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Andy M: Great review. Thanks I really like the look of this bag mainly because of the fact that you can carry a tripod. Problem is I have a Nikon D7100. Do you think that this bag would be suitable. I would only carry 2 medium size lenses. Looks like they would all fit ok. Any advice would be great.
gimpinmypants: As usual, Jim has it right. Overkill knows how to treat their customers and reward loyalty. It's been so impressive seeing the Payday franchise evolve. More than a year later and they're still pumping out content, free and paid, and even when they charge money it's not crazy $15-20 packs like some other developers do. Their Walking Dead game is going to be nothing short of a masterpiece. Overkill is a developer to watch right up there with Rocksteady. Everything they do is gold.
IceAhn: @AceKilla2u oh sick thanx bud now i just gotta wait for the geo 2 to get to canada haha
Alena Madinski: Ich benutze sehr gerne die Catwalk Mascara von Be Yu :)
chasinrabbits21: Hope you are feeling much better Jen! Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us! :) Utah snow pics were awesome!!
OmegaPyron: 13;05 SILENT DOOM - Special Summon 1 Normal Monster from your Graveyard in face-up Defense Position. It cannot attack. Used by Seto Kaiba (against Ishizu to ss Gadget Soldier and against Dartz to SS Bladeknight) and also used by Kaibaman (to SS BLUE-EYES to fuse into the Ultimate.)
Мытарь: НА эту горку и запорожец заедит

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