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adam aasbrink: Jag tror att Eragon vinner.. Annars har ja läst tidigare böcker i onödan :/
Trogdor8freebird: Could someone tell me if my understanding of these keyboards is decent or not? My understanding is: Blues = More for typing (Needing more deliberate force, which typing for many is already very deliberate in presses) Brown = Between blues & reds... Better as both a typing and gaming keyboard (Needing enough deliberate force, but still has enough leniency for gaming) Reds = More for gaming (People usually don't use nearly as much deliberate force on the keys while gaming, due to placement of hands, and other force already being delivered on the keyboard at that moment in time)
Tess Villious: Yo yo... Excellent film. My bro used to be a fat. He went from 279lbs of fat into 209lbs of pure lean muscle. His pals were in shock. I just joined myself coz I must greatly improve my whole body. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Search on Google)...
emaswat900: Please donate one of these to my volunteer unit. Thank you in advance.
Valefan SS: beutiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome
jada polobear: why does my firing pin block lever keep popping up blocking my slider from sliding back how can I fix
Delicross: I really enjoy personality and intelligence as a contributing factor in if I find a person attractive or not. A man who can make me laugh and hold an intelligent conversation without being extremely biased and unwilling to see all sides of any subject is AMAZING. I like observing, so starting a conversation on a subject they're passionate about is an amazingly awesome thing to watch. The facial expressions and the energy they exude is amazing.

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