Dolmar PS-32 C Maken Noodles

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digitalseabee2012: Thank you, I actually just traded this saw in and some cash to pick up a Dolmar 6400 that was on sale for $480.00, so I'm itching to get it in some wood. I liked this little saw, for what it was it did it's job and was fun to limb with. I appreciate your comments, as I have watched you're channel before and seen your awesome stihl 440 it's nice to get some comradery :)

1porsche965: For it's size I'm impressed. You don't give her any slack that's for sure!
Dolmar PS-32 C maken noodles 5 out of 5

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Marchall White: This movie was great
Emily Muxic: aww josh is so short and cute :)
Chris Eye: obviously this is an old ass video, so hopefully someone is still reading these comments. Anyway, my tascam dr-40 crapped out on me and i dont have the money to buy a new audio recorder, so i cheaped out and picked up an xlr to 3.5 adapter. When i plug it in, i can see it is picking the sound by the db meter in the setting, but when i try to record I dont hear any audio on in camera playback. I do however hear it when i import the clip onto my computer. Is this normal? or do i need to tinker with setting to be able to hear the audio in camera?
I should note that when i do not have the external mic connected and its just the cameras internal mic, i do hear audio during playback. Thoughts?

TheBoss MA: Se fodeu, a história já é outra.
Vizzy: Dan schaus dri nicht an flamer
DargoDog: You actually just video taped this program and reposted it on Tube? Pittiful!
Gollum Rules: haha so what were your thoughts on them splitting a few months later right after the tour? you thought they would last another 5 to 10 years here.

Dolmar PS-32 C maken noodles