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TAMANNA HIP TOUCH 2.mp4 4.2 out of 5

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chowsneni2: denemma .......
Dame la mochila: Le doy like por cacaculopedoman
Worth A Buy: Just a mass answer to lots of different threads as to why I did not like the game (even though the video tells you) 1. I don't mind arcade driving games if they at least give the player a challenge without cheating (e.g. Police) 2. If I lose it on a bend and end up in a field or on a dirt track I should have to deal with it and try and get back on the road. in this game you simply press the magic noob button and instantly swap to your off road car (freak off please) 3. If I want to swap cars I should have to drive to my house (oh wait we don't have one) and exchange it for one in my garage. 4. If you pay lovely money you get all the top cars like the Ferrari 458 (pay to win if ever I have seen it) 5. Map is utterly boring, freewayzrus and I still maintain it's smaller than the total playing area of TDU2 it's certainly less interesting. 6. It lacks all the nice touches like avatars, ability to get out your car, shops, just stuff to do, I have to compare it to TDU2 as it's clearly stole a lot of ideas and it just falls way short in the area of immersion. 7. The cars drive well but that is about it. 8. £50 :o need I say more
StralorX: Schönes Video :) Eine Frage: Ich habe mir eyeTV vor einem halben Jahr gekauft, konnte aber leider nur 3 Sender finden, die dann noch sehr geruckelt haben. Deshalb habe ich es zurückgegeben. Macht es evtl. einen Unterschied, ob man es in Österreich oder Deutschland verwendet?
Tomoya Okazaki: salven al ocelote :( su habitat fue puesto en riesgo por el richmatus burratus minecraftianus :( jajajajjajajajaja
icantw8: Bad quality video x_x
Jack Mehoff: you guys ride like dumbfreaks