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Pronto Quick Weave Wig Tutorial   Body Brazilian Hair/Ife Kiora   Hair/Skincare Review
Pronto Quick Weave Wig Tutorial Body Brazilian Hair/Ife Kiora Hair/Skincare Review
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Quick Weave Bob (Pronto)
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Pronto Quick Weave - ChimereNicole
Pronto Quick Weave - ChimereNicole
How to do a Quick Weave (PRONTO)  @iamminglee
How to do a Quick Weave (PRONTO) @iamminglee

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Soncheray Hall: this came out cute queen. I love how full the bangs are!

Thinking Songs: Could you please do a video on how to curl your hair?

Chel X: what are the lengths?

Ashanti Coley: I like this video I will watch this alot

Cynthia Everett: I will be trying it. Very nice!

Katrina Erwin: I love this style.

Shawna Ph.D: Your Amazing.

LaTonya Moody: This video never gets old.

Nellie Hairston,RMA: how long does this normal take?

Nicole Silverman: 😢I wuz watching dis video to see u curling da bangs.
Why amp me up to see u curl da bangs but don't show it?😔 I understand u have tons of videos on curling ur hair but wen u amp me up to see it in THIS video, u let me down😔 wit a quick note abt how u have tons of other videos of u curling hair. 😔

Mariah Gbaluo: really nice

Bella BRI: Are u able to reuse the hair after puttin glue to it ?

Cherry Bomb (Pharrah): Failed,to much tlkin

latasha roland: did u spray anything on the hair?

Lady Krys Bernice: OMG you did that!

Tarisha Brown: thats the only part thats confusing me.

Tarisha Brown: im confused about when u said the horeshoe shape part, do you bring it all the way up to your bangs or like from side to other side n jus keep going up in the slanted type of pattern due to the u bein more on the side ?

D Cal: I love your channel!!! You show step by step and your styles look great!! Thank you, please don't stop the tutorials!

Deja Jefferson: This is so gorgeous girl you did the damn thing
Pronto Quick Weave - ChimereNicole 5 out of 5

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Pronto Quick Weave - ChimereNicole