Charter Arms Pathfinder .22 WMR Review (NEW)

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Charter Arms and their occ chopper.
Charter Arms and their occ chopper.
Charter Arms and their OCC chopper
Charter Arms and their OCC chopper
This doesn't sell me on charter
This doesn't sell me on charter
Charter Review
Charter Review
Charter does not know what they are doing  2/25/2011
Charter does not know what they are doing 2/25/2011

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Art Smith: Disappointing you have to cook the hammer to open and expose the rear sigjts.

Tom Burcicki: Umm, aaah, duh, what is this guy, some kind of dummy? Who talks like this?

DAVE WAYNE: I watched your video and went to Charter's web site where I found their ad for speed loaders. I liked your page and the info I got from you has helped me greatly. The speed loaders are great. I thought I would never find some until I saw your post Thank you for your help.

darkmountainman23: The review is nice but the music is cancer.

Chas No: That's a very handsome gun. It might be a good choice for a girl's first gun, and your young daughter might be very pleased with it, but why isn't it a .38? Don't you care about her? She needs a gun that will drop a rapist/murderer, not one that will annoy him while he's killing her.

DAVE WAYNE: I bought mine for $300 a yr. ago in SC. I have been looking all over for a few speed loaders for it. Where did you get yours? I love my little 22 mag.

Randy Nester: nice video. pay no mind to haters. their like ass holes..and to afraid to do their pen videos. any way I have a charter arms 38. nice. had no issues what so ever. only shot a few times tho. I have a collection of 5 snubs. all 38's. thinking of getting the 22lr. mainly for the wife..yours look nice with the smaller grips. mine I have oversized walnut. but yours look cool...thanks for the vid...

bigtoad45: I had two Pathfinder .22 magnum revolvers and had nothing but issues. Both had to be sent back 3-4 times for repairs. They came back worse than before. I sold one for a huge loss and Nick, the owner of Charter Arms, bought back the other one out of pure embarrassment. Ever heard of that happening? They were junk.

Adrian Yanez: Awsome video Man!

sn00ch: Hey bro! Real informative video!
If I may be so bold at to give it a professional critique, let me be so bold as to say you're a great orator! The thing you REALLY need to do is reduce or eliminate the "uugghhhs" and the "uummmssssss". Other than that your vids are really informative, thorough, and totally watchable! Keep up the great work fella! 👊

J: Your music sucks big black roosters.

frank reza: Let me know if you want to sell that charter 😏

frank reza: Come to Texas bro

frank reza: Bro hope your doing well . Miss the vids

Md729: What brand of grips are they and where can I buy them

roughredneck 22 44 45: try the cci red tnt 22 mag ammo. it's way better than the hp+v . Ik I bought both and tried them

Emil: Would like one in .22 mag

Lukin Achoo: nice, where did you get the wood grips?

In Glock We Trust: I like the Pathfinder, and I hear now the new ones are 8 shots instead of 6.

Peidmonte89: never had such problems, they work fine for me, smooth trigger pulls, reliable, on par with a Taurus. And to me Taurus also makes a good gun. Some people bash these companies, I never had a problem with them and Charter's Customer Service is Supreme! When did you buy your charters and why not go sell them rather than have them disposed of?
Charter Arms Pathfinder .22 WMR Review (NEW) 5 out of 5

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Art Smith: Disappointing you have to cook the hammer to open and expose the rear sigjts.
dr penguin: i was like "aww" when sonic went mini but when i got tails an he got mini i was all like "HOLY CRAP is is that ith dat mini tails? omg omg SEGA WHY DIDINT YOU DO THIS WITH MORE SONIC GAMES"
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sivartniknar: i have one of those and it is a bitch to pic man , top shelf brow :~)
chris theodoridis: Please drlgergt watch my video.
Ac Acdc: I can't tell in which part of the cabin you are working on.

Charter Arms Pathfinder .22 WMR Review (NEW)