AK47 Yugo M70AB2 Vs WASR 10/63

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M70 AB2 YUGO AK 47
M70 AB2 YUGO AK 47
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Zastava N-PAP M70 Gen II AK-47 - Unboxing and Overview
Yugo N-PAP Zastava ak 47 (serbian) review
Yugo N-PAP Zastava ak 47 (serbian) review

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Juicerock574: Holy freak, keep the camera still!

tyrone lenox: How much you pay for it

Ken Kimmel: Your WASR is tore up because it was actually used in many fire fights where your Yugo was probably range fired or training rifle.  

Shawn Hinzman: These are made new by zastava in Yugoslavia. They are only imported by Century under the PAP line. As far as I can tell these are very nice quality rifles with heavier receivers than even the arsenal AKs.

ethan lunney: Great looking rifles..not into the tacticool ak thing myself but still both great lookin rifles

SamJ1986: Are you asshole?

coburna5: Sell those two and buy an Arsenal. You'll be glad you did.

coburna5: That zastava running? They are usually trouble because of there single stack bolt. Wasr will last you in the long run

Big Sean: Where did you buy it? Online if you did.

AvalaNo1: If he is a redneck, you are too :) Since you are from Uzice :) Don't forget that the "redneck" actually is offending word for American people, and should not be used when addressing to them.

SilentGhilly: I got the same exact gun tag, box, an all. cost me a hella of alot prombly the only ak i will buy. but its worth it i guess like he said some real quality rifles.

Kocayine: Relax. Most of the parts (if not all? I dunno) are made in USA, is what he is saying. They havent been importing them from Zastava.


FMAStudent: Congrats Bro. Thanks for the video. Do you still have these rifles? The Yugoslavians love their friggen Grenade launchers, don't they? hahaha. I just put an ATI folding stock on my Yugo SKS and I must admit it looks pretty sick..... The only thing is the weight. I'm a strong guy and these full size Yugo SKS's will wear you out, quick.

Stefan Cvetkovic: Kragujevac asshole!!!!!!

Jon smith: Nice rifles man

TVBalkan: Made in Serbia baby... If we know how to make something, those would be food, liquor and guns. :)

Focus1025: Your safety is blacker than the receiver just like mine, ive always wadered why it was though

Horsey Tort: You should stop letting your wife be your husband bro

jason867: You'll soon find out that the Yugo aks, even the CAI made ones, are a lot nicer than most off the shelf aks. Check out some of my videos on my YouTube channel to see what a Yugo AK can really do!
AK47 Yugo M70AB2 vs WASR 10/63 5 out of 5

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AK47 Yugo M70AB2 vs WASR 10/63