Pronto Quick Weave - ChimereNicole

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How to do a Quick Weave (PRONTO)  @iamminglee
How to do a Quick Weave (PRONTO) @iamminglee
Pronto Quick Weave - ChimereNicole
Pronto Quick Weave - ChimereNicole
Quickweave Pronto: Blonde Bomshell ft. Stema Hair
Quickweave Pronto: Blonde Bomshell ft. Stema Hair
How to do a Pronto / Quick weave ! ♥
How to do a Pronto / Quick weave ! ♥

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Sassy pea: love it i like the way you lay ur tracks

D Cal: I love your channel!!! You show step by step and your styles look great!! Thank you, please don't stop the tutorials!

Deja Jefferson: This is so gorgeous girl you did the damn thing

Joan Onwuchekwa: What hair did you use?

Sherley Mezilus: I chimere Nicole
Can u do my hair like this plz I l live in New Jersey

LaTonya Moody: Honey. This is like my fav vid. I'm doing a pronto with a lace closure. 

Jametra Knight: Me to

Gideon Madu: looks really cute with it

Angeleyes3000: Lot of talent!!!

Tash B: No she


Veronica Freimuth: That is amazing, It really turned out beautiful.

Dee Black: Please do my hair 

Veeh Caldwell: Why didn't you show how you laid the tracks in the front?? That's what I was waiting on 😑

MZGREAT: I put the protectant on my hair to protect it and it also helps to hold down the when I wash it comes off like a wig

Myesha Kelley: Awesome your hair came out beautifully. I'm knew at this so please if you make another tutorial of this style can you show all of the laying of the tracks I know you explained how but again this is knew for me so seeing a full tutorial is what I need thanks. Good Job

Tammela Stubbs: HI Y DO U NEED 2 NEEDLES

Taylor Samone: I have brown hair , I wanna do this hair style , but I want to use color hair , do you think I should leave hair out , or no ?
Pronto Quick Weave - ChimereNicole 5 out of 5

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Pronto Quick Weave - ChimereNicole