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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Bob Casamacas: At least he knew it was broncos vs some bird, it's Seahawks tho. And anyways I spent the entire Super Bowl on my couch crying. (Hard core Broncos fan) :( 
curlychronicles: @thecreativelady , thanks! lol hangtime makes me think basketball.. will the Celtics beat the Lakers in their home town tonight? *suspense* lol Re-wetting definitely helps with my wash n goes. I do it on day 3 unless it's needed on day 2.
Lord Cluttermonkey: That build was so sick
RyanKnowsTech: Great video. Thinking of getting one of these kits tomorrow, looks like I will be, thanks!
adieth yupz: Bahan n cara modify gmn
Gabriel Willan: Cara, não sei nem como agradecer!! Me escrever no seu canal, não chega nem perto do quanto eu ti agradeço. Muio obrigado mesmo. =''))
Anastassios P.: halt doch einfach mal die fresse .... und zeig den trailer

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