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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Simon Sabroe: Do you have the sheets? 
CSpan1993: The clinic workers should be charged with murder and the woman who helped murder her child should be charged with being an accessory to murder.
frank chauca: me gusta el pne
Aadhithya Sendhil Manian: what is the source for this ?
Cris xd: Oh yeah, that's great exhaust :D
Alisha Jackson: Television is a privilege and a pleasure, you dnt have to have tv, at all, but if u want something u have to pay for it, if u dnt like the price or service, dnt have it, easy as that. Yes prices go up, so does everything else, milk, gas, clothes, etc. If you want tv go get a converter box and get the channels on there... Just like a radio, you buy a radio and u have to listen to that is provided for free, if u WANT more u pay for it some applies here 
Frederick S. Cairo II: When you going 117 km/h (78 MHP) you can't stop in time, train 1 WhyBeAre 0 1:14

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