing would let people know what they are buying before they burn it.
luszpaczka: Super! :)

Skoda Octavia 1.6 TDI DSG-7 test 2013