Browning 22 Semi Auto Rifle

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LeRoy Winnie: Best take down .22 rifle that I believe that is out there today. This is my opinion .

Tracy Stubblèfield: My Granddad had this but it was made by Remington. Just like they also made some of the humpback Browning autoloading shotguns , they also made this patent. 22 as well . Unfortunately , his was lost in a burglary in the 60's .

Wayne Nutter: Purchased mine around 1982. It is made in Japan. The only .22 semi auto rifle I will ever own. One sweet little rifle.

Jim Sober: My son inherited a Belgium made one from his maternal grandfather. It is like new and a fine piece.

David Russell: I have the Belgium version purchased in 1967 in mint condition and would like to sell it.

JustLookN: Nice rifle but way too pricey as well as low tube capacity. It's easier to load the tube but I'd rather a Marlin 60 or a Nylon 66. But it is beautiful !

Jeronimo Ortiz: como melo pueden mandar uno de esos

Jeronimo Ortiz: como melo pueden mandar uno de esos

Jeronimo Ortiz: como melo pueden mandar uno de esos.

Jeronimo Ortiz: como melo pueden mandar uno de esos.

mark roge: A good clean 1967 Belgium will bring about, $800

Tony Davies: thats a repop of the good one wich is the remington/browning

jockellis: My uncle gave an early '50s standard grade to my son in 2004. When I was about 7 in 1955, he and other uncles took us out to a field and we shot it a few times - less than 50. It was never shot again until my son fired it about 2010. My uncle told me the really expensive collectible Brownings were made before John died. This one was worth about $700.

Flailton Rodrigues: muito legal

Tommy Sands: ill take the japanese made ones any day

kongkoi puli: nice gun ,I like it.

Terri Avery: got one...i love it....had a 22 rem pump action,also an excellent gun......jda

Marty Jewell: I got a Norinco ATD .22 in 1990. Comparing it to a Browning is no contest. In all fairness, the Norinco was $120 and the lowest GRADE Browning is about $600, IF you can find one. My ATD didn't have an instruction book but the Browning book is almost perfect. Take down and cleaning is exactly the same.
I find I can't get my face down low enough to comfortably use the rear sight and mine doesn't fold down for a scope though the barrel is drilled and tapped for a cantilever mount. With a little practice I can shoot iron sights quite well with this gun, out to about 35yds. Hey, I'm 65 now! As with most .22's, functional ammo can be a PIA. I have found the Remington Thunderbolt to feed and shoot excellently. NO JAMS!!, no kidding, and being Rem's 'Promo' fodder it's also pretty cheap. Last batch I bought in 2013 were $14.99 (brick). Needless to say I got 5,000 rounds. Nice high gloss finish on the stock and the checkering (machined) is pretty sharp. A little scroll work on the receiver is a nice touch.
Really a very nice rifle and a great value in .22's. Happy shooting!!

Steve Rossi: Great review, thanks! I have one of the 1968 Belgium models that my Grandpa gave me in the mid 90's. I never fired it because I wasn't sure how to operate it properly. Thanks to this video, I'll be taking her out to the range soon.

heinekenboy: that cool my city is righted on your canon Montreal P.Q nice video
Browning 22 Semi Auto Rifle 5 out of 5

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Browning 22 Semi Auto Rifle