Bose SoundLink Mini Vs UE Boom

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Ultimate Ears UE Mini Boom Unboxing. Review & Sound Comparison vs Bose Soundlink Mini
Ultimate Ears UE Mini Boom Unboxing. Review & Sound Comparison vs Bose Soundlink Mini
Bose SoundLink Mini vs UE Boom
Bose SoundLink Mini vs UE Boom
Bose Soundlink Color Review vs. UE Boom & Jawbone Jambox
Bose Soundlink Color Review vs. UE Boom & Jawbone Jambox
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UE Boom 2 vs. Bose SoundLink Mini 2
The Best Bluetooth Speaker?
The Best Bluetooth Speaker?

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has tv: its two of the worst bluetooth speakers ever made

DubCedSky: The bose speaker is 50 euros more expensive though

Angelo Dracoulis: White music, UE.
Black music, Bose.

Ghetto Wizard: black widow's tsunami blue tooth speaker sounds way louder than either one of these!!! plus it comes with remote, all for $50 at Walmart.Truth!!!

Andy Lee: I have both, sound wise Bose is much richer. UE boom have more open sound louder clearer but loosing a detail. The sound quality, Bose wins. In efficiency wise, I think UE boom is more flexible.

Outcast Outdoors: They both sound just like my ipad.

WALLETNOSE: HAHAHA, I first thought that you said the Bose had 7200% battery life (WTF?). I went with the UE Boom 2, received both for Christmas and sending the Bose back. FYI: Amazon showed slightly better review rates for the Bose.

Tuan Malik: Song 8:13 ???

Mr. Shug: Nice review I decided to get the UE boon

panayiotis konstantos: One of the best review i have see, very good comparison. A few people try to learn how to make a proper comparison between two devices, but i can't decide what speaker i like better . The UE Boom 2 sounds very analytical to high frequencies and the Bose Soundlink Mini lets say have more bass but the highs are very poor. I guess i must find the speakers in stores and listen them live to decide what is best for me. And all of you that you don't know what speaker is better for your ears, go to a store and if it's possible listen live the speaker you like with your music you like. This is the best you can do. But the video says much and i have the first good images from the speakers. So thanks for the good job in your video sir. Keep make good videos like this. I subscribe now.

Clarence Gatling: minds must be weird because I get 30 hours of battery life if I'm listening to say smooth jazz at 50% volume but I only get 2 hours of battery life if in have it turned up all the way listen to a lot of bass why is that if you know UE Boom?

Israel Mesina: bose crap for metal

yaya2006: Incredible review, thanks! Bose has the bass but it is not water resistant, it doesn't have an app and it can not be used as mic like Boom. I want a speaker for outdoors and when traveling, therfore i will go with Boom. They will sell it for just $99 canadian dollars this coming boxing day at BestBuy and it is listed as door crusher. I am getting it !! :)

Adam Kacho: It's rather evident with this review the poor quality of Bose drivers. Along with Beats Audio, they rely on equalization and chamber resonance to make cheap paper drivers sound decent. The UE drivers sound so much clearer and defined, but lack low end. If you are looking for the best of both worlds (great drivers, digital equalization, and chamber resonance), look at JBL bluetooth speakers.

Rudy Cruz: Can someone explain to me how the sound waves test worked??

PocketGaming HD: The Ue Boom is way better i have both ... Bose one isnt loud

guscles25: Bose was the clear winner for sound quality. the kinslayer sounded like crap on the UE boom.

Domenico Parise: Sorry Bose

Göran Ekström: You talk too fast!!!

Towabear: i got the soundlink mini ii bose gave it a new feature, speakerphone and made charging the battery easier is uses micro usb
Bose SoundLink Mini vs UE Boom 5 out of 5

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has tv: its two of the worst bluetooth speakers ever made
Abhishek Mondal: Melissa Stribling is mesmerising.
Sekhar Babu: He is a trend setter..
GC, PBD: Almost thought I saw a character break-- then I didn't see that.
Shubham Sinha: i m going to buy this alpha , so could any suggest me should i buy or not. whats it battery backup as i listen its run till 4h in 4g network. please give me review
daisylyn1000: Can you please do more Dollarama haul videos, I love Dollarama!!
Bob Bob: (pointing in mock rage) Bait & switch! BAIT & SWITCH!!!

Bose SoundLink Mini vs UE Boom