Charter Arms Pathfinder .22 WMR Review (NEW)

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Md729: What brand of grips are they and where can I buy them

sudaev: LOL @ the crapty musical interlude. Welcome to the new Amerikwa....

roughredneck 22 44 45: try the cci red tnt 22 mag ammo. it's way better than the hp+v . Ik I bought both and tried them

Emil: Would like one in .22 mag

Lukin Achoo: nice, where did you get the wood grips?

In Glock We Trust: I like the Pathfinder, and I hear now the new ones are 8 shots instead of 6.

Peidmonte89: never had such problems, they work fine for me, smooth trigger pulls, reliable, on par with a Taurus. And to me Taurus also makes a good gun. Some people bash these companies, I never had a problem with them and Charter's Customer Service is Supreme! When did you buy your charters and why not go sell them rather than have them disposed of?

bigtoad45: I had two Pathfinders. A 2" and 4". The 2" had so many issues and was sent back so many times Charter replaced it. The new one wasn't much better. Accuracy was horrible with either gun. I finally had enough and sent both back to Charter Arms with a note telling them to just keep the steaming piles of dung. Both guns were loose and sloppy. Quality is below par. For what I spent on them I could have bought a good Ruger or Smith. I'll eat the loss. It's worth it to save getting an ulcer.....

Spacecoastz: I replaced the spring...problem seems to be solved.

Spacecoastz: Wish I knew what was wrong with mine. Waiting on a new main spring, and if that doesn't work, its going back. I was really surprised when I couldn't get any rounds to fire using just trigger.

Peidmonte89: never had a problem with that in either of my 2 flawless Charters. They go bang every time and they take abuse!

Spacecoastz: My Charter will not fire in DA mode. I would never trust it as a self-defense weapon.

baldbollocks: Great.........Thanks !

chasesf1: Just a quick tip, if you want to get really good at reloading, do it in a low light conditions. Then n no light conditions to get a feel and a flow for reloading the gun.

Peidmonte89: They sell the Pathfinder and then the Pathfinder "target" model which has the 4". Both are great guns and this is a smooth shooter for sure!

Peidmonte89: no its not really a big deal actually Im just a picky person.

codgod6928: Sorry 4"

codgod6928: How did u get the short barell? All the rest are 9"

SnkyCyanTurtle: That sacred me a little when you pointed the gun at the camera I could not imagine the real deal. Oh and watch out with the spent cases and not spent cases one could get confused when in a hurry. And thats a good looking gun right there.

Peidmonte89: I got em at MidwayUSA. You can buy em right on their website.
Charter Arms Pathfinder .22 WMR Review (NEW) 5 out of 5

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ProgramThis!: if anyone has a problem with accuracy with their automatic,, i found if you you lay the watch a certain way you can either gain or loose time. If you watch runs fast sit it overnight with the crown upwards. Too slow, lay it face up! You will never have to adjust the time!
Dania Mu: Thanks
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Charter Arms Pathfinder .22 WMR Review (NEW)