Browning 22 Semi Auto Rifle

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kris jackson: very nice rifle. kangaroos and rabbits hate them

Vrai Forte Du Nord Et Gratuit (A Canadian): Is it possible to modify this to shoot .22 magnum?

Jaz Galloway: The only I don't like is if your wearing baggy leaves hot shells tend to burn your arm

Boris Scott: Nice video. I want one of these so bad I can almost taste it.

Pete Hanton: I've had one for 10 years.  My yard butts up to the woods and my wife feeds wild birds and chipmunks, needless to say, in the past two years I've shot 18 rats and two opossums.  Great point and shoot rifle, perfect for varmint control!

Airgun Freedom: Excellent video,thanks.Liked and subscribed.

Pio Sian: The Chinese Clone Is almost an exact copy, just jacks up the price of the real thing.

Norman morrison: THANK YOU RALPH, almost got caught while using it because i didnt know how to disassemble it, pretty easy though.

virtualfreak1: Made in Japan = fail!

Caleb Whittington: Awesome design. John browning was a genius. 

nilson sebastião ramos da silva: adorei esta arma

gerade bowden: looks like a robust design but an elegant shape.

marc dewey: I saw one on these SA 22 rifles on Gander Mountains web site  priced at almost 1700.00 dollars and I don't doubt they are good rifles but that's pretty steep for a 22.  The price of my Ruger 10/22  was around 180.00 dollars at Walmart about fifteen years ago and sure they have went up in price since then depending on which model you choose and they make several different ones now but are still reasonably priced and the one I have is a tack driver and will perform just as well as any.

Lorenzo Benton: I have one of these made from Belgium, but mine has a gold trigger.  Is there anyway to find out what year this was made?  Also the stock is loose and it has a small piece of wood missing, where can I order authentic parts for this?

xXRam PowerXx: I have this gun but it's a Remington anyone know what it's called

John Doe: How does this .22 hold up using assortment of cheap to more costly ammo? Seems to be a trend that various semi-auto .22s jam, double feed, & some catch before ejecting all the way..... I been huntin since I was 4, plus 8yrs military servive, so I know all the usual tricks (remove the factory gun grease after purchasing, check for spurs/bumps/etc, & clean after each hunt &/or shootin session). I've bought cheap & more expensive semi-auto .22s (not as expensive as this Browning though), but all seem to have the same negative issues. What's your take?

dudley237: Great review.  My grandad had this gun and passed it down to me.  Come to find out it was made in Belgium.  Great surprise.  Can't wait to clean it and then take it out and shoot it.

Craig Kendall: My grandfather gave me one just like that in the early '80s.  Mine is a Remington.  Very accurate firearm.

marcus Austdal: i actually got 2 belgian ones, that i got from my grandpa never tought they were collectables.
Browning 22 Semi Auto Rifle 5 out of 5

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Browning 22 Semi Auto Rifle