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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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XardicPenguin: Naw, I never would've that to run when the floor was falling beneath my feet....... THANKS GENIE!
Kathie Hess Crouse: I have not been able to comment to everyone. But for all of those going away to Bootcamp soon, enjoy your time, learn lots and HOOYAH, I am proud of each and every one of you. To those that have already walked this walk, thank you for your service, Honor, Commitment, and Courage - HOOYAH. Thank you all for protecting our Constitution and Freedom. :-)
rick smith: are you related to arnold swartsenigger?
Happy Healthy Vegan: Ryan and I celebrated my birthday with a (free) trip to Disneyland! Follow us as we explore the park's vegan food options on this sunny So Cal winter day. Dole Whip FTW!
kam2057: Huh? Lmfao!
Suraj Aryal: m gonna buy it
Michael Smith: great review, awesome knife!

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