Charter Arms Pathfinder .22 WMR Review (NEW)

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Charter Arms Pathfinder .22 WMR Review (NEW)
Charter Arms Pathfinder .22 WMR Review (NEW)
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Lukin Achoo: nice, where did you get the wood grips?

In Glock We Trust: I like the Pathfinder, and I hear now the new ones are 8 shots instead of 6.

DON C.: nice litte gun.

Peidmonte89: @iowndunoob LOL, thanks man. I still love it too!

codgod6928: How did u get the short barell? All the rest are 9"

DudeGuy1973: Good looking little revolver.

iowndunoob: WHY DID YOU MUZZLE ME!!! DONT YOU KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT FIREARMS AND THE INTERNET!?!? you can shoot your camra and the round will fly thru the net and shoot my screen and hit me ; ; (kidding) dude your revolver is sexy.

runninonempiy: @Peidmonte89 Yea..It sucks..How would I know what language it is? I speak english..Nice video I am a fan of Charter arms,H&R,and Sentinels.And thanks for posting.I just dont like that sound..Oh its not music as you said..You need musical instruments to create music..

Peidmonte89: @bigtoad45 they were made for all 6 shot .22 magnums. Check out their website for the info they have a whole chart their.

bigtoad45: What about accuracy? Fine showing off the gun but we want to see targets...... Other than that, nice video...

Peidmonte89: never had a problem with that in either of my 2 flawless Charters. They go bang every time and they take abuse!

krazy45cat: Great Video and great 22mag .

Peidmonte89: @generalgene007 thank you! Just wait till you see whats replacing it! LOL.

Peidmonte89: @busch327 thank you!

FireArmsResQ: Great video man! Loving all these revolver videos that people have been uploading lately!

Peidmonte89: @kalel01a it will be close but not the same. Charter has 8 groove rifling making the rounds hit a little harder, faster, and more accurate. I also wish they added foot pounds but they dont. Still cool they added this and updated their website! Much better layout. Thanks btw.

themexican325: Where did you get the speed loaders from I need some for mine. Great gun

Peidmonte89: @dannymtsu I'm aware, however when you first start out with a gun it is good to learn with a .22 and then got for a centerfire. The CCI's have been 100% reliable thus far in over 1,000 rounds without a failure yet. I am aware that they arent as reliable as centerfires but it has its place and its still a "fun gun". Also I will pass on Taurus and Rossi and buy another Charter any day. Their customer service is supreme, less moving parts, and no stupid key hole in the gun.

bigtoad45: What make and model are your speedloaders?

kalel01a: Great vid and good looking gun. I have a 2" Taurus UL and a NAA Black Widow. Love em both. Do you think the difference between .22 lr and mag from a 2" barrel is worth the price?

MyHollowpoint: Nice pistol. :)

Peidmonte89: @krazy45cat thanks I still love this little guy.

pjicleanair420: @Peidmonte89 Thats what it is all about bro

Peidmonte89: @dgallag339 thank you sir! =)

Peidmonte89: @donthebodyguard sure is, thanks for watching!

baldbollocks: Great.........Thanks !

Peidmonte89: @bigtoad45 they are HKS 51-J. I found some deals for them on gunbroker. They are getting harder to find so check on their.

Peidmonte89: no its not really a big deal actually Im just a picky person.

fatace77: what brand/size of holster are you using?

bigtoad45: I have been looking at the Taurus 941 but understand it has a horrendous DA trigger and if the forums are to be believed some major quality control issues. 1.5" at 8 yards is very respectable groups. I carred a Taurus 85 3" .38 special for years under my arm. Very accurate little gun. You had yours fixed at the factory I believe? Must have done a good job on it. Nice looking firearm.. I gotta give you congrats on the speedloaders. Good idea.

dgallag339: Great vid.

Spacecoastz: My Charter will not fire in DA mode. I would never trust it as a self-defense weapon.

FireArmsResQ: @Peidmonte89 You have a great taste in guns sir! I'm putting my next gun on layaway on Friday. H&K MP5 22 replica. Currently don't have a .22 in my stable. So I went from 50 Cal to .22 =P If the H&K ends up being a pos I'll just say freak it and get a nice .22 Revolver. That wont freak up on me =P

Peidmonte89: @pjicleanair420 thank you, its no smith but i can easiy conceal it and defend myself with it. After about 400 rounds its nicely smoothed out!

Peidmonte89: @squeakD yes, people look at the small bullet and think nothing of it. It actually causes more damage than a .380 or .38 due to the fact that it tumbles a lot and rips a nasty channel wound. Check out brassfetchers test. Search up on it through a google search and he says its enough stopping power to stop a typical assailant and shut them down.

pjicleanair420: good looking pistol peidmonte

dannymtsu: It is still a rim fire cartridge ..If I had to choose between rim fire or center fire cartridge, then I would choose center fire any day. These are just as expensive as many taurus or charter revolvers chambered in .38 or higher and 22 mag rounds are expensive. Center fire primers are far more reliable.

bigtoad45: I had two Pathfinders. A 2" and 4". The 2" had so many issues and was sent back so many times Charter replaced it. The new one wasn't much better. Accuracy was horrible with either gun. I finally had enough and sent both back to Charter Arms with a note telling them to just keep the steaming piles of dung. Both guns were loose and sloppy. Quality is below par. For what I spent on them I could have bought a good Ruger or Smith. I'll eat the loss. It's worth it to save getting an ulcer.....

Peidmonte89: I got em at MidwayUSA. You can buy em right on their website.

squeakD: @Peidmonte89 Exactly! I think people who doubt the power of a 22 mag need to talk to some gold old farmers. Farmers use 22 mags to put down hogs and cows all the time. The way I see it, if a 22 mag can put down a cow, it sure as hell can take down a person with ease. Even a 22 LR will tear someone's ass up. You're right too, people just assume that the small size means it can't do anything. Even head shots from a 22LR will DROP A PERSON DEAD and FAST too. I carry a 22 mag mini revolver.

busch327: Great Video.

Spacecoastz: Wish I knew what was wrong with mine. Waiting on a new main spring, and if that doesn't work, its going back. I was really surprised when I couldn't get any rounds to fire using just trigger.

Peidmonte89: They sell the Pathfinder and then the Pathfinder "target" model which has the 4". Both are great guns and this is a smooth shooter for sure!

runninonempiy: crap SOUNDS,, AM I IN MEXICO?O

Peidmonte89: @runninonempiy you have to watch my older vids to know. I have a small cult following of fans. I am not a huge channel so most of them already knew. I also say my fav music is Blackend Death Metal. But Rap is a Genere of music like it or not and I am not bias to any music genere. I have a Playlist with this music, Johnny Cash, Behemoth, Annis Lennox, ES Posthumus, Irish Folk Music, Native American, Spiritual Music, etc., etc. I love several generes.

Peidmonte89: @MyHollowpoint thanks a lot. I am looking at upping calibers for winter and am considering another charter!

Peidmonte89: @squeakD yeah I carry this gun around my neighborhood and sometimes to the store. I have a Kel Tec P32 that is in the shop that I also plan on carrying. I may get another gun so I can carry more rounds if I am down town. But other than that....I mean in suburbia its enough gun with good shop placement.

Peidmonte89: @m4gunner25 FIRST PERSON BLOCKED! Ya went you your page you little troll. You mad cuz you aint got no guns!

codgod6928: Sorry 4"

Spacecoastz: I replaced the spring...problem seems to be solved.
Charter Arms Pathfinder .22 WMR Review (NEW) 3.6 out of 5

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Charter Arms Pathfinder .22 WMR Review (NEW)