AK47 Yugo M70AB2 Vs WASR 10/63

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AK47 Yugo M70AB2 vs WASR 10/63
AK47 Yugo M70AB2 vs WASR 10/63
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AK47 Underfolder WASR 10/63 UF
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Wasr 10-63 AK-47
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1st Successful Grenade Launch off of my Yugo M70AB2 AK47
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Century Yugo Zastava M70 O-PAP AK-47 Rifle Review (HD)
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AK-47 WASR-10 Century Arms Refinishing. final product
My new AK-47 (Century Arms M70 AB2 Yugo Underfolder)
My new AK-47 (Century Arms M70 AB2 Yugo Underfolder)

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Shawn Hinzman: These are made new by zastava in Yugoslavia. They are only imported by Century under the PAP line. As far as I can tell these are very nice quality rifles with heavier receivers than even the arsenal AKs.

Ken Kimmel: Your WASR is tore up because it was actually used in many fire fights where your Yugo was probably range fired or training rifle. 

ethan lunney: Great looking rifles..not into the tacticool ak thing myself but still both great lookin rifles

jason867: You'll soon find out that the Yugo aks, even the CAI made ones, are a lot nicer than most off the shelf aks. Check out some of my videos on my YouTube channel to see what a Yugo AK can really do!

Kurt X: Dude! You've got an original M70 reciever! Century has been using US made M70 recievers on the M70AB2 for a while now.See if the barrel is Yugo made as well. That Yugo reciever is awesome.Nice going.

L Franyie: lol

Kurt X: Oh....Darn.When I saw the trademark on the upper,I got excitied. Still,a great rifle.Mine is a DC industries reciever.No idea who made the barrel.

ubuntu032: Serbian Zastava Arms and Russian IZH produces best AK models!I own 6 Zastavas rifles 2xM70 ,4xM48 and 3 M57 pistols...They are serving me for 10 years without failure or jam...When I was in hunt I lost my M57 and after 2 years I was walking into the forest and from the little river M57 was shining...I just greased him and he works perfectly :D

MultiCockta: @cybercat84065 its not in yugoslavian its in serbian yugoslavia has been devided in the 1990's in the civil war

FriedSomeStuff: It's like the people who get their dolled up 1911s that only run a certain brand of ball ammo to use as a carry piece. At some point it stops being a weapon & becomes some kind of fashion statement.

shishiromura: Im having such a hard time choosing between the two :(

ChristPunch316: I just got a Yugo M70ab2 myself last week, love it to death. My WASR 10/63 has always been good to me, but the quality is a world apart.

coburna5: That zastava running? They are usually trouble because of there single stack bolt. Wasr will last you in the long run

CoryCDS: if you can afford an ar you can afford one of these yugos lol

vukman jovovic: Yugo M70AB2 best replica of ak47 and some say it is better than ak47

Focus1025: Your safety is blacker than the receiver just like mine, ive always wadered why it was though

Clayton Sells: Your wasr was probobley used so dont go talkin crap

Jon smith: Nice rifles man

coldbrewbeer: I have one of those..nice gun.

AustrianSeljak: @cybercat84065 hey man i finally found an m70. This gun shop near where i live ordered one but it is taking forever for it to come in. do you know how long it takes for century to ship these guns?

esh325: "very good YUGO quality that every AK lover dreams of." This gun wasn't a dream for me, it was a nightmare. My Century M70 rifle didn't function out the box, and the stock button fell out when I worked it a few times. Century builds have no consistency in their quality, so I think they are junk. A real Serbian or Yugoslovian built AK is vastily superior.

MI AK FREAK: Century m70ab2 built by century Wasr1063 built by century or CAI century arms International

cybercat84065: @satinwarship haha thats something i would do . Drive out west and unload a few mags im glad to see you enjoy the m70 as much as i do . Sub for more vids to come on both of these guns. Thanks

greygoosevodka1: cool gun!

L Franyie: I don't know man, but if it was made in US, they made it really good dude

Nemkez: Yugoslavian ak is made better than the Romanian, not only for the material


AustrianSeljak: @cybercat84065 where did you get the yugo ak i can not find one.

