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kishor kumar: Nice am going to buy this thanks for your review
emmanuel quiroz: My bad I mean netbook
Federica Castellari: Cinghia
abigail ray: You are so beautiful! My name is Abigail and I am 16, I've had acne since 6th grade and I've always despised it, but lately I've been watching your videos and I feel so much safer and confident after I watch your videos, I am super experimental and am always trying new things to try and improve my skin. I am so glad you posted this video because lately I've been very hopeless with my skincare routine and have been thinking about changing something in my diet. Thank you so much for being adorable and sweet you!!!
Ninjazombie42: I own and have read Necessary Evil. They say you play villains, a cool concept, but it isn`t really true. You take on the roles of superheroes and you are supposed to save the world. So really, you are just playing heroes with a villain theme or villain background. The book has nothing that support villain type gamelay in any special way.
I am a fan of Savage Worlds though, and I play in a really fun Deadlands campaign. But for a supers game I would use another system, like Truth & Justice, it can handle any kind of character, not just street level supers to low mediumpowered supers, like Savage Worlds.

Kurt Kauffman: In my High School days,I've always wanted one of those.
ishani patel: hi

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