Pronto Quick Weave - ChimereNicole

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How to do a Quick Weave (PRONTO)  @iamminglee
How to do a Quick Weave (PRONTO) @iamminglee
Pronto Quick Weave - ChimereNicole
Pronto Quick Weave - ChimereNicole
Quickweave Pronto: Blonde Bomshell ft. Stema Hair
Quickweave Pronto: Blonde Bomshell ft. Stema Hair
How to do a Pronto / Quick weave ! ♥
How to do a Pronto / Quick weave ! ♥

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Sassy pea: love it i like the way you lay ur tracks

D Cal: I love your channel!!! You show step by step and your styles look great!! Thank you, please don't stop the tutorials!

Deja Jefferson: This is so gorgeous girl you did the damn thing

Joan Onwuchekwa: What hair did you use?

Sherley Mezilus: I chimere Nicole
Can u do my hair like this plz I l live in New Jersey

LaTonya Moody: Honey. This is like my fav vid. I'm doing a pronto with a lace closure. 

Jametra Knight: Me to

Gideon Madu: looks really cute with it

Angeleyes3000: Lot of talent!!!

Tash B: No she


Veronica Freimuth: That is amazing, It really turned out beautiful.

Dee Black: Please do my hair 

Veeh Caldwell: Why didn't you show how you laid the tracks in the front?? That's what I was waiting on 😑

MZGREAT: I put the protectant on my hair to protect it and it also helps to hold down the when I wash it comes off like a wig

Myesha Kelley: Awesome your hair came out beautifully. I'm knew at this so please if you make another tutorial of this style can you show all of the laying of the tracks I know you explained how but again this is knew for me so seeing a full tutorial is what I need thanks. Good Job

Tammela Stubbs: HI Y DO U NEED 2 NEEDLES

Taylor Samone: I have brown hair , I wanna do this hair style , but I want to use color hair , do you think I should leave hair out , or no ?
Pronto Quick Weave - ChimereNicole 5 out of 5

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DrawingGirl4: Well thank you.. Sorry for a REALLY LATE REPLY.. But after all of the crap and research i had to go through.. I FINALLY I HAVE MY DERPY TOY!!!! Yes!! And since i am so happy i'll tell you how i did it!!! I got a Lily Blossom Off ebay... Cut her hair short to look like derpy.. And my mom used sizzers to remove the flower cutie mark, And painted bubbles..We are practicly finished all we need to do is finish the eyes and seal the paint. And then where done..Yay!
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Raven W: what size are the people/walkers for this you have displayed... I'd like more walkers... a few more people. thanx.
bosnianred7: great app, best wallpapers

Pronto Quick Weave - ChimereNicole