Worlds Fastest RC P51 4 Blade Mustang

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Worlds Fastest RC P51 4 Blade Mustang
Worlds Fastest RC P51 4 Blade Mustang
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P-51 Mustang RC Warbird Flight Review in HD!
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Ultra-Micro RC P-51 Mustang Review By Eric
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0311TYPE: How do you make a prop, a "Propeller System". Why not just a prop? Is it an extra special prop? A "Propeller Especial"?

AffiliatePro: I used to love Mustangs, then I went to every flying field in America.

Jeff RcRc: Yeah everything so wonderful that's what you got out of the airplane business

fnlrun: My buddies 82" Ziroli with a 3W85 Weighed in at 22 lbs. 37 is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to heavy

Rick Higson: Absolutely amazing!

RakinBill: That beast is loud! Beautiful scale bird.

RakinBill: I just went to Aero works website, and they are closed as of Oct. 28/2016

Wayne Yates: Hello Fred, very nice video and plane. I went to Aero works website and they have closed. the business. Do you have any idea where I can buy a P-51 similar to this model, at or near the same quality ?

Christopher Knee: Fantastic. Now THAT looks real scale! Did you use a gear reduction unit?
Please supply the speeds with the 26x12 two blade and the XXxXX four blade prop. What was the dimensions of the four blade prop used. Where did you get the four bladed prop from?

Col Frost: this things ugly  lol  , such  rookies

albert19ful: Nice plane ,and nice flight ,plus perfect landing

blastman8888: Looking at their website says, "Airplane no longer in production. Looking for replacement parts please call (303) 371-4222 for availability" website is gone also looks like they stopped making the P51 and the company who made this video is out of business 6 year old video doesn't surprise me.

Glen Chadwick: I thought he said at the 6.05 mark that it's NOT gunna be as fast as the fastest one out there...
but I tell ya what.. it's the coolest... maybe I wasn't listening... :-)

Talha Hashmi: mr. fred. loved the video. learned a few things. I'm in a learning phase of RC modeling. just trying to put together epo foam P51. my first project. made some mistakes but caught them and trying to fix and improve the cut design. Hope it I wish it works. Where we are from we respect our elders and always seek advice. though I'm 34 but you learn at each phase. Thank you for your beautiful illustration.

Greg Heckert: I don't care if it has 10 blades, you're full of crap. It's not the world's fastest p51 4blade. Quit trying to boost your ego. There's so many idiots in this world.

Greg Heckert: World's fastest P51? Yeah right. I hate people who lie.

jfingerskeys: nice build i just got a 65 inch wingspan p51 and cant wait to get her up in the air..j

kenmercermusic: Awesome engine sound!

James Morfison: Fred, this is Jim my j in Montgomery Alabama just got to say even tho I'm into Large Helicopters That is one BADASS Looking Plane ,wish I was richer .ha ha that's a joke ,but for real it is a Fantastic looking plane You'll keep up the Great Work your doing cause you HAVE MY UNDEVIDED ATTENTION. Thanks Again for your Great Products jjm in Montgomery Alabama Sent

Lana83120: Extremely cool. But the first thing I'd do would be to chop down that massive tree right in the middle of the flying field!
Worlds Fastest RC P51 4 Blade Mustang 5 out of 5

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0311TYPE: How do you make a prop, a "Propeller System". Why not just a prop? Is it an extra special prop? A "Propeller Especial"?
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Worlds Fastest RC P51 4 Blade Mustang