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ilgar shakhverdov: это после какого пробега?
DoomRater: It's so weird hearing you call an ME system an "AE" system. Applied Energistics might be the mod name, but it's a Matter-Energy storage and network system. Anyway it's sad that I can't really use this to help my buddy out who went into Thaumcraft 4 hardcore, but he seems to have automated enough with just what was offered.
remos101: Steve looks like the stereotypical lesbian
gwmerr: Samsung dropped the Galaxy label for the Gear2 - presumably because these products use Tizen OS, not Android system.
cbvsjs: When will series 2 be made ? Different campervan different places. Maybe start the show at the top of scotland work its way down to the south.
Octaiver Matt: A velocidade caiu porque a TIM Criou 4G pro pré pago normal, e aí ela aproveitou e tirou a gente do link dos usuários de pós e nos colocou no link dos usuários de pré.
Benjamin Gadberry: Can we get a download link please?

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