Chloe Grace Moretz Talks Periods & Blood For Movie 43 Premiere

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Chloë Grace Moretz arriving at the LA Premiere of Movie 43
Chloë Grace Moretz arriving at the LA Premiere of Movie 43
Movie 43 - Movie Review
Movie 43 - Movie Review
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Movie 43. Trailer Moviefone

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Richard Powell: I find it disturbing and yet revealing of the falseness of celebrities when I see a kid who talks like s/he's grown up. Not normal, not real.

Valeria Ortiz: Like si hablas español y no entendiste no versh


Eddie: He voice got higher
I liked her deep voice
It made me so HARD
I would lover to HER TO  kick my ass

ExplorerDS6789: What was she thinking, agreeing to do this movie? Dumb bitch.

AyoofLaKo: i swear if she keeps doing that with her lips.. 😭😍

amelienine: Why did she even agree to this movie? Plus her scene was appalling :/

César Rodríguez: this woman makes me crazy

chlomo stewart: When did they shoot movie 43? Bc chloe looked so young

Lauren Karina: i reckon after she saw the movie she was either disgusted,highly dissapointed, or feel perverted. because Movie 43 sucks literally. The only good scene was hers (Middleschool Date). Even my friends that weren't her fans said that her part was the only thing hilarious about this movie.

ACherryOnTopp: Awwe she's soo sweet! Favorite actor!

skinny9283: Looks like he starts to check her out, but looks away quickly, check it out.

Boo Hon Huynh: dat leprechaun in the background lmao

hubzxwhat: still does not make it right..

hingedthomas: and how do u know he is not the same age??? idiot

Remus0387: Chloe Moretz has enough credibility to weather the storm of Movie 43, this will not harm in the long run.

Natalie: Sorry she was 15 HERE

Liger1: She's almost 17 dude ... you're off by 2 years

Natalie: Shes 15 dude..

matilabedz: i have a challange for u, go freak yourself
Chloe Grace Moretz talks Periods & Blood for Movie 43 Premiere 5 out of 5

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Chloe Grace Moretz talks Periods & Blood for Movie 43 Premiere