Charter Arms Pathfinder .22 WMR Review (NEW)

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Joshua: Your music sucks big black roosters.

frank reza: Let me know if you want to sell that charter 😏

frank reza: Come to Texas bro

frank reza: Bro hope your doing well . Miss the vids

Md729: What brand of grips are they and where can I buy them

roughredneck 22 44 45: try the cci red tnt 22 mag ammo. it's way better than the hp+v . Ik I bought both and tried them

Emil: Would like one in .22 mag

Lukin Achoo: nice, where did you get the wood grips?

In Glock We Trust: I like the Pathfinder, and I hear now the new ones are 8 shots instead of 6.

Peidmonte89: never had such problems, they work fine for me, smooth trigger pulls, reliable, on par with a Taurus. And to me Taurus also makes a good gun. Some people bash these companies, I never had a problem with them and Charter's Customer Service is Supreme! When did you buy your charters and why not go sell them rather than have them disposed of?

bigtoad45: I had two Pathfinders. A 2" and 4". The 2" had so many issues and was sent back so many times Charter replaced it. The new one wasn't much better. Accuracy was horrible with either gun. I finally had enough and sent both back to Charter Arms with a note telling them to just keep the steaming piles of dung. Both guns were loose and sloppy. Quality is below par. For what I spent on them I could have bought a good Ruger or Smith. I'll eat the loss. It's worth it to save getting an ulcer.....

Spacecoastz: I replaced the spring...problem seems to be solved.

Spacecoastz: Wish I knew what was wrong with mine. Waiting on a new main spring, and if that doesn't work, its going back. I was really surprised when I couldn't get any rounds to fire using just trigger.

Peidmonte89: never had a problem with that in either of my 2 flawless Charters. They go bang every time and they take abuse!

Spacecoastz: My Charter will not fire in DA mode. I would never trust it as a self-defense weapon.

baldbollocks: Great.........Thanks !

chasesf1: Just a quick tip, if you want to get really good at reloading, do it in a low light conditions. Then n no light conditions to get a feel and a flow for reloading the gun.

Peidmonte89: They sell the Pathfinder and then the Pathfinder "target" model which has the 4". Both are great guns and this is a smooth shooter for sure!

Peidmonte89: no its not really a big deal actually Im just a picky person.

codgod6928: Sorry 4"
Charter Arms Pathfinder .22 WMR Review (NEW) 5 out of 5

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Charter Arms Pathfinder .22 WMR Review (NEW)