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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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adam grant monroe: I bet these kittys. Never even shoot opana before lol
iEaglesMV7: lmao PS4 can't even run this game at 60 fps, next gen my ass
acgstereoman: I'm actually an auto accessories installer, but if someone needs a garage door opener installed, I'll do it as long as they're willing to pay
Madhav Sharma: that is some great work that hes done to the car. absolutely beautiful finish. i have nothing but appreciation and love for you brother :D
javier bonadeo: que forro que sos lo tiraste re abajo el telefono, ahora no me dan ganas de comprarlo
kromwell smith: and the line,"give me a phat beat to beat my buddy's ass to!"you don't hear that every day.
Telula1313: I have a bich-poo, but he looks like snowball with curlier fur. Snowball and your other dogs seem like those dogs that while may be a little trouble, still give you something to smile about everyday, like my Elvis ;) it's the little things, those adorable little quirks

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