TexasRushing: Nope Global is out of Rhome TX and Century is from Georgia, VT. What a lot of people don't realize is these companies buy parts kits and assemble them under their type7 FFL. Even though a rifle may have Yugo on it there could also be other parts, has to be some parts made in the US in order to be 922r compliant. If you find a 100% original Yugo it will be a preban and will not be cheap.

fishfrizbee: This is Great I saw These two rifles for sale in an add and this was the perfect comparison, Precise and convienient, who woulda thunk it

motlencore89: @shishiromura m70 is better overall, but id change the barrel, because they are not chrome bored, while surprisingly, most WASR's are, but as long as you keep the barrel clean, or dont shoot really corosive ammo(which im sure you would anyways becuase how cheap it is) i wouldnt worry about it.

Kocayine: Relax. Most of the parts (if not all? I dunno) are made in USA, is what he is saying. They havent been importing them from Zastava.

amrix15mag: Nice ak. Looks Good. Nice color on wasr. Is that flat dark earth? Great vid.

FMAStudent: Congrats Bro. Thanks for the video. Do you still have these rifles? The Yugoslavians love their friggen Grenade launchers, don't they? hahaha. I just put an ATI folding stock on my Yugo SKS and I must admit it looks pretty sick..... The only thing is the weight. I'm a strong guy and these full size Yugo SKS's will wear you out, quick.

L Franyie: I got my yo m70 from GLOBAL MACHINE & TOOL. I don't know if is the same "Century Arms" but I shot out more than 2 thousand rounds without problems not even misfire

cybercat84065: @esh325 well naturally yes the REAL Zastava arms factory built full auto military issue M70 would be vastily superior than anything built here in america. but that does suck that yours was a lemon. id be one pissed off hombre

cybercat84065: @fishfrizbee thank you . They are both great fire arms. Subscribe for more videos to come soon on both guns

TVBalkan: Made in Serbia baby... If we know how to make something, those would be food, liquor and guns. :)

esh325: @cybercat84065 I'm sure you'll have better luck then I did.

Horsey Tort: You should stop letting your wife be your husband bro

TexasRushing: It sounds like your still very new to AK's or firearms for that matter. If your Yugo does not have the x and y dimples then you got the thicker reciever, but there are a few Yugo's with these dimples. As for the machineing marks, some Yugo's have then just as some WASR's do not. And then there is the weight, your comparing the yugo to a wasr with plastic furniture. Bottom line is the Yugo is a more desirable rifle and usually have a heavier barrel. Remember most are assembled from parts kits.

cybercat84065: @esh325 well naturally yes the REAL Zastava arms factory built full auto military issue M70 would be vastily superior over anything built here in america. but that does suck that yours was a lemon. id be one pissed off hombre

TexasRushing: There are some preban floating around that are really nice but they bring a nice price also, I've owned a few CAI firearms and some sucked and the others performed well. I guess it depends what day they were built, monday getting over a hangover and friday just wanting to get off work. j/k, If I were to pick only one it would be the Yugo because of the heavier barrel. One thing though, if you have to tote th AK around all day the lighter model would start sounding good, Waiting on my RPD

AustrianSeljak: @cybercat84065 yea i've gone to gun shops they said they could order them then when they called their supplier they say there are none. im bosnian so i really wanted the yugo its a beautiful gun n really good quality but i guess im just gonna have to go with the wasr 10. i dont want to oder online cause of the whole FFL license n crap. n you got lucky to get that gun. oh n nice vid man

jeremy weeks: i agree with all youve said but my wasr is still badass...its not as pretty as my m70ab2 or my bulgy 74 but its still a reliable firearm...i actually traded my arsenal slr107 and kept the wasr as my primary.but know my m70ab2 is my best friend!! but i agree its so much better quality

SilentGhilly: I got the same exact gun tag, box, an all. cost me a hella of alot prombly the only ak i will buy. but its worth it i guess like he said some real quality rifles.

protektiONEL: Yugoslavia is Serbia Yugoslavia consists of six republics and the rifle was made ​​before the breakup of Yugoslavia.

6thMessenger: Century sucks donkey nuts. I got one with a barrel that was rusted and just about smoothe and both the grenade site and the front site were canted. I had to send it back to century twice because the first time they claimed to have fixed everything...but they didn't do jack. Finally 5 months after I purchased the M70 I was able to shoot it. After 10 shots it jammed. Yes kids...freakin jammed. The trigger sping was loose and was getting stuck behind the hammer... Never again century.

Big Sean: Where did you buy it? Online if you did.

projecktchaos: Nice rifle, I'm checking all videos to see which would be the most reliable and affordable ak, I already have an AR
AK47 Yugo M70AB2 vs WASR 10/63 4.7 out of 5

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AK47 Yugo M70AB2 vs WASR 10/